Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Notes From The Canyon

I love that the very big and tough guys in the National Football League (American football to my European friends) wear pink somewhere on their uniforms during the month of October. This to promote breast cancer awareness. I think that's pretty cool and all I have to add: If you are supposed to have a mammogram, please don't get too busy and forget. Just have it done when it's due. I did and it saved my life ~ 15 years now.

Right now my husband is doing OK and life is much more normal. He drives himself to our town: To Home Depot for something for his garden, or to the grocery store, where he has many friends among the staff. Yesterday I found him outside, pruning his container plants. The little greenhouse he put up (in the back here) has a heater in it and the plants are thriving, even blooming and bearing new fruits.

Faith likes to watch her daddy work. She is growing, but I am not sure she will be a big dog, we'll see. She has a lovely temperament and is a quick learner, at least when she wants to be. It's amazing how deaf she can get when you call her to come to you....

Since my husband's situation is so uncertain and I don't deal well with that, I feel the stress of his illness more now than I did when things were really bad this summer. Then I became strong, now my brain is pretty much fogged in and I have a difficult time with just about everything.

But I'm working on taking care of me: This past week, I have seen both a foot doctor for my diabetic feet and an eye doctor. Both of them in our town. My feet are not as bad as I thought and I learned that Medicare pays for the doctor to cut my toenails every nine weeks. That will be a great help. People with diabetes should neither soak their feet (I do) nor have pedicures (I don't). I also saw the eye doctor and my retinas, where problems can cause blindness, are fine. Comforting to know. 

I still go to the knitting group once a week or every other week, depending on schedules. I am becoming very fond of the women and I enjoy learning to crochet again.  I also went to the movies and saw Gone Girl, about which I felt exactly the same as I felt about that very popular book. A page turner that left me cold. The film was very well made, very well acted, and left me cold. What can I say? I guess psychopaths are not for me. At least I went, and that's a good thing. 

Samson is fine, he's such a very good dog, in need of a lot of brushing. If I do nothing else, that's something I really need to work on in the next few days. Someone said in a comment that it's great for a dog to be raised by another dog, the way Samson is raising Faith. I smiled when I read that since Samson himself was raised by our German shepherd dog, Angel. 

She was old when he arrived, but she took him on and raised him, taught him everything he knows. And did such a wonderful job. ~ Look at his little face, wasn't he adorable? He loved her so and she him. 

When I see a picture like this, I know life is good, I know there are rough spots, I know we grow from them, and I know nothing stays the same forever. Angel is gone now, but Samson is sharing all he learned from her with Faith. 


  1. Loving your potted garden - I kept a pepper plant through the winter one year and had many comments on pretty it was. I never got a single really fresh tomato this year, you are so lucky.
    Looking at Faith's paws... she has growing to do yet. Looks like Samson is a good parent.
    Remembering Angel :-)
    All we can do in life, is all we can do.

  2. Beautiful pictures of tomatoes. I didn't grow any this year, but I will next year. Loved the pictures of the dogs. Your Angel was beautiful. Sending you a big hug and praying for you everyday my friend.

  3. Hi Inger .. it's good to read your post - but can quite understand how you feel ... but it's good that you are looking after you - and finding that they're not as bad as they might be .. and finding out there's some help available.

    You're amazing and offering us many salutary lessons on coping ...

    It's lovely to see the dogs together and to remember Angel ... Samson is doing his wonderful best .. he just be a blessing to you both, as too Faith - faithful to her master ..

    Cheers and with many thoughts - Hilary

  4. the bucket garden looks fantastic as do the photos you took of it.. they are beautiful and such great colors.. Faith looks really good and so does Samson, big and little..
    i read in a book, to teach a puppy to come, never do it without a leash, so that you can make them come. and to use tiny treats when they do come... i wish i had done that with Baby.. to late at 13 i think.. Jake comes on command baby we have to go drag her.
    glad you both are getting out and off the homestead.. the knitting class sounds good to me for socializing and using your hands and learning.

  5. Inger, this is probably the best post you have ever written. The sensitivity and concern for your husband is shown so well, and his tomatoes are excellent. How you showed Angel and baby Samson, their relationship and the passing down of dog traditions: that made me get all teary eyed. Samson gazing up at Angel reminded me of how my grandson looks up at his daddy.

    Thank you for this awesome post.

  6. glad things are better for your husband! and glad the pups are doing well. i am certain you feel reluctant to drop your guard and relax a bit. bless you, and i'm glad you're looking after your own health.

