Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tumbleweeds Cause Havoc

The above pictures are from our local channels 23 ABC and 17 NBC. I looked on in amazement as they showed streets, parking lots, and fronts of entire houses in Bakersfield covered in the Prickly Russian Thistle weed after the windstorm we had on Sunday. Home and business owners are responsible for cleaning them up, but will hopefully get some help from the city and county.

This is a group of the largest Russian thistles we have here and the huge storm was not able to dislodge them. 

Two years ago, the large field next to the road here was covered in lovely yellow mustard weeds, which eventually turned into their own variety of tumble weeds. Last year, the storms were not strong enough to dislodge the majority of them, but now they are coming off with a vengeance.

Samson Says: Get out of the way, you big old prickly thing!

I wanted to post a picture of the largest one I've seen here, but it blew into the drainpipe that goes under the road. The gully is full of them this year and this pipe looks to be pretty clogged up. 

The fences are completely covered with weeds.

A dark and not very springlike morning. It rained yesterday, which was great. Sunday that huge wind storm hit us too, around 45 mph sustained winds and gusts up to, who knows what. It was howling. My brother-in-law once said: "The wind speaks to you here." And it does.

But we were lucky because on Saturday we had new carpets installed in our living room and hall. Some of you may remember our disaster when Samson was on steroids and drank gallons of water, which he then proceeded to let out on our carpets. They became impossible to clean, so when we saw a carpet sale announced on TV, we went for it. 

This meant I had to empty drawers, cabinets, and my two bookcases. Now I have to put things back, dust all my books, determine which ones will stay and which ones will be donated. We also did something in our dining room and we are now faced with all that work in reverse. Putting stuff back. 

Hubby is going to wash down the walls first, but he injured his hands when he installed slate tile in our entrance ways. They are really swollen and hurt badly. Anyway, I'm waiting for him to feel better and for the weather to get a bit nicer so I can sit outside and work on my books. 

It's cold and dreary here right now, but I don't mind. Summer heat will arrive soon enough and then you will hear me complain. And isn't the difference in nature between here and the other side of town that I posted yesterday, only about 15 - 25 miles away, sort of amazing? 

I have a new email address: iewiltz@hotmail.com. It's also in Pages on top of my blog under Contact Me. I just changed it in Google/Blogger, but haven't had time to let everyone know personally. I will though. AOL is good for now too.

If you don't see my comments on your posts, it's due to all these books and all the rest I have to clean up around here. I will do my best to find time for both. 


  1. I think tumbleweeds are fascinating, but I know they can be troublesome. I have seem people make "snowmen" out of them.....lol

  2. Tumbleweeds look great in old b/w movies. Other than that, they seem to be bother all around, and a fire hazard!

    Be careful with yourself!

  3. I didn't know tumbleweeds could be dangerous, always thought of them as rolling, tumbling things, not prickly thornbushes.

    Good luck putting things in order. I've been through that. One room at a time.

  4. i always liked the tumbleweeds i see in the movies, but until I met you had no idea how destructive and aggravating they are. and had not thought about the fire hazard either. and all that strong wind no wonder they are rolling around, it just jerked them out of the sand. good luck with the work and the books and I am sorry to hear about your hubby's hands... do you want me to use the new email address and i can delete the other one?

  5. sure hope your hubby will be okay! ouch!

    my friend kim, in bakersfield (farm girl) posted about the tumbleweeds that blew all over her place - and all the dust and rain on her freshly cleaned windows. :)

  6. That paints a totally different picture than the Sons Of The Pioneers "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" song. Not nearly as romantic.
    I'm with you on the pending heat. I'll take cold anytime.

  7. Happy New Carpet!
    Those tumbleweeds do not look nearly as friendly as the song "Drifting Along with the Tumbling Tumbleweeds."

    Much of my family lived in Bakersfield - never saw anything like that, though.

    love & love,

  8. I got the howling winds Saturday night, blowing dust everywhere. Rained last night about a quarter inch, not enough to reverse the dry brown pasture, but did settle the dust.

    Enjoy your new carpet.

  9. Oh Inger I do hope your husband is OK that must be painful.
    Tumbleweeds remind me of the old westerns my Dad used to watch on TV I never really knew what they were.
    Take care get the books done:) Hug B

  10. The tumble weeds look kind of interesting - I remember them from old westerns too. Hope your hubby is okay. sandie

  11. I can't begin to imagine that many tumble weeds... worse, getting rid of them. We don't have too many around here - a few roll through now and then.
    Congrats on the new carpet.... it just forced your hand at spring cleaning!

  12. I have not been able to comment either. My breathing problem sometimes keeps me up all night and I just read and read, without writing. Reading is soothing.

  13. I hope that all the tumbleweeds DON'T turn into a problem for everyone, as I remember, they can be tinder if there is a fire nearby. At least that's what my grandparents said, who lived around areas rife with them...

    Good luck with the books. That's something I have a terrible time with, as I don't want to get rid of any!!!


  14. Do you still have your old email address for your personal stuff or should I use the new one? I saw your husband's hands--they looked sore!!

  15. You live in the Real Wild West!! The only other time I have seen these!! Amazing!Great photos Inger!

  16. A lady I used to know said that before she and her husband got married he took a trip out west. Shortly after she received a box in the mail. She opened it and out fell a tumbleweed. How romantic...lol

  17. Those yellow flowers at the top of your blog are just beautiful. Very cheerful looking.

    I've never seen tumbleweeds in person before, but the first time my hubby saw one blowing across the street in from of his rental when he was on a business trip, he wasn't sure whether he should try to avoid it, or hit it. He hit it... did I happen to mention it was a rental car? As you know, it just rolled on over top of the car. It sounded like it would be something neat to see, but now I realize they're also a nuisance, as well as a fire hazard.

    Take care. I hope your hubby's hands heal soon, and you have fun going through your books.

  18. Hi Inger! Look at all those tumbleweeds!! Wow! I can understand why Samson is getting irritated with them...

    Samson: Of course, my love for you is still strong! Loved seeing you give those tumbleweeds a piece of your mind! You go Samson! That's my guy!! Gracie.

  19. I'm glad you were able to get new carpeting, Inger. I'm sure you are enjoying it a great deal. hThe tumbleweeds are fascinating to me. I've always thought they were beautiful in their own way. I haven't ever had to navigate around them, though. I'm sure they create a lot of added work and possible damage. I enjoyed the photos, Inger. I hope you find it possible to get things back in order. Lots of work, I'm sure! Debra

  20. Hi Inger - those tumbleweeds are amazing - I hadn't realised they caused such havoc. Clearing them up must be a nightmare, especially out of the drains ...

    So pleased about the carpet and then any tidying is a nuisance, but that freshness is just such a good feeling .. I hope your hubby's hands improve soon ..

    Cheers and I noted the email .. Hilary

  21. I love the look of tumbleweed blowing around...but that is a bit much!!

  22. Our tumbleweeds are puny compared to yours!
    Congratulations on the new carpet.

  23. Just popping in from the A to Z road trip to say hi! This post title snagged my attention so I thought I would comment here instead of on your most recent one. :)

    I grew up in Arizona and there were lots of tumble weeds there too. Your blog header is absolutely gorgeous. What a delightful place you have decided to settle in!


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