Sunday, May 5, 2013

Thank You So Much My Friends

Just a quick note to thank you for your comments on my reflections post. I'm so happy that you enjoyed reading about my journey through my life in these United States. Of course, I shared mostly the fun parts, but even so I learned about myself through your comments. I will think on this and will probably write more later. 

Today, I just want to thank you. 

Then I had a thought, if anyone who has a Google+ account knows how to get the comments freed up and back to the way they were before she signed up for Google+, would you mind going to Annette's blog and let her know, she asked for help this morning, I just checked and she still has the G+ thing going on, this is the link:

I would also be interested in finding out if Google will not allow you to return to comments accessible to everyone. 

Photos are from my archives.


  1. Your theme was a good one, Inger. I enjoyed the old photos.

  2. Hi Inger .. loved your thoughts of your journey across America - just brought out so many memories and thought processes.

    Google + is a nightmare .. I'm not going near it! Should the time come and I find out important and interesting aspects you'll be the first to hear ... and if G+ and Blogger can work together I'll let you know ..

    and I'll be checking back here - cheers Hilary

  3. Morning Inger I look forward to more. Poor Annette I never understood Google + and doubt if I ever will. Hug B

  4. Sorry, I purposely avoided Google + as well as FB. Both want too much personal info.
    We got to know you so much better through the theme.

  5. hope someone can help her, i know it can be done, because one of the blogs i follow had it and when i emailed she fixed it but i can't remember who it was. i am like Patti, no G plus and very little FB

  6. i hope someone can help annette, too.

  7. I appreciated and enjoyed the snippets from you life that you shared with us over the month. And I hope that you continue to relish your time in the U.S.

    As for helping you with G+, I avoid that like the plague. I have enough challenges making my blogspot accounts work.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  8. It was good to get to know you more!!

  9. It was good to get to know you more!!

  10. I will work on this conundrum and see what's up!!

  11. Thanks for putting the "help!" request out there for me. If I ever figure out how to disable the Blogger+ comment link without disabling the whole thing, I will.


Thanks for leaving a comment.. ~~ Inger


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