Thursday, April 29, 2010

Looking for Wildflowers

Yesterday, on a cold and cloudy morning, I took Angel, Princess and my camera on a hike up the hill to look at the wildflowers.
I still remember the names of the Swedish wildflowers, those that were such a joy after a long, dark and cold winter. But I only know the names of a few that grow in my backyard and in the canyon.
I spent some time yesterday looking in my books and on, but was not very successful. But I learned about a book called The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada. It was recommended in our local paper as the best field guide for the Tehachapi Mountains. It isn't 100 percent, because we are influenced both by the San Joaquin Valley to the west and the Mojave Desert to the east. I'll check the library to see if they have it or I may buy it. This interest in finding out about things in nature is yet another thing that living here and blogging about it has done for me.
Angel in the midst of Goldfields - I believe that is the name of most of the flowers that cover the hillsides here.  
 Princess admiring the wildflowers (she was really just eating some tall grass she found up there).
Everywhere you looked the hills were covered in golden flowers. 
Angel to Princess: Let me sniff your mouth, I want to know what you were eating up there. Oh, just some grass.

This is Gwendolyn's grave. Gwendolyn was a California Desert Tortoise that Rachael rescued, but who unfortunately died a couple of years ago. She is buried here, always a lovely place, but even more so now, surrounded by wildflowers.  
Fiddlenecks flourish under the protective branches of a juniper tree.  
A fragile beauty. 

Curly Dock - I believe is the name of this plant. 
One of my favorite places is this mini-cave. Every spring I find pretty red flowers here, so we went to look for them.
 And we found them.
They are up there among the rocks too, so pretty against the gray. I'm glad I didn't have to climb up there though.
I'm ending with the Spring Gold that I began with in my blog about the old beer truck we found about a month ago. It has grown a lot since then and is now all over the lower portions of our property. I didn't see any higher up on the mountain.

Thank you for visiting!

Please let me know if you found any errors in the names I assigned to the wildflowers or know the names of the ones I didn't. It's so much fun to learn more about them!


  1. Well, Google is being a pain in the neck today. I have been trying all day to download a video, and, now, your blog isn't downloading correctly and I can't see the pictures. I'll keep checking. Google has to be fixed sometime.

  2. Oh, those red flowers are beautiful! And I love the Spring Gold, also. You have really caught the delicate beauty of the flowers. Well, except for the Curly Dock. That one looks quite robust.

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog. You have lovely scenery and the red flowers are absolutely gorgeous. Its so nice to see flowers from a different part of the world. Thanks for sharing ... :0)

    Shirl x

  4. I didn't have any trouble with Google, found you easy enough. You are a little nature gal like me...I love my walks each day, they are little adventures that I so enjoy! :D

  5. Good afternoon! A very interesting walk! The wildflowers are so pretty, I like that red one. I really would love to crawl around in your little cave, haha. Have you found any interesting rocks on your walks? My nephew lives in Volcano and I would love to get up there too, too bad I can't fly anymore :(

    Dogs smelling each others breath... haha, mine smell mine and it's like what'cha been eatin'? I want some!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Louise: I'm sorry you had some problems. I have had some too, I think the wind is blowing my satellite dish around. At least it still works.

    Shirl: You are welcome and I'll be back for sure.

    Julie: Yes, I love nature and our walks. I love your dog, Cougar, too. He is gorgeous.

    Sharon: I'm glad you liked the walk. I have posted about rocks before, Maybe I should do one specifically about them. We have so many here. And where is Volcano anyway...sounds like a dangerous place to live.

  7. Volcano is in northern CA, kind of between San Fransisco and Nevada. It's in "Gold Country". In that area, anyway.

  8. Sharon: Thanks for the info. We are further south -- sort of the tail end of the Sierra Nevada. Have great day! -- Inger

  9. Makes me think I should have been out in the country walking instead of down in Porterville shopping - much less expensive anyway... thanks for posting the pictures, they are so lovely... makes me know spring is here and glad it is not yet summer.... and hot.


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