Monday, June 7, 2021

Last Week: 5/30 - 6/5/2021


For a while now, I've wanted to keep a weekly journal on my blog.  

I'm trying it out here:

Sunday, May 30th

I probably did some things around the house and rested in the afternoon. I hadn't decided to try this journal, so I didn't keep a record or take any pictures.

Monday, May 31 - Memorial Day

I had a close encounter with a Northern Pacific rattlesnake.

Tuesday, June 1st 

Went to an appointment with Jim, the dermatology PA who comes up here from Palmdale. They rent offices in town. Their new office had a small and badly ventilated waiting room. And the wait was over an hour, they said. I found myself with not enough patience to deal with that, so I rescheduled for an early morning appointment at the end of July. And left.

Turning into the road that I share with Joyce, I was greeted by these sweet guys. And felt immediately much better. 

Wednesday, June 2nd

I took my trash to the dump.

The guy next to me threw these bowls away. I thought they may work to provide water for the animals when I turn off my leaky  outdoor water system. You can't see it here, but they are really huge.

My container garden is doing well, except some critter ate the jalapeno plant. I suspect a Fence lizard I saw earlier. 

Thursday, June 3rd

I stopped at the railroad crossing on my way to Quest labs for a blood test for an upcoming doctor's appoinment. Again, the wait at Quest was over an hour. I've never experienced this before and will, from now on, be sure to make an appointment.

Is someone trying to ensure I work on my patience here? 

Friday, June 4th

Mark came over and we started working on going through and cleaning out the shed. That is, Mark worked while I sat in chair in the shade and decided what to keep and what to toss. Mark wanted to buy a few things that we agreed were worth $10.00. 

 Saturday, June 5th

Joyce texted she had something I had to come to her house and see. On my way up the hill, I took another picture of this lovely quartet. 

And this is who Joyce wanted me to meet. 

There were two of them, both female. 

I only got pictures of this one. Joyce has had some bad luck with kittens before. They would get out, never to be seen again. It's too wild and dangerous for small critters around here, one reason I don't have a cat. 

Joyce has an older cat, named Einstein. He's learned about his environment and knows how to stay safe. 

The new kittens were adorable. I hope they will grow up and be safe here. 



  1. Busy days. The kittens are cute. I always worry about them here too. There are a lot of predators.
    I can’t believe that guy threw out some perfectly good bowls. I still have bowls from when we got married in ‘87.

  2. cats outside where you live are in much danger.. if i had these two they would be house cats and not allowed outside. the bowls are nice, good idea to pick them up. you should tell the snake story here, it is worth telling. so glad you are safe.
    waiting at all offices here is part of our health care, and most are longer than an hour

  3. I think more people are feeling better about doctor's offices so waits may be the new normal.
    Surprised you didn't take one of those cute babies. Wonder how Samson and Faith would be around them?

  4. Hi Inger - love the idea of these posts ... those bowls will be great won't they - good idea to bring them home. Those kitties are just delightful - looking forward to seeing #2!! Have a good week =- cheers Hilary

  5. I always bring something to read when I go to the Dr.s office. I don't blame you for picking those big bowls, they will come in handy.

    The little kitty is so cute but I would worry about it's safety also. I hope he stays safe.


  6. I always seem to be waiting at my doctors office no matter when I go! Those kittens are adorable. Hopefully Joyce will make them house cats so they will be safe and able to live long and healthy lives!

  7. My favorite blogs are journals. Desert living certainly has a lot to offer in the way of a journal. I love black and white kitties ~ best wishes to these cuties!

  8. Cute kittens, and I sure hope they stay inside. With the curiosity of a small kitten, all it would take is one snake bite. Strangely, I think my favorite is your shot of the dump and all the birds flying over it! What kind are they, vultures? What a great find there, good timing!

  9. Hey Inger...JP (A Green Ridge) here. I love the idea of a daily journal although starting your week with that SNAKE was not a good way to start for sure. Waiting in an unventilated waiting room for an hour, I would have left and rescheduled too!! The two kittens are so precious...I love the black and gray and hope they do well.

    You left me a comment a while back asking about following me. I don't think I can add it to my blog. Try going to the URL: under your "Reading List" in the Search field. Not sure if it will work, my friend...:)

  10. I enjoy journal blogs. :)
    I like your dump. We don't have that kind around here anymore. There are just big dumpsters and you aren't allowed to take anything out!!
    Such a cute little kitty.

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I am happy in Virginia but I am drawn to the desert, always have been. When we travel through the southwest I always have a feeling that I am home. Is that strange for someone who grew up in a small village in England? I don't get it either but I look forward to the time we can road trip west again. Love all the scenery out there and the critters, even the rattlesnake though I guess I wouldn't want to get up too close and personal. I would want to snuggle the kittens and the horses and donkeys though, and would enjoy visiting the dump :) Splendid post!

  12. Hello Inger,
    Love the sweet kitty and the donkeys. The snake is a scary encounter. I have started making appointments for my blood work, the wait was getting too long. Have a great day and a happy week ahead.

  13. I really like the idea of a Journal Blog. and it would always be a great record to have to look back on for pertinent info you might forget otherwise!
    I've even thought of having one just for myself... for that very reason. especially my medical stuff.
    and I shouldn't ask this. because I KNOW Joyce is a great friend and she loves her horses and the little donkey. but where is any Grass they could graze on! ??? they all have their heads down and seem to be eating the Dirt??? just a thought I had. don't know.
    they appear healthy though! XO
    and ps... please don't tell her I was worried about them. I wouldn't want to insult her or hurt her feelings!

  14. I'm glad i didn't miss this so now i know you'll be doing a journal of your week. I enjoyed it and i always for some weird reason love the train photos. When I lived in Wrightwood, we would pass by Mormon Rocks where the trains would pass by. I always would photograph them when i would see them.


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