Tuesday, June 8, 2021

My Monday

I've moved into my spare bedroom/office, the one facing north, for the summer. Looking out my window, even while in bed, I see my steep hill with juniper trees climbing up the hillside. Outside my window, coyotes come to drink water a dusk, and rabbits, Jack rabbits, and ground squirrels live here also. House finches have a nest under the eaves. The first animals I saw after moving in were two deer sprinting up the hillside.

This morning, the sky was pink, even the ground was pink. Sleeping in this bedroom, feels like sleeping outside. Almost. I think I will move in here permanently. It's good for my soul.

Then I drove over to the hospital to have my mammogram done. The tech who did it was very cute and giggly, and made me giggle too. A lovely visit. Afterwards, I drove straight home, forgetting to stop at the post office, which is right next door to the hospital. Ack, old age, so much fun! 

Over the weekend, I fixed up a part of my living room. Since I cancelled my DirecTV and since I never liked the big TV in the living room, I managed to get it down from the chest it sat on with only a small part of it landing on my foot. 

I will see if Mark can take it to the dump for me. It's quite heavy. And since 2014, so not up-to-date and I doubt anyone would want it.

Resting in bed now, with the window wide open. The sky is gray, overcast and a slight cool breeze comes through my window.

An altogether lovely day. 


  1. our TV is from 2011 and works fine.. it is now almost 11 years.. someone might want it for sure. maybe Mark will. i was about to comment why not stay in that room when you said you might. that is a stunning view to got to bed or wake up and see or view while reading/computing in bed.. gorgeous... i get so mad with myself when I do what you did, forget to stop at something because my mind is OUT THERE in space

  2. I don't watch much TV anymore but my husband has it on the news channel during meals. I get my news on Computer.

    It's amazing how a change of scenery is good for the soul.

    I'm forgetful too, I need a list of places to go when I go into town. I arrange my list in order so I don't have to backtrack.


  3. Maybe Mark will know of someone who will want the TV. Our landfill won't take them anymore unless we pay extra for them. Last time I was there, they had a sign that said they no longer took electronics. Mark will know.
    I have a friend with a view like yours. She will describe the visiting animals as we talk on the phone. What a gift.

  4. My tv is the size of a postage stamp. I can lift it with one hand. Haven't had service for many years. I just watch the occasional DVD. But here you can't dispose of old tvs. The haulers refuse to take them.

  5. Wow, the sky shot is gorgeous. You do have beautiful views out your window.
    I forget things too, even when I was a child. Take care, enjoy your day!

  6. What a lovely view to have from your bedroom - that sky would raise anyone's spirits.

  7. it looks and sounds so peaceful with that view outside your window. I would probably move in permanently if it made me feel that good. I have a nice view but it's pretty much all trees and an occasional car up the road. Oh yes the forgetful thing ...i think it actually starts around 40...at least with people i know.

  8. So you don't have a T.V, now? I hope your foot is alright! What a gorgeous view you have from your bedroom!!

  9. What a glorious sky!! We just got rid of old projection TV. What a monster it was! Heavy and awkward, it took a long time to figure out how to load it on a trailer so we could haul it to a thrift store. I like the view from your new bedroom!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful room to sleep and wake up in.
    Such a beautiful sky!!!

  11. Our bedroom windows also face north, and I am happy to say they have no blinds or curtains over them to block the night sky. I don't care for tv, but Hubby would be lost without it. This is another great post!

  12. Hi Inger - your new sleeping arrangements make sense - especially with the delights of the great outdoors and those views - gorgeous. Life is life isn't it ... Mark will surely help ... while I'm glad the tech gave you much pleasure - despite the situation ... but all well by the sound of it ... Cheers and hugs - Hilary

  13. how did I miss this post yesterday!??? but I did.
    and yes! I would switch to that bedroom too.
    there are places and things that are "good for our soul."
    and it's important to acknowledge them!
    there's an old Haiku that I can't remember exactly...
    but in essence ...

    since there is no rice
    let us enjoy the blossom!
    it will feed our soul.

    he had used the empty bowl to hold a fragrant flower.

    I've always thought that was beautiful.


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