Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Notes From The Canyon

Canyon mornings are turning cold now with temperatures around 40 F. We bought some heavy duty plastic and hubby made a little green house for the tomato and pepper plants he is growing in containers. Faith had the not so great idea to tear down one side of it and chew on the plastic. After an initial upset and many "BAD DOG" exclamations, hubby fixed it and put a wire all around, so now both puppy and plastic are safe. He hooked up a heater too and the first morning after it was on, most of the plants had new flowers. So far it's working great and we have lots of ripening tomatoes. 

Black bears are on everyone's mind. One wandered into town and was shot and killed by local police after being considered a threat to children in the vicinity. My friend who hosted the knitting group last week, showed us a large gash in her screen door, made by a bear. After two attacks on our trash cans, the bears have left us alone. 

My husband is doing better. He's gained back just the right amount of weight and he now seems to realize that he has to do less and rest more. This helps to maintain his nice old self, without outbursts of anger, which makes everything around here a lot easier. 

We celebrated his 68th birthday last Thursday and he said while in that emergency room last July, he didn't think he was going to live to see it. We did nothing special, just some cake, ice cream, and gratitude. 

Faith went to the vet, where she's very popular, and got her rattlesnake booster vaccine. Why a snake vaccine now, you may wonder. Well, she had her first shot a month ago and it is a good idea since we see most snakes in late spring and early fall, when the days are cooler. They come out at night during the hot summer months. The above picture is from a week or two ago. She is now five months old and weighs 39.2 lbs.

The canyon is covered in the yellow flowers of the rabbit brush bush. Native peoples of the canyon used these bushes for tea and medicinal purposes. Talk about teas, I have dried a lot of mint for tea, and also sweet basil, rosemary, and dill. We plan to pick the rest of the vegetables this week and make a seafood/vegetable soup. Large pots of it. Hubby will cook, I will clean veggies. 

Blackbirds usually stop by here for a night or two while on their way somewhere else. This year, they have been here most of the summer, enjoying the water and bugs in our vegetable garden. They gather their flock together on the wires every morning. It is so interesting to watch and I wonder what goes through their minds or their instincts ~ this need to gather, as if to plan their day. 

Little Faith has been so good for all of us, but most of all for Samson. He is so happy to take care of her, teach her, play with her, and love her. We keep saying that he looks 10 years younger, which is impossible since he's only five. 

I feel terrible for the animals, so hungry and thirsty. Bears, elk, and deer are coming down from the higher altitudes, where they normally live, in search of food and water. One woman in the knitting group and her husband has set up a water station by a creek that is now so dry that no digging will provide any water. It's located in the wilder part of the canyon, with no houses around. These are very kind people, who also rescued a donkey baby in the middle of winter, bottle fed it, and raised it. Now she's like a dog and follows them everywhere. I am so happy that in the midst of all that's going on, I am getting to know some very good people here in the canyon.

I'm finally reading Middlemarch, known as one of the best books in English literature, and a book I have wanted to read for the past 50 years. It is all it is said to be and more. I love this book and will miss it once I finish it. 

I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to read all of your blogs, but I will. I have to go to town tomorrow morning, but then I should be home for a while. Thanks for stopping by ~ I enjoy your visits so very much. 

Samson Says: Good night everyone and thanks for stopping by. Maybe soon, I get to tell you what's going on in my world, hint, hint, like in a blog post, right here, on mommy's and my blog.........

Love you Gracie, my feisty little sweetheart! Sorry I haven't been able to stop by, but mommy, you know.....busy, you. XOXOXOXO, your Samson.


  1. Lovely update, Inger, on the canyon and your family. Glad your hubs is better and the pups both seem very happy. That soup sounds delicious, I just wonder if your hubs uses Creole seasoning if it's got seafood and veggies. Yum.

  2. Your hubby makes the BEST soup!! If there's any extra we'll be happy to take it off your hands.

  3. Hi Inger - how lovely that life is peaceful .. busy maybe, but relaxing all the same.

    Love the photos of your Canyon - and the delightful pups ... it's great Samson's taken to Faith so well .. and is teaching her life ...

    Wonderful to have fresh veggies .. but I hope the rains come to help nature .. take care and it's always good to be with you here .. cheers Hilary

  4. Your canyon is beautiful, yellow and gold, and with Faith and Samson, and your man on a better incline, let your days be happy. Hugs,Jean.

  5. Lovely post, Inger! Faith and Samson look just wonderful! There is something about seeing birds on a wire that really appeals to me. I've always regretted not buying a very small, but lovely painting that depicted the very simple setting of 5 or six swifts on the wire with the simple backdrop of the sky...

  6. Oh Inger I am so happy you are in a knitting group and getting to know more people it is very important for us to take care of ourselves when going through stress at home.
    I wish rain would come to your area so the animals will be OK.
    Faith and Samson look so happy together and I know they make you smile every time. Happy Birthday to your husband.
    Great idea with the garden tomatoes. Love the photos of your world. HUG hug B

  7. Your pictures of the canyon, Inger, are outstanding.

    I am glad to hear that your husband is feeling better.

