Friday, June 4, 2021

Conversations With Faith ~ Rattlesnake Wrangling


Faith: We're so glad you're safe, mommy. We watched you wrangle that rattlesnake the other day.

Me: Yes, I think I did a pretty good job; after I made a pretty stupid mistake. 

Faith: Yes, first you pulled those big boxes out of the Jeep and left them overnight.

Me: I know, I meant to take them to the dump recycle, but then I had to go and pick up our food and stuff from Walmart. I really meant to put the boxes back in the Jeep after I was done. 

Faith and Samson: But then you got so very tired, like you always do, and it didn't get done.

Me: Right, and leaving them overnight was my first mistake.

Faith: What was your second?

Me: Picking the box up without thinking.

Faith: And out fell the snake?

Me: Yes, and it was a lively one too. It got really scared, poor thing. It was rattling like crazy, almost looked like it was jumping up and down. Then it went under the Jeep, so I had to quickly jump in and move the Jeep away. I didn't want the snake to slither into the engine.

Faith: They never stay long in the engine though.

Me: No they don't like engines very much. But I wanted to keep an eye on the snake to protect you guys. 

Faith: I'm vaccinated! I got my shot!

Me: Yes, but you'd be surprised how much it could still hurt you. And then Samson can't be vaccinated, so I always try to keep you both safe. 

Faith and Samson: We know you do, mommy.

Me: When I was younger, around 70 or so, I would pick up the snakes with the flat shovel and carry them way out on the land and leave them there, never to be seen again. 

Faith: But now that you're 80, almost 81, you can barely lift that big shovel, can you?

Me: Yes, I can, but I'm not sure how far I can walk with it, carrying a snake. Then snakes tend to fall off, so you have to pick them back up again, and that could get difficult.

Faith: So you used the waterhose.

Me: Yes, water always works well on snakes. Spray some on them first, so they know what it is, then just spray behind them and they will move.

So I moved it down to the shade of the cottonwood tree and left it there. I don't think we'll see that snake again.

Faith: Thank you, mommy.

Samson: Yeah, thanks mommy. You always take good care of us.

Me: I love you, guys!


  1. OMG you are so BRAVE! I would never pick one up with a shovel, but i could use a hose. maybe. glad you are all three ok, that could have been a disaster picking the box up. wow..

  2. Hi Inga, firstly, very cute photos and conversation with your sweet dogs. Secondly, goodness, about that rattlesnake. You were very brave but am so glad you and your dogs weren’t bitten. I learned a valuable tip about the water hose. I am going to remember that. We have snakes in Virginia and our poisonous ones are the Eastern Copperhead, the Northern Cottonmouth, the Timber Rattlesnake but the rattlesnakes are only found in the mountainous parts so I read. But I hasten to add I have never seen any of those.
    We have lots of other non-venomous snakes here and they do fascinated me. Glad things turned out well for you. Thank you also for visiting my blog and the interesting information on the Swedish immigrants to Delaware. Wishing you a great weekend.

  3. We rarely see a snake and have very few venomous ones. But now I know how to proceed if a rattlesnake shows up on my patio. They're usually in the mountains hours north of here but you never know. You were certainly cool and capable with that situation.

  4. Wow! you are surely brave to handle those dangerous snakes. I'm brave in some things but not with poisonous snakes. You are a true pioneer. I'm glad that you didn't get bitten. It could have been disastrous. I hope that you'll all will be safe from those slithery creatures.

  5. I hate snakes, period!!! If we had a rattlesnake here on our property, I'd have a for sale sign up before the day's done. And, honestly, I'd use the shovel for a weapon!!

    1. I've used a shovel too -- if a rattlesnake comes into the dog run, they're dead on arrival. Or shortly thereafter.

  6. Good idea to use the hose to move the rattlesnake along!

  7. Yikes what an adventure you all had. So glad you and the pups were kept safe. We don't have rattlers here but do have copperheads--just as poisonous. Thanks for the lesson on water use. I will keep that in mind for sure.

  8. Wow, you are so brave! Either that, or not afraid of snakes. I would be screaming and running. I had no idea you can get rattlesnake vaccine for animals!! Is this something new?

  9. Oh my, you are brave. I am glad you and the dogs were ok!
    Have a happy day and a great weekend!

  10. You are so brave, even a tiny mouse scares me. Keep the hose and shovel handy.

  11. I always enjoy your conversation posts ... but goodness me! Big EEKS from me over the snake.

    Take care, enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  12. I am ALWAYS so happy to hear from you . . BUT, if i had forever - I NEVER would have guessed I'd find Such Adventure/Excitement. I'm glad you know exactly what to do in a snake extravaganza . . . and Extra Grateful all of you are okay.

    love & love,

  13. Glad all ended well with the snake incident. Good advice about using the water!!

  14. I am glad that you are all okay! My goodness - that must have been scary. I wouldn't know what to do! Yes, Faith, your mom loves you and takes great care of you and Samson.

  15. YOU are much, much braver than me!! I could never, ever have that kind of courage! I am so glad that it ended "safely" for all involved. whew ..... ❤❤🐍

  16. Inger!
    you know I Love your conversations with Faith.
    but I think my next one would be...
    I've packed yours and Samson's treats! I've put the house up for sale and we're moving to a high rise!"
    we live in rattler country also. but in our section here are mainly copperheads...
    also deadly. and no Sound first. at least the rattler lets you know he's there!
    I didn't know they like boxes! and I've never heard of them not liking the water from a hose. you are brave and brilliant! but taking them to the next tree wouldn't be good enough for me! XOXO

  17. You are very brave! I’m going to remember the water trick — I had not heard of that one before and it sounds like a great method. Moving them with a shovel scares me; all that wiggling around.

  18. Hi Inger - well I'm glad all turned out well ... rattlers must be fascinating snakes - not to say I'd like them ... but all critters have a reason to be here - and I'm glad you let it live. But important that Samson and Faith are both safe ... and you too ... I hadn't heard about the water trick before ... I guess in Westerns they didn't have water on tap?!
    Cheers and with thoughts ... Hilary

  19. Hi friends, Ojo here! That is a Very Big Snake! We do not have snakes like that here! Faith and Samson, it is a good thing your person knows what to do!

  20. Yikes! You are so brave! All's well that ends well...even for the snake!


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