Monday, May 13, 2013

Our Picnic In Stallion Springs

In a post a while ago, I mentioned that my husband and I went to Stallion Springs, a community on the west side of town, for a picnic lunch in a nice little park by a small lake.

After our picnic, my husband enjoys the view.

On the other shore is the golf course; there is also a resort attached. 

We disturb many red-winged blackbirds on our walk and they become quite agitated when I linger trying to capture them with my camera. It's spring after all and they have eggs  or baby birds to protect.

I like the way the church spire peeks through the branches.

Another red-winged blackbird, balancing on a thin reed. 

Many Great-tailed Grackle make their home in the park. The males are lovely sounding birds; the Spanish call them clarinere, the clarinet player. Of course, I read that in my Audubon bird book.

Ground squirrels in the park look different from ours in the canyon, with darker fur, no white rings around their necks, and definitely better fed. Chubby little guys, probably thriving on picnic leftovers.

Getting ready for a vermin closeup.

A lovely day.......


Note: I have not been able to access my new hotmail account since last Wednesday or Thursday. Outlook took it over and requires a MS password, which I established, and then everything went wrong. Having neither time nor energy to deal with it now, I have switched back to my account for the time being. Sorry about any inconvenience this may have caused those of you who reply back via email.


  1. The colours! The wildlife! The Scenery! You seem to have it all! What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful da y...

  2. i sent my last two emails to your aol account. hope you got them. this place is beyond beautiful and i would love it there, not a desert canyon in sight here and no tumble weeds. cute verim, much bigger than ours... love all the photos.

  3. cute ground squirrels!

    love all the blues and greens in these photos!

  4. What a lovely place. Thanks for sharing the photos.


  5. Hi Inger .. love the little lake - and the name of the resort 'Stallion Springs' .. gorgeous, together with the birds you photographed and that church spire .. love them - Hilary

  6. Lovely bird shots, Inger, and that reminds me of a lake near our old house which we loved walking around.

    Water rejuvenates me, just looking at it soothes. (that's calm water, btw)

  7. Vad fina bilder, vilken härlig dag ni hade.
    Vi har inte fått vårt internet lagat ännu, måste ut en tekniker hit. Bra man har en jobb laptop med :-)

  8. How refreshing! A lovely choice for a picnic.

  9. I ignored, umm, forgot about your new email, so all is good.

    What a wonderful area for a picnic. *sigh* xo

  10. Oh Inger what a fabulous day I am so happy you took the time to share with us. Hug B

  11. Completely a "Breath of Fresh Air" - when visiting your blog.

    Many Thanks,

  12. What a splendid place! I love little spots like that. When I think of hidey holes or special nature places in my mind, they look like that.

    I love those blackbirds and miss their song. We had them all over the place in my last city.

  13. Loved your pictures. Thanks for sharing your picnic time!

  14. Lovely! Me and Stanley would love to take a swim in that water!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - The painting resumes tomorrow - UGH!

    Pee Pee Ess - Mom had the same trouble and just had them send her a link to make a new password.

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  16. Such a peaceful setting with nice wild life.
    I had heard red wings can get aggressive and dive bomb you when they are nesting.
    That squirrel really is a well fed rascal.

  17. What a beautiful place to visit and have a picnic Inger! It looks idyllic and not crowded either.
    I wonder what it is about reeds and blackbirds....they are the same here as well.

  18. I gave up my hotmail address...too many people getting hacked...good old aol & gmail are my sources. What an awesome place to spend some time together, Inger!...:)JP

  19. Great photos, Inger! After some beautiful weather, it's like early winter returned, so I really enjoyed your photos.

    Hotmail and Outlook are trouble. You're wise to switch back.

    And the big songfest is in Sweden this year. There was an article in the paper today about the building excitement.

  20. that looks like my kind of's funny how squirrels look so different in different states...

  21. What a beautiful place! Great bird captures too!

  22. What a great spot for a picnic. What a great spot (period) Picnic or not. I like secluded places like that. A rare find, these days.

  23. Lovely picnic spot. It's interesting to see the birds perch on a reed without bending or breaking it. We have many redwings and grackles around here. I love the grackle's rusty-hinge sound.

  24. Beautiful pictures, lovely sceneries. I love the small squirrels. Enjoy your day!

  25. Dear Inger, such lovely photographs. I felt I was there walking with you and seeing such beauty. I so love water and any river, pond, lake, or ocean invites me to simply let go and enjoy. Peace.


Thanks for leaving a comment.. ~~ Inger


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