Monday, December 7, 2009

Appreciating My Husband So Much

As I write this, there is a blizzard outside, a fire in the fireplace, something good cooking on the stove. This is the end of a week where my pioneer woman idea has been tested a bit and where I ended up truly appreciating my husband for all he can do and fix and cook!

Earlier this week, I finally decided to bake the zucchini bread I had tried to get to for the past month. The recipe is an old family recipe I got from my friend Carol.

So early one morning I made a fire, put on a morning TV show to keep me company, told the dogs that I'd trade them a walk for some good zucchini bread, pre-heated the oven to 325, and got started. Here is all the stuff:

This bread took a long time and a lot of work to prepare. With no electric mixer, I stirred and stirred until my arm got numb. When I was finally done, I poured the mix into baking dishes, opened the oven door and was about to put the dishes in when I realized that the oven was cold. Ice cold! I fiddled with it, tried this and tried that, but nothing worked. I called my hubby in L.A. and he told me to do what I had just done. I tried it once more, but no luck.

How I missed my man. He told me he'd be up here ASAP and when he came home Friday, he fixed the oven first thing. "Just some wires," he said.

This is the zucchini bread (photo uploaded upside down). It was a bit thick and dry, probably from not being baked right away, but it tasted good. Thanks, Carol! Then my husband had the great idea to cut a slice, butter it, and put it in the microwave for one minute. And suddenly it was moist and delicious and so much fun to share with our friends who came over yesterday.

My first unfortunate event happened the day before Thanksgiving when the plumbing went. Before I had a chance to tell my husband, he arrived here to surprise me. So no tools!

Oh, well, just another test of my pioneer woman spirit, but not much fun, that's for sure.

On Friday, I got some of this to help clean the pipes:

and my husband came back with his tools. He was able to borrow a snake from a friend out here, who brought it to us. Many thanks for that to our friend.

After a day and a half of hard work, my hubby got everything in working order.  I'm so grateful...some aspects of pioneer life get old pretty fast.

It snowed last night, melted during the day, then earlier this evening the next storm moved in:

The dogs are loving it:

More about our adventures in the snow later.


  1. Oh my!!! Quite the adventure with the pipes, oven, storm, bread! Isn't it funny how things work out? The bread turned out fine. Easy fix for the stove. Pipes all fine now. I have to say I am envious of the snow you are getting. Heck, we have hardly had any rain let alone snow. Way to go Pioneer Woman!!!

  2. The bread look just like it should... so it must have been the baking delay... don't give up.. you've got it down now so.... keep trying - the next batch should be wonderful and moist.... So glad the plumbing and stove problems are a thing of the past... thank to your Hubby for bailing you out.... So nice of him to drop everything and come to your rescue.... Got to love them for that... We only got rain but it was cold enough to snow... next storm coming in Wednesday with lower temps.... so maybe...

  3. I love that your husband shows up at all the right moments! One of these days, he's just gonna have to stay for good, you know what I mean? :-)
    Ugh...things breaking...that gets so old. We've had a number of things suddenly die on us this year and not everything were we able to fix on our own. Talk about $$$$.
    We're stuck in a frigid cold spell, but no snow so far. It looks so pretty - glad your pups are enjoying it!

  4. Spännande bröd, tyvärr kan jag inte känna doften eller smaken ; )

    Här i Sverige regnar det och solen har visat sig endast 4 timmar på 2 månad. Inte konstigt folk blir deppiga. Julen kommer med stormsteg och nu har julruschen börjat. Fint med all belysning och i Stockholm ärdet vacker. Tyvärr känns det trisst bara när det intefallernågon snö. Såg bilderna på snön ni fått. Underbart. Du kan väl skicka hit lite till oss. I nästa vecka ska jag se Stieg Larssons 3:e film " flickan som sprängde luftslottet" ....längtar.
    Må så gott och ta hand om er/ kramar från Sverige


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