Friday, May 10, 2013

The End of the Tumbleweed Tales

You asked how I got rid of the tumbleweeds:

On each side of the public road (dirt road) that you often see in my pictures, there are fields. The donkey rescue kept their cattle and senior donkeys in one, and that field has not grown in since they left. 

The other field is very large and we don't know who it belongs to. Two years ago, that field was covered in yellow mustard weeds, like those in the picture above, which are so pretty when they bloom, but then turn into the skinny tumble weeds I had to get rid of. 

I just raked the weeds, well, not just, it was quite a job, up the road a ways, to thin them out. Then I threw them back whence they came from. (I have had that word, WHENCE, on my mind for days, I'm happy I could find some use for it).

In other words, I put them back where they came from, but spread thin to better be disbursed by the wind. Because I spread them out, they have by now blown away.

I don't know where they went, but unfortunately, after taking a good look at that field, it's still covered in dry weeds, there are just patches where you can see the ground. And my hubby went down there again and cleared out some that had piled up against the gate just since I got back from town around two this afternoon. 

So we may have to deal with this for a while. We have never had this problem before, and it would be so great if the owner of that field could perhaps hire some of these:

I found these sheep on my way home today and had to stop and take their picture. 

 I heard on the news that people in Bakersfield are really mad because they have to pay thousands of dollars to clean up their tumbleweeds. They also feel that the owners of the fields where these weeds develop should be responsible for removing them before they start to blow and take over entire neighborhoods. I've never given this any thought before, but I see their point, and the fire hazard alone should be reason enough for owners to take responsibility.

Yes, I am tired, I took a nap after I came home from town today. didn't help much. And, Sandra, we don't really have yards here, we have, you know, large fields, BLM land, and other peoples hills and such. We only have one neighbor and that property has been empty and for sale since last September. Someone may have bought it, we are waiting with baited that what it's called. Looks kind of funny, baited breath..... I better stop because now I'm so tired, I'm starting to babble.


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