Saturday, May 4, 2013

Reflecting on the A to Z Challenge, 2013

Before I even begin reflecting on this year's challenge, I want to again thank Arlee Bird for coming up with such a brilliant idea. The man cannot be thanked enough! And then I want to thank the hosts, organizers, and the minions. I really like my minion, Julie Flanders, who is one cool woman. 

I don't, as a rule, participate in any other blogger events that involve linking, but something made me jump into the challenge in 2011 and, once I did, I was hooked.  

 Positive Feedback:
  • Picking a Theme and then the subject for each letter of the alphabet within that theme. That's the Challenge for me. I got the best response, the most daily views and comments on my 2012 theme: Swedish Rhapsody. Learning about Sweden was interesting to many. 
  • This year, I chose My 50 Years in America as my theme. Mostly people I knew, my blogger friends, left comments. Their comments were so caring and thoughtful that they challenged me to look at myself and at what motivated me in years past. I'm sure, as I think on this, I will come to a better understanding of who I was and how I came to be the person I am today. 
  • So I got something out of the 2013 A to Z Challenge that I did not expect. 
  • Of course, I still met good people, wonderful poets, writers, and interesting bloggers. I know some of these bloggers will be my friends in the years to come. 

Negative Feedback:
  • Nothing on the A to Z Challenge. 
  • However, Google+ is becoming an issue for me as I refuse to provide them with any more personal information. Enough already, I don't want to share, not photos, not what I do every minute of the day, nothing. I am basically a loner who likes to take photos, write posts, read posts, and leave comments. That's all.  
  • This relates to the Challenge, as follows: I get wonderful comments by people I don't know, people I meet through the Challenge who use Google+ and I want to comment back. Then I find that I can't unless I provide Google+ with the date and year of my birth, click in some stupid boxes to give them more authority; or unless people accept me in their circle, whatever that is. 
  • I like things simple. Blogger was simple. Google has proven to be OK. I'm not interested in Google+. 
That was the only negative and frustrating thing I ran into during the Challenge. And of course it has nothing to do with the Challenge, just a frustration I wanted to put out there.

Great job everyone, I really enjoyed this year so much! Thank you again everyone. 


  1. i keep a google+ account, but honestly don't use it. and i detest that new 'google+ comments' option. i don't want my comments published to g+ and i refuse to link my blog profile to the g+ profile, too, as i don't want to use my full name on my blog. and that google+ i.d. is a pain in the butt to find a person's blog and return a visit.

  2. all of your photos of your beautiful canyon make me happy to look at them. flowers and trees and sky, there is nothing better to me... me to on hating google plus and not using it and not joining it and not commenting when i can't do it without joining. i feel exactly what Tex said above.

  3. I'm much like you, Inger, I have my limits as to what I'll divulge to the web masters.

    Your theme was enjoyable and interesting to read. I'm glad you've got them under a tab!

  4. Count me in on the NO Google+ involvement. I like my privacy and will only give just so much info out. Your pictures are super great and I have enjoyed seeing them day to day.

  5. Hur är det där borta? Hörde på nyheterna att det var skogsbräner runt L A.
    Vad fina bilder, härliga blommor.
    Nu är det sängdags här kl är 22.44, gäsp.

  6. I also have a google+ account, but don't use it as much as I do FB or twitter.
    I did pretty well at the beginning with reading your posts, but then life got in the way! I'm definitely going to go back and check them out.

  7. It was my pleasure Inger to read this 'challenge' and learn a bit more about you.
    Now for Google+....I don't want it either and find it a tad confusing. They want to compete with Facebook and are trying their best to sway us their way.
    Love those last three poppy photos!!

  8. I really enjoyed reading about your life in America. You have such interesting times.
    I don't do Google + or FB. Both want too much personal info. Love the freedom on Blogger.

