Friday, December 18, 2009

A Shopping Trip to Town

For a while now I have wanted to give my friend Carol a visual image of the more modern areas of town. We e-mail each other all the time and I tell her about my shopping expeditions and now I want to show her that part of town. I don't know if this will be boring to others, one K-Mart pretty much looks like the next, after all, but if you like, please come along.

Today, I got up early and packed up my trash to take to the dump, which is on the way. As I drove along the road to town, I noticed that there is still some snow in the mountains to the south. Snow around here comes, but doesn't stay long at our 4,000 feet level. At the higher elevations, and some of these mountains are above 7,000 feet, the snow, once it comes, will stay until spring.
When I got to town, I enjoyed seeing the Christmas decorations everywhere
and the "official" Christmas tree outside Veterans Hall.
This is The Bank of the Sierra -- such a pretty name for a bank, isn't it -- where I made my first stop.

Then I drove west to K-Mart where I buy my Glucose tablets (I use them to treat low blood sugars), dogfood, and some other things.
I enjoy driving on the back roads in town -- no traffic! I drove through the increasingly crowded streets of Beverly Hills for over 30 years to get from my house to work at UCLA. What a peaceful and wonderful difference this is.
I soon reach Save Mart where I shop for groceries. In the corner to the right is Blockbusters. When I first moved here, I didn't have TV reception for a couple of years so I spent a lot of time at BB, where I befriended some very nice young people who worked there and always gave me great tips on good movies to rent.
This is the main shopping street with two large grocery stores, several banks, drugstores, dry cleaners, laundromat, bookstore, even a Starbucks. And a Big 5 sporting goods store is coming in the spring.
I believe there are three traffic lights in the center of town and a couple on the other side of town. This is the second light I had to stop at today. That's Walgreen's drugstore on the corner.
I stopped here to drop off a library book.
After a stop at a gas station, on my way to the post office, I passed this building that houses a wonderful German bakery.
I picked up a parcel at the post office. It is from Rachael and I know what's in it: Rachael's famous and fabulous Peanut Brittle!! My husband loves it and so do I. He'll be munching on it all through the holidays, happily! I'll munch some too but have to be careful with goodies like that. Thank you Rachael, so much! What a wonderful Christmas present!
After that I'm done and head home. This is a view of our canyon at the stop sign off the highway exit. Looks like a moon landscape this time of the year, don't you think?
I hope you enjoyed this trip to the shops and malls of our mountain town.


  1. Love the tour... your little mountain town has come into the current age of easy shopping for sure... We have to drive to the next town in either direction to find anything but a Mom and Pop grocery or a mini mart... thanks for taking the time to show the high-lights.

  2. Thanks for your tour! Really you live in a gorgeous and calm place.


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