Sunday, April 4, 2010

Trash and Treasures in the Canyon

This is definitely a canyon treasure…ruins of small houses that were part of a sandstone quarry, one of several that existed in this canyon.
Many-colored sandstone was quarried here – and used for buildings around California, including the wonderful Pasadena, CA, library.
Personally, I imagine people lived here and wonder who, when and what it might have been like then.
Treasures for the dogs abound, here there must be some excellent smells to get all of them so mesmerized. On our walk, Princess tried to dig up a critter from a hole and Angel scared a desert toad back into its hole. She also spotted a black-tailed Jack rabbit (yes, it's a hare, but here in the Western United States, they are known as Jack rabbits) and took off after it, dragging me behind for a short while until she realized it was a hopeless cause.
Canyon trash – how can you drive out in the midst of this peaceful beautiful place
and dump an old beer truck and assorted other trash that I won't bother you with?
The white furry thing is the tail of a cottontail rabbit – we see them on our walks, they're all that the predators leave behind – this one next to one of the earliest wildflowers we've seen in the canyon this year. We saw many of them, clusters of small yellow flowers growing very close to the ground.
So who has the longest tongue? I thought it would be Samson, who definitely needs it to cool off with that coat of his, but it looks like it might be Soldier after all. He looks so tired, poor Soldier boy, as we take a break in the shade of a juniper bush – actually, I recently learned that junipers are trees, not bushes – so a juniper tree. We walked around the canyon for about an hour and a half then went home to rest.
Wonderful smells drift from the kitchen as my equally wonderful husband prepares our Easter dinner. We're all pretty hungry after our long hike and looking forward to both eating and begging at the table.

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. You know, a friend and I took a walk in the woods behind my house today. I'll be posting about it tomorrow. Way back in the woods, so far back that I can't imagine how it got driven back there, we saw the remains of an old car. How can people do that?

    I hope that your Easter dinner was as good as it smelled.

  2. That is fascinating about those old stone buildings. Can you imagine the stories they could tell!

    And as for that truck, um, do you suppose it was the beer company who dumped it off there, or possibly stolen? I have always wondered why people have to leave their trash where they have been. I wonder if they like their homes all trashed up. Hmmmm.

  3. Louise: How interesting that you took a walk in the woods and found an abandoned car. What's the matter with people? I can't imagine how they can think it's OK.

    AJ-Oaks: No, not the beer company, some private distributer a long, long time ago. Lots of trash there too. I will someday blog about all the junk left here at our ranch, some I got rid of other stuff is still here.

  4. I so enjoyed my walk with you today ! I especially loved seeing those old ruins ... hope you had a lovely Easter !

  5. disgusting isn't it

    the yellow flower might be Spring Gold , often called Fine-Leaved Desert Parsley Lomatium utriculatum Fern leaved desert parsley (L dissectum) has more fern like leaves and can have purple flowers as well.

    around here,the first wildflowers I found at every site this year. Can grow quite stunted in harsh environments.

    one of my favorite places has an abandoned stage stop and I wonder about the people who used to live there, so far from "town"

  6. Lynda: Yes, we had a lovely Easter, thanks. I hope you did too.

    Upupaepops: Thank you so much for your feedback on the flower. As spring comes to the canyon, it will burst into bloom. So many different kinds of wildflowers. I would love it if you would drop by and help me put names on them. I'm sure I'll post more pictures. Trust me, I don't know much, but would love to learn.

  7. The ruins are lovely... I guess I would be busy trying to find ways to use those lovely stones at your ranch... but I guess it is best to leave them for others to enjoy...

    I'm not surprised about that truck... there was an abandonded Van on our property when we bought it... I guess the Pot Growers use to sleep in it before they got busted... Have no idea how they got it back in there - the last property 7 1/2 miles from the county road... but they did and then left it of course!..

  8. Hej.
    Trevlig promenad du bjöd på idag.
    Det är lite som grönskar ute i naturen där du bor nu. De små gula blommorna kanske är som vårens Tussilago här hos oss.

    Vilka fina hundar du har , bra följeslagare när du är ute på promenad.

    Roligt att du tittade in hos mig så att jag fick se hr du har det nu.
    Som du såg på mina bilder så har vi mycket snö ännu men det töar . Fast Påskvädret har inte varit så bra grått och disigt. Idag fick vi snöblandat regn och mulet, jag hoppas att vädret blir bättre.

    Ha det riktigt gott


  9. Retired Girl: You better go and check on that land, who knows what may be growing there now!!

    Gunilla: Vad roligt att du tittade in hos mig. Vi har faktiskt snoblandat regn har i dag. Det sticker inte pa marken har pa 4,141 feet, men nu ser det vackert ut med sno i de hogre bergen.

  10. ..."Eating and begging at the table"...
    Isn't that the truth! lol I've only got one pup and she is all over that activity at every one of our meals! Of course, she also knows the words "get down", "that's all" and "dad dropped something over there, Roxy". ha ha ha!
    What beautiful weather you are having - sigh. I could seriously use a dose of sun about now!

  11. Farmgirl_dk: Believe it or not, but it snowed on Monday here. Now the weather is gorgeous again. Soon I'll complain about the heat, but now it's perfect! Dogs only beg when daddy is here, go figure!

  12. This comment is so very late almost a year later, but I just love desert flora and have read books on it. I tried growing some plants here but the maritime climate dessimated them...too wet and cool/temperate. I learned the hard way and a few bucks later. Now when I plant I use the wisdom I've gained through what I've lost. The dogs look mighty tired..the tongues give it away. Cheers!


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