Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This Morning

We got up early this morning and I took Princess and Soldier for a walk up by the barn and around the fields a bit. Since I wasn't feeling well yesterday, I never got the mail, so I after I dropped Princess and Soldier off at the house, I took Angel and the camera and we walked down the road to the mailbox.

On the way back home, facing east, this is our road with the mountains in the background. The Mojave Desert is on the other side of those mountains. I got some comments about the Mojave Desert, so I thought I'd let you know where it is in relation to our house.
Fence posts for older versions of the barbed wire fences I talked about in my last post are often made of juniper branches like this one.
I wanted to show how green it gets here in the spring, but wasn't very successful capturing the green in this field.
Something caught Angel's attention. Probably the cows. The dogs are fascinated by the cows, well one cow and two steer (or is it steers, no, steer sounds better to me) that were let out in the fields next door last fall.
Here is something the color green after all.
Then it was time to mow. Since I'm not 100 percent well, I'm trying to contain myself to small patches at a time and then rest. But you can see how tall it's getting and so fast. It's a bit frustrating for me to not be able to just breeze through it.
Talk about rest! But don't let her restful pose deceive you, she's keeping an eye on both me and all the surrounding area, watching out for anything unusual or any wild animals.
The small lavender flowers have grown up. Oh, how fast everything grows this time of the year here.
The first ladybugs have arrived. I'm so happy to see them and did my best to shoo them away so as not to mow them down.
So that was my morning with the dogs, some hard work, and the wonderful smell of freshly cut grass. Is there anything better?

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  1. There's nothing like Spring, wherever you are. I loved the picture of the mountains, and the lavender blossoms are beautiful, so delicate.

    You know, we're both very fortunate people, to be surrounded by beauty.

  2. Louise, you are so right, we are fortunate. I love the beauty and the peace here.

  3. Had no idea you were relatively that close to the Mojave Desert. I am going to have to do a search on it.
    Oh my, your grass is growing. You need to get some longears to do the mowing for you! It is so much easier!! lol


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