Monday, October 6, 2014

Puppy Faith Growing Up Month to Month ~ August 2014

Get me out of here! August 4, 2014

Evening playtime, August 10, 2014

I sneak up on mommy!

Then Samson gets me!

Ouch! My whole head's in his mouth!

Now he's got me by the scruff of my neck! 

I better take cover and bite him right back!

After playing hard, a puppy needs a break.
On August 25, three days short of four months old, I'm running fast. 

I just love to pick up stuff and run with it in my mouth.

Taking a break.
We end this month's pictures on August 30, 2014, with me giving my bestest big bro a big lickety kiss.

In case you wondered: Yes, I eat white fur, I poop fur, I have white fur hanging out of my mouth, in my ears, over my eyes, everywhere........

Mommy says no comments necessary, unless you want to say all over again how cute I am, heh, heh, heh...... (Samson's getting mad now, cause he's not even in this picture, except for his big paw.)  


  1. blah on white fur in the mouth.. i just love seeing all the playtime with Samson... your are perfect together. waiting to see the rest of you

  2. adorable and strong little girl!!!

  3. You are adorable, dear Faith!
    Love seeing all these photos!
    You are adorable too, dear Samson!

    Hope you all have a nice week. :)

  4. Yep, you're cute!!

  5. Samson probably thinks you have waaay too much energy! :-) Happy Growing, Faith!

  6. Faith, you are indeed a cute wee black one, and with Samson, I can see lots of white fur everywhere. Grow strong and brave. Cheers,Jean

  7. Faith and Samson are darn sweet. I think Samson has really benefited from his new friend.

  8. Ok, we will say you are very cute! We bet you bring happiness to everybody! Mom said to tell you we use Sentry Poultry Enzyme toothpaste. We tried those toothbrushes made for doggies but like the Oral B brushes for humans the best. We get our teeth brushed every night before bed and we love it! After we get our choppers brushed mom lets us kick the toothbrush and tells us we are good boys.

    Your Pals,

    Mayorz For All Paws

    1. Oops, we Lick the toothbrush, not kick it.

  9. So much energy...wish I had some of it!

  10. Samson probably thinks you have waaay too much energy! :-) Happy Growing, Faith!

  11. Every time I see you I feel compelled to say you are cute, Faith.


  12. You two are just adorable together. So sweet my teeth hurt just looking at you.
    Thank you for the warm smiles you brought.

  13. Faith, you're just too cute and you and Sampson adds flavor to Mom and dad's like just like salt and pepper adds flavor to food.

    I love your name Faith.... Did you know that on our Dairy farm we had triplet girl calves born in November 2011. As soon as a friend photographer for the CBC Television heard of it through his wife, they were an international sensation because they all survived and they were all girls. I called them Faith, Hope and Charity.

    Just like my calves, now you and Sampson are famous.

    Big hugs to both of you because Sampson is your best friend and brother.
    Hugs for Mommy too.

  14. Adorable pictures, next year you will be putting Samson's head in your mouth.

  15. Looks like Samson is still king of the mountain. . .with little sister acting like a sibling does.