  7. Dear Inger, it's good to hear that your husband is out and about - and that you're getting some time to look after yourself.
    As always I love seeing your photos of the canyon and the dogs.
    Take care

  8. It feels good to take care of yourself. I did some things last week for my health too and I sure feel better now that it's over! Have a good afternoon my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  9. So glad you are taking some care of your self. It is easy to push ourselves to the back burner when caring for another. It is what women do. Continue keeping on top of your own health, for both your sakes.
    Samson was just TOO cute as a puppy. Handsome now but irresistible as a pup.

  10. Now I want a nice salad with slices of tomato. Samson was so cute as a puppy. Faulkner taught Harper, and Harper taught Franklin. I am curious about diabetics aren't supposed to soak their feet. I was taught that good diabetic foot care includes soaking feet and cleaning them thoroughly, though we were not to cut toenails, of course.


  11. Glad to hear that you are taking some time for yourself.

  12. Dear Inger, it's been a tough year for both of you with having to deal with drought and your husband illness and your own condition. I'm so glad that you have Samson and Faith to keep you company.

    I'm glad also that your husband is keeping busy with his garden and going to the city for what he needs. I love his little hot house. The tomatoes and pepper looks tatty. Nothing like a tomato ripen on the vine.

    Samson looks adorable in that older picture and Angel obviously did a great job raising Him. Faith will grow. She's still a puppy.

    I've heard from another blogger about the disappointment in the Gone Girl book.

    I hope that you have a good rest of the week. Enjoy your knitting with friends.
    Take care,

  13. I'm glad your husband is doing better with the situation. I'm sure the initial shock of it was hard on both of you. You're a good wife to be so loyal and supportive.

    You do have to take care of yourself too. When a person has a lot of emotional things to deal with, physical issues can exacerbate the difficulty of working through everything.

    I hope you are doing ok for water. Every time I read a news article about the drought out there, I hope your water source holds up.

  14. Angel and baby Samson made me smile wide. Life is so uncertain, and you have certainly have had your share recently!

    I am so proud of you that you took care of yourself. GONE GIRL from the trailer struck me as a movie to stay away from. I like stories with folks I can root for.

    I leave the psychopaths for real life!

    I am happy your husband is rallying. Pace yourself!

  15. Inger, your words spill over to me, husband's health, your own, dogs growing up together as one leads the other, and through all of this your diabetes, and more. I have wished for a magic wand down here so many times over the last 2 years, but know I have to do the best I can every day, as you are. Please take some time for yourself, visit those groups, friendship and support from others is so important, And with love, prayers, and more from us all out here, you know we do care so very much. Faith and Samson , I'm sure they care too. Hugs. Jean.

  16. It is good to hear from you and know things are as good as they can be.

    For a good read, get "Boys in the Boat". It is lovely and a fine story about perseverance strength and working together.

    sit down put your feet up and enjoy the new season

  17. I'm glad you're taking care of yourself, Inger. Even if you have to make a list of things to do to take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally each day-- do it!

  18. Thanks for this update, Inger. Al;ways good to hear and see how everyone is doing.
    I totally understand what you said about being so busy this past summer helping your husband through a difficult time....kept you bust and really no time to think too deeply. Now you see he is getting on with things and you have a chance now to catch your breath a bit.
    I love how Angel has taught Samson and now Samson is teaching Faith. What could be better than that!? Not much else.

  19. I know exactly what you mean about coping when things were really bad and not coping so well afterwards. Your body kind of goes into automatic no-emotion freeze down. I've been there. Give Samson a big cuddle from me. I love that photo of him as a cutie pup. What a darling. Faith is very lucky to have such a teacher.

  20. I love those tomatoes - they look so much nicer then the ones in the store.

    I do understand that you are confused with all that is going on because I would be too.

    I am still confused with what I went thru - but you are right - get mammograms!!!

    I love your pups.


  21. It is really good to get caught up with you and to hear how you're doing, but I can feel a little of the "weight" you're carrying right now. I can easily understand how the concern for your husband is a very hard and I hope you'll continue to just take care of yourself as you are able. Sending you a big hug, Inger.

  22. the last picture i loved! We live in so diffrent areas, you with the desert and I with the ocean. I love to see the difference:))

    Take care U and your dogs:)))

  23. Dear Inger, I am so glad to hear that your husband is doing well!
    The first picture of the beautiful red tomato on the table express well that the life in the Canyon is alright and it's so good!
    I am also glad you're taking care of yourself and doing good things to you.
    Love all the pictures, specially the last one with the adorable and little Samson looking with admiration and affection to his dear brother Angel.
    Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


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