Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Morning in March

This morning, two days before spring arrives, I look out my window and see frost on the ground and a dense fog hugging the hills. This is facing north -- the lumps you see on the ground are what I call the "pesky" weeds. I have been digging them up now that the ground is wet. Soon the ground will be hard and dry and impossible to work so I'm determined to dig these guys up with their roots before then. 
This is the front yard and I think you can see the frost on the ground better here.
As the sun begins to break through the fog, the scenery changes...
The fog soon dissipates, the frost melts, and it gets warm outside.
A close-up of my favorite and, I think, very photogenic tree.
And look how green the grass and weeds are. For a few months in spring everything's so pretty here…then it dries and turns yellow as the hot desert climate takes over, sometime in June.
I love it when the fog hangs around the mountains as it does here in the spring and fall.
While down in the canyon, all is clear and it looks like we're in for a nice and sunny day today.
Thank you so much for visiting our canyon, come back soon....


  1. Beautiful shots! Fog makes for an interesting photographic backdrop, doesn't it? And it can change your normally familiar surroundings so dramatically.
    Ah, weed pulling - I think there are many of us doing this same thing right now. Doesn't that bring us all a bit closer together, despite our distance from one another? LOL :-)

  2. Beautiful pics. Wonderous each and every day what Mother Nature has to share with us. Love your photogenic tree. :)

  3. looks cool and crisp and nice... We started out hot and bright here today....

  4. Hi there....just wanting to check in on you. It's been a while since you last posted.
    Are you enjoying your April so far?


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