Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Icicles and Stormy Wheather

Earlier, when I looked out my window, this tree was glittering in the sun. It was so pretty I had to take some photos. It's very cold and stormy outside today, so  I took the pictures through the window. Of course I didn't capture all that glitter in the tree, but there was no way was I going outside. I still like the picture so I'm sharing it today. As you can see, it snowed last night. What you can't see is the terrible storm that's howling through the canyon right now. It's making whistling noises at the windows and Angel thinks someone's out there. She has been barking all day at an imaginary whistling somebody. She is such a good watchdog, always on the job. I just hope the storm will blow through by nightfall so she and I can both get a good night's sleep.

As you can see, Angel's nose is sore and red. She has Discoid Lupus and has been treated with Tetracycline and Niacinamide for a couple of years. Right now, I'm trying some homeopathic meds and they seem to be working just as well. I'll definitely write more about Angel's nose and her treaments in future blogs. I'm getting very interested in these homeopathic remedies as an alternative treatment since the other medicines can cause liver failure eventually.

Now I'm off to start one of these.......

both to keep warm right now and even more necessary if the storm causes a powerfailure. A few years ago, we all (me, the dogs, and the bird) slept in front of the fireplace during a horrific storm that left us without power for the entire night.

Hoping it's not too cold where you are and that all your holiday chores are getting done in the season's spirit of fun and joy.


  1. Look at those icicles! Beautiful. Your fire looks so warm and cozy. Hope the storm has passed so Angel and you got a good nights sleep. I too would rather do homeopathic when I can instead of artificial meds which cause all kinds of problems. Looking forward to your homeopathic treatments for Angels nose. Hugs.

  2. The fire does look warm and cozy... glad you have plenty of fuel to burn.. it looks sooo cold out there. We had a hard frost last night... the ground was still covered this morning... Hope you're having a wonderful Holiday.


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