Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas -- God Jul!

Here is a Jultomte to wish you God Jul and Merry Christmas! He was made by my grandfather, probably about 100 years ago, from pipe cleaners, yarn and some other things. He is one of my most treasured little friends and it wouldn't be Christmas at our house without him.

My grandmother embroidered the most beautiful table cloths, runners, and other decorative things for the home all her life. She was very accomplished and I have some gorgeous tablecloths that look just as fine on the back as they do on the front. I have tried my hand at this craft and I can assure you that mine do not. She was well into her 80s when she made this Christmas table runner for me. The craft work is just as good as when she was young. I remember my grandparents at Christmas and these things bring to life all the Christmases we used to spend together when I was a child.

Christmas is all about family after all and for me it is now complete with husband and puppy Samson up here ready to celebrate with me and the rest of the pack.
My best wishes for a wonderful holiday season to all of you.


  1. Your 'Santa' is wonderful. The stories he could tell after all these years. Stitching seems to be a craft that has gone by the wayside. You have such treasures. Hope your Christmas was wonderful.

  2. Thank you for sharing your Christmas Treasures... they are fun and lovely. The Santa is a treasure and the needlework is beautiful. Pat, my jewelry student, brougth her daughter over today to look at my wall hanging and tell me how to restore it. Saving these treasures is so satisfying. Glad yours are in such wonderful condition after all this time. People just don't appreciate them enough!


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