  8. I'm so glad that you are finding good people in the Canyon and a knitting group. I'm also glad that your husband is feeling better and is able to pace himself so he will get better.

    A good soup sounds so tempting. I love soups and chowder this time of year and I had a corn chowder for dinner yesterday.

    I hope the bears stays away from your place. They can be destructive and dangerous when hungry. I bet Sampson is doing a great job of keeping them at bay.

    A great idea to make a little hot house to extend the growing season.

  9. Happy belated Birthday to your husband. I'll be turning 68 at the end of November.

  10. just love sweet (and naughty) faith and her big, furry brother! so glad things are better for your husband. love the golden glow in several of these photos. stay safe out there with the poor wildlife searching for food!

  11. I bet D.G. is right and your husband uses Creole seasoning! Samson in the last photo seems to be pondering a page he read over your shoulder of MIDDLEMARCH! :-)

  12. Bears and snakes, oh my. Do you keep a shotgun by your door?

    Fall in the high desert is lovely. Glad your hubs is showing improvement.

  13. What a great update where even the worries seem under control. Great way to make-do with the garden plants. Your area is beautiful.

  14. Happy Birthday to your husband. Franklin keeps Harper young.


  15. We all know how busy you are so don't even think about it! Visit when you can. And let me know if you like the book. I don't think I've ever read it either! Hugs, Diane

  16. Faith has got some big paws too, Inger and looks so happy with Samson. Good to hear you were able to save the plants producing veggies...hubby and you need those! Great to hear that hubby has learned when t slow down..that is a must at our age...even for me!...:)JP

  17. How wonderful that your husband is realizing his role in his well being and is doing so well. Got to make you both happy.
    So sad that the wild animals are having to invade towns looking for food and water thus costing them their lives. It is a sad time.
    Samson looks like the perfect big brother.

  18. It was nice to stop by and see that all is well with all of you. Take care and stay warm as the weather turns chilly!

  19. Happy Belated Birthday to your husband. I am glad he is putting on some weight. You two are in my prayers. Your canyon is beautiful. I think of you often

  20. I'm really happy to hear that your husband is doing so well -- both physically and emotionally. Its hard for them not to overdo it. Kersey had the same effect on Sedona that Faith is having on Samson. Its so great that he's so pleased to have a little sister. ...and I can't remember if I ever read Middlemarch. It seems like I must have but can't remember it at all. Will have to look into that.

  21. Just great update, dear Inger!
    I am so glad that your husband is doing better. Happy Birthaday and Congratulations on his 68th Birthday!

    Black bears around looks scary, but it is good the bears have left and you and your neighbors safe now.
    I did not know that is a rattlesnake vaccine. I am glad to hear that, so Faith and Samson are safe too!
    Love all those yellow flowers covering the canyon! Blackbirds on the wire remember me the Hitchcock's film, "The Birds".
    Great photos of the Canyon, Inger!

    Sounds lovely that Little Faith and Samson are so good friends! I think that to have a dog make us so much younger and happy too!
    Wishing you all a very nice weekend!

  22. Hi Samson, really looking forward to your next blog post (when Mummy lets you get a word in edgeways!) and I'm so pleased to hear about your Daddy getting out and about :-)

  23. Samson you do look fantastic.. who knew a puppy could help your health.. glad your dad is better and doing his rest thing. feel really bad for all he animals with no food and water God bless the couple that are putting out water. i wonder why the govt there doesn't put out something for them and that would keep them from coming in the town... i like all the pics today, including the old motor and that yellow brush is just beautiful

  24. First things first - your canyon and other things come first - we'll still be here!

  25. I'm glad things are kind of settling down.
    You would like my daughter. She rescues all kinds of animals, including Bearded Lizards! She is the bane of the pet stores in the city where she lives, because she goes to the stores and gets on them if they are not doing right by the animals. On the other hand, the pet stores fob off all their sick animals onto my daughter so she pays the vet bills!

    She got me started in ferret rescues, which has been a very positive influence on my life. I think there are a lot of good people out there.

    I have been reading about the drought and it is getting to be pretty cataclysmic , isn't it. I hope you and your husband don't have any water problems.

  26. Loving the blooming rabbit bush. I used to mourn the passing of the garden in the fall. Birthdays, sigh, sounds like a good one though. Faith sure is growing! Samson is as charming as ever.

  27. Your little slice of life really makes me feel warm inside Inger. I'm so happy your hubby has realized that less work and more sleep works. I am finding the very same thing because when I get tired I just can't makes good decisions and thus cranky and useless.
    Faith is a sweetheart as is Samson. Yes, it was the best decision for you all.
    Getting to know your community is so healthy because you never know when each other will be needed.
    All the best and don't ever worry about not getting around to seeing Sophie, she will lick you anyway!!!


  28. What a delightful life in the canyon. So many different thing going on. So glad to hear your husband is better.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!


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