Monday, May 6, 2013

A Country Drive

Thanks for your comments on my short post yesterday. I hoped someone would be able to help. I'm sure if there is a way, Annette will figure it out. I take this very seriously because being able to comment is how you make friends and that's what makes blogging so much fun for me. 

Last week, hubby and I drove over to Stallion Springs and had a picnic lunch in a nice park. I made up three posts from that trip. I hope you will enjoy the very different landscape of that part of our mountains. 

Last Thursday, we decided to drive to Stallion Springs, a community just west of town, with a well-known golf course and a lovely park with a small lake/or large pond. We picked up some tacos for a picnic lunch and set out.

As soon as you get to town, nature changes from desert mountains to a lush, green landscape with oaks, elms and other large trees. The fields in town were full of poppies, but I didn't see many after we drove further west. Nature changes so fast here, it is amazing.

A deserted old ranch, using ancient cop cars to advertise that it belongs to Boss Hog, whoever he was. Probably not the real one if there was such a man. The real Jack Palance had a ranch out here though, a lovely place that he treasured. 

Beautiful horses were running around behind these fences, but hubby had another car close behind, so he couldn't stop or slow down. There are many horse ranches west of town, and they had great fences and entrance gates. TexWisGirl, I must go here alone some time and photograph them so you can see. 

There is agriculture here, with both organic farms and those that are not. We saw farm workers in the fields, planting. All had their faces covered, some even with masks that looked like those you put on horses to protect them from flies. Hard work, for sure.

Fortunately, you can hire some of these guys to do your work for you. This time of year, our community borrows sheep from ranches down in the San Joaquin Valley. To help protect us from grass fires, all a sheep has to do is eat.  In the spring they are all over the area, then they go back home and we're left with cattle and horses until next spring. 

There are a couple of vineyards here too that have thrived in recent years. I suggested to hubby that we should go on a wine tasting tour some day soon. He could taste and I could drive, since I can only drink beer these days.

A slightly different view of the valley. 

Then we arrive at the covered bridge with the park on the other side.

What a nice change for us to see green grass, lush trees, and water. 


  1. the tree and rocks in the last shot are beautiful! glad the sheep get to eat and help keep fire danger down, too.

    boss hog was a character in the old tv show 'the dukes of hazard'. :)

  2. i enlarged all the photos and what a beautiful part of the country. the one with the horses is my second favorite with first being the last pic as you went in the park. so beautiful, both of these photos and the places they were. wish i were there to go hunt down the fence and gates with you.. taco's are my kind of picnic. i did not know who boss hog was either, but see that Tex did. my kids and my husband would know that i think. can't wait to see what else you saw.

  3. You show us the beauty in the desert and in everything you see,Inger. Through your eyes, and the camera, you share your joy in life with us. Thanks!

    I need the coolness of the northwest, but I remember visiting the area around Palms Springs (we stayed in Desert Hot Springs with a friend) When it rained once while we were there, the rain evaporated after it hit. It was the strangest thing.

  4. Amazing how much a few miles distance can make in scenery and plant life. I'd like to join you and your hubby on the wine-tasting tour. :)

  5. What a wonderful adventure, Inger. Thanks for taking us along.

    Hey, here's an idea! You can start your own vineyard. Stay at home and to the wine tasting!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  6. Being a sheep in your area is apparently a good job--no one ever paid me to eat!!

  7. Bear: I'm sure my hubby would like that. Or we could make gin out of all the berries on all our juniper trees!

    fishducky: You are TOO FUNNY!

  8. WHAT?????? You not knows who Boss Hog is? You must watch da old Dukes of Hazard reruns.
    You truly live in such a beautiful area. I knows mum would be right at home heres with wide open spaces and beautiful horses. Hers would never set her camera down livin' out theres!


  9. So green and lovely. I loved that last photo especially. Something about that big mound..and the tree.

  10. Gosh you have some wide open land - how can we be running out of land - very nice! sandie

  11. "since I only drink beer these days"

    LOL I know what you meant, but it certainly made you sound like the ultimate guy's girl - one who is fun, not fussy AND can hold her beer LOL

    Love love the pictures, and the information behind them - who knew sheep had such an important job out there? And I must admit I really liked the tough guys jack palance would always portray in the movies...I just knew he would have owned a ranch out there somewhere!

  12. What a lovely drive you had, Inger. I googled Stallion Springs etc and now I know where you live and more about California. The sheep have a lot to work on. BTW, I hope those fires aren't effecting you!

    Thanks for this!


  13. I'm not sure if you have comment moderation. I'd like to give you my email address since I can't get rid of Google+ without losing a whole bunch of followers.

  14. I find myself getting a little annoyed with Google + and even Feedly lately, but sure am glad you are hanging on and enjoyed your drive in the country, Inger!!...:)JP

  15. Your pictures show such a different landscape than what I am used to seeing. Thanks for posting them as they are lovely.

  16. What a beautiful area to tour! Thanks for taking us along on the ride.

  17. What a nice change of scenery.
    Some of the cities in Colorado use goats for weed control.

  18. Hi Inger! Having just gotten back from Tennessee I know how much fun it is to take a little trip and enjoy the change of scenery just as you did--What a lovely trip!!

    Thank-you again for your continued friendship and kind comments you've left on my blog! :-)

  19. Hi Inger .. love the photos - yours are always so stunning and clear - a goal for me this coming year.

    Your trip reminds me of days out we had from Johannesburg ... to 'the farm' ... or to small animal parks that were springing up ..

    Lovely - happy memories .. cheers Hilary

  20. What a beautiful drive to the park. I love the open land and the mixture of animals and agriculture. I find a drive of this sort a wonderful mini-vacation. A taco picnic sounds perfect to me! :-)

  21. The sky is so beautifully blue in all of your pics. You can almost smell the fresh and clean air just looking at them.

    I love the old deserted ranch, that kind of thing is so interesting to see.

  22. I love drives like that.What pretty landscape you got there.Finally the flowers are blooming!


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