Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Samson Says:

Hello, let's play somebody!!!
Come on, don't be such lazy old dogs…
What? You sure you don't want to play?
So what's a pup to do then? Hmmm, I think I spot something…
Something I like to lick a little….hope she doesn't get mad and growls at me….
But Angel was nice and let me kiss her ear. I guess that's all for now ….



  1. Samson is getting so big! He has great expressions. :)

  2. Oh Samson, you should come and play with Rachael Cat. She would just love to bounce around for hours with someone. And, it would do her figure a world of good.

  3. Thanks for your visit...we have that same love for dogs and walks..it's a great part of my day too. Your surrounding look a lot like mine too. We live about 15 min. from a national park so we have a lot of the red rock. Looking forward to getting to know you and your dogs! :D

  4. AJ: I think Samson is the largest of our dogs by now. And he was soo cute when he was little!! How fast they grow.

    Louise: As long as he didn't step on Rachael Cat by mistake, they would have a ball.

    Julie: Thanks for visiting. The red rocks on your blog are gorgeous. And, yes, we do share a love of dogs and nature.

  5. Samson is getting so big.... and cute...

  6. Samson reminds me so much of our grand-dogie Mia. Mia would love to play! That's all she wants to do, well, that and to boss everyone.

  7. Retired Girl: Thanks, he is cute, but needs so much BRUSHING!!

    Barbee: Sodier, my yellow dog, tries to keep up with Samson. He does pretty well for a 10-year old, but boy does he get tired after a while.

  8. Oh Samson! My girl Roxy (Schapendoes) says that she would love to play with you. She only have cats here to play with. ;-)

    Hugs from Lisbeth

  9. Vilken fin hund. Det ser ut som en samojed.
    Riktigt lekfull verkar han ochså, roligt med hund.
    Vi har hade en labrador som vi tog bort för flera år sedan men vist saknar vi hund så kanske när jag slutar jobba.
    Idag regnar det så nu far snön illa. Men vi har ett djupt snötäcke kvar än så jag ser ingen barmark.

    Ha en riktigt fin helg

  10. Samson, I would gladly throw a ball for you anyday ! Angel is one lucky cat ;)

  11. Lisbeth: I'll tell Samson. And I have seen Roxy's picture and she is very cute.

    Gunilla: Samson ar en samoyed, 8 manader gammal. Tank vad mycket sno ni har. Det blir val underbart nar varen antligen kommer.

    Lynda: I'll tell Samson he has many friends in the blogger world. He lives in LA with my hubby who has to stay there for work. And, for the record, Angel is a dog. She is my German shepherd dog, 11 years old.


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