Monday, October 31, 2022

Surgery Update #4

The surgery will take place on Tuesday, November 1st, tomorrow as you read this. I've been busy and it's helped me to feel calm but now on Sunday morning, sitting in my bed writing this, I'm beginning to feel a bit jittery. 

Jittery, what a great word to describe this feeling. As you know, English is my second language and sometimes I'm kind of amazed at how these words pop up in my brain. Jittery! How I love this language. 

Jeanne will take me and wait until the surgery is over. This is both hospital protocol and of course something both she and I want. 

Jeanne has become family now. 

Jasmine is coming up to spend the night with Faith and look after her. 

Jeanne will pick me up the next day and how glad I will be to get home again. 

And how happy Faith will be to see me and I her. I must keep thinking good thoughts like that.

I've had major surgeries before and I know that once I'm inside the hospital, I will just relax and let the doctors and nurses take care of me. 

I will not be able to blog for a while afterwards. My Chromebook, which I got online, is designed for children to take to school, so it's very sturdy. I somehow missed that when I ordered it, but I've come to like it. 

I tell you, I tend to miss a lot when I order stuff online. 

I thank you in advance, my good friends, for your thoughts and prayers. 

I will let you know how I'm doing as soon as I can. 

An already written post about Joy will post on November 2nd. 

Sometime ago, I decided that Joy is important. I guess we all know that, but sometimes the worries and problems of life get in the way.

To remind myself and you of the joy of each month, as I see it, I hope to post something about Joy for the coming month as the first post of each month. 

Just to stay focused. On Joy. 

Happy Halloween!!!


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