  9. Thank you for those "extra' poppy pictures . . . gives me the look of home (sigh.)

    Yeppers - I'm with ya on the Google+ thing . . . (phooey)

    Love & Love,

  10. I have refused to comment when required to join Google+!!

  11. Ah, Google plus. I joined it because one of the gals I work asked me to, and find it as big a waste of effort as Facebook, and just as obnoxious. I don't even check it all that often!

    But yes, I haven't read all the A through Z posts you've put up, (I want to sit down and just read through in one sitting), but the ones I have read were pretty fun and some had me wishing I could be a mouse in the corner!


  12. Oh, my, I could have written similar points. I enjoyed reading about your time in America... it was fun to see our country through your eyes!
    I so agree with Google + It was very frustrating to want to say something, but not be able to without joining.

  13. I'm having the same problem with google+. One of the blogs I've followed for a long time has switched to google+, and I can no longer comment as "Terry" - it wants me to join with my full name, etc, and I won't.

  14. Yes, Terry, I know how you feel. I have followed Annette at Aspen Meadows for years, and now she has switched to Google+ and I can't leave a comment. To not be able to comment on blogs you have followed for years is certainly worse than those I missed out on during the Challenge.

    Annette, I hope you read this so you know that I will continue to read your blogs and that I wish you all the best with your property hung, but that I can no longer leave a comment on your blog.

  15. I meant to say property hunt. I'm typing in the almost dark here and as I previously told you guys in my X post, I am not a good typist.

  16. I'm a whole lot less than thrilled about the invasiveness of Google, and other web sites. Like you, I'm a loner; I don't need all the stuff that extroverts do.

    Gladyou did the A-Z Challenge. See you again!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  17. I have been trying to figure out all day long how to un-link my blog comments from Blogger + and I'm very frustrated. It was so easy to link up (and I didn't realize at the time that it was so exclusive) but I'm finding it impossible to unlink. Grrr.

  18. Hi Inger .. I fall into your category - but I expect due to wanting to explore new projects .. the world of G+ and FB will be added into my world.

    I too like things simple - I hpe I can keep the blog going as is.

    I loved your 50 years theme .. as many of the posts took me back to my roots and made me think .. I'd have loved to have been more brave, but circumstances were different for me .. still I've done my fair share of travelling .. and sincerely hope I can do more in the coming years.

    So essentially I agree with you .. and yes your posts will be interesting to re-read so it's helpful having them in a separate tab.

    Cheers Hilary

  19. Congratulations on the completion of the Challenge and the great Reflection Post.


  20. Hi Inger .. nie panickie zee!!

    I'm not going yet (to use) .. and being aware of the G+ aspect .. I'll make a plan somehow ...

    Totally agree with you re the friendships we make and that back and forth with the comments - I love it .. and have learnt so much.

    As I mentioned I hope I'll be able to keep the blog separate somehow and start again if necessary .. when I use G+ ...

    Life is ahead .. but thanks so much for coming over to the blog - and letting me know your fears - but I'd hate to lose all my friends too ..

    Cheers for now - Hilary

  21. I would really love to know what that first tree is. It is magnificent. It makes me feel that Spring is here but the memory of snow on the trees is still fresh. Congratulations on completing the challenge it is certainly that.

  22. I'm with ya! On everything, including google plus, grrr!

    Those poppies are so darn cheerful!

  23. I did enjoy your theme about your years in America. Very interesting. I'm with you all the way on g+ . Some of them it seems I can't read unless I join so I don't read them. I don't really understand but that's OK too.

  24. I don't do google+. I have enjoyed your AtoZ challenge!

  25. TexWisGirl said it all. I have a G+ account rarely using it. I also don't want to connect my blog to G+ because my blog is my DOG ~~ LOL ~~ not me which G+ is. SO I let the G+ account roll along and if photographers appear and want to join I go along with that. Actually that is what is happening with this account veering toward photographers.
    Your A - Z challenge theme was so relevant for all of us brought up in the 60's Inger. Your route was international in scope while our was more home bound.
    I loved it!

  26. It was very fun to see how you utilized the challenge, Inger. You did a great job. :-)


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