Tuesday, March 9, 2010

That's My Angel!

Early this morning I found Angel looking longingly out the window. And Soldier looking like I just woke him up. I haven't been feeling well for a while and had to be on meds that made me really tired for the past week, so they haven't been for a walk for a while.

This is what she was saw -- it rained heavily during the night, I listened to it for a long time. The rain must have turned to snow in the early morning hours.
But she sort of gave up hope for a walk and went back to bed. Yes, she is the only one allowed to sleep in our bed.
Seeing the snow gave me some energy so I threw some clothes on, got my snow boots out and took them for a walk. Soldier first with Princess. Then Angel and Princess. It was so cold and practically impossible to take pictures. I finally had to take pictures with my mittens on and my fingers freezing cold.
Here is Princess getting ready for her roll in the snow. She just loves snow and rolling in it is for her the greatest joy. Or a close second after chasing a ball.
You may wonder why I keep my GSD on a leash. Angel only does three things when she is off leash: First she runs and at a great speed for an 11 ½ year old dog. This is fine, of course, but due to her age and her incredible speed I sort of worry she may step in hole or injure herself in some way.
But then I think she won't be here forever and just let her do what she loves for as long as she can. So I usually let her go at the end of our walk.

It's hard to capture her speed, but believe me, she is fast. I have always suspected that her great-grandfather was a greyhound.

The second thing she does is stops and sniffs, and sniffs, and sniffs some more. Not very conducive to moving on with the walk.

The third thing Angel does is strays. She doesn’t go far, she has never run away, but she goes out of sight and doesn't come when called. She is definitely the alpha dog in our pack and I guess she feels she knows what she's doing and doesn't need to listen to me. Hmm, so much for me who's supposed to be the Pack Leader.

This time Princess is tired and can't keep up, but she will do her best to follow Angel, keep and eye on her, and herd her home if possible. Princess is a black lab/border collie cross and she has gone after and brought home all of our dogs when they strayed. Even Bandit, when he was alive and got lost in the mountains. That was so incredible, it saved Bandit's life and made us forever grateful to this wonderful dog. Princess is amazing, so smart, loyal and just plain good.
There goes Angel, heading over to the cows. I know, you can barely see her and I have yet to learn how to insert arrows and stuff in my blog photos. Princess is wondering what to do next...how to help me out.

When she takes off like this, we have a routine: I get in the car, start the engine and honk the horn. That usually does it, but not today. So I get in the car with Princess running beside me. The windshield is full of ice and I can barely see out as I drive down to the bottom of our road, worried Angel may have strayed toward the big road. I can't see her anywhere. So I stop and get out and there she is, running down the neighbor's road along the fence of the field where the cows are having their breakfast. Acting like she did no wrong, she happily jumped in the car with Princess and we drove back home.
So that's why my very smart GSD, who knows every command, understands a whole lot of words in plain English, and on all other occasions is the most obedient of dogs, gets walked on a leash -- until we get home -- when and if I'm in the mood to go through all this stuff with the car, I will let her run. And run she does, like the wind.


  1. Look at how much she's loving life! Angel is a beautiful dog with a free spirit, and I can understand why you feel that there are times when you have to let her run free and feel the wind in her face.

    Give her a hug from me. And, while you're at it, give Princess a big hug too, for being such a good girl.

  2. You are such a good momma to Angel, Princess and Soldier. It must bring such a smile to your face when you see Angel running and acting like a young pup. And Princess is amazing. Give all three a great big hug from me. Oh, I can't believe you got snow...again!!! lol

  3. I enjoyed reading this so much; I was right there along with you, and as it was my first time, I was wondering what are we going to do next about this runaway pet! I have been ill of a flu-like virus (yes, I had both shots, so maybe it was just a super-cold), during which my computer was not turned on. I had to go back a few weeks into your blog and read awhile. Now, I'm all caught up and must say I enjoyed every bit of it!

  4. AJ: Didn't you get any snow? The dogs say thanks for the hugs and I say thanks for the good mommy comment.

    Barbee: I was getting worried and I'm so glad to hear from you. I hope you are feeling better. Take good care.


  5. Louise: I thought I had commented back to you...the dogs say thanks to you too for their hugs. They really like to get hugs. Take care.

  6. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well, Inger. Nothing like a fresh snow, though, to coax one out of the house, right?
    Your story was kind of scary...I love how Princess takes care of everyone, but I was really worried that Angel was going to get herself into some kind of awful trouble. Phew - I'm glad everything turned out.
    What personalities your pups have!
    (Get well soon, ok?)

  7. Farmgirl_dk: Didn't mean to worry you, but she really ran off that day. Yes, thanks, I'm off the meds and feeling much better.

  8. I think the smartest dogs have that playful wandering spirit. Henry loves to run... Chuck takes him to the Football Field on Saturday when School is not in session and lets him off leash to run to his hearts content. The running dogs need that freedom once in a while... I'm glad she got to run and explore and came home safely... I know you worry though especially when the "start the car, blow the horn" trick didn't work...

  9. Retired Girl: Yes, I do worry because she thinks she knows it all and I know she could get in trouble. But you only live once and a dog has to have some fun, I figure. I can always have Princess loose and I can never let Soldier off his leash. So they all can be trusted to varying degrees.


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