Monday, April 12, 2010

April Fooled Me After All

What a wonderful surprise! Both Princess and I just love the snow and even though I feel sorry about the reduced odds for lilac and daffodil blooms, I'm so happy that Princess is having so much fun. She's getting old and she is tired, so I worry about her. That's why I took her out alone with me early so she could get a good roll in the snow and have special time with her mommy. She was so happy! I was too!
While she was playing, I checked the trees that I posted such spring-like photos of the other day. This is what they looked like this morning:  The tree above, is the one with the big leaf buds. Now the buds are enclosed in ice, but they'll be OK.
But the lilac bush…..OUCH! I wonder what will happen to the blossoms now.
And here's my baby cottonwood tree -- full of icicles!
I had planned to hike up the hill this morning, to take a look at all the different kinds of yellow spring flowers that started to bloom on the hillside up there. I guess the spring flowers will have to wait for another day.
I thought it was going to be slush, but instead it was cold, with the snow glittering in the sun, and making those wonderful crunchy noises underfoot, as we walked up the snow-covered road.
Thanks for visiting; I hope you enjoyed this spring surprise as much as we did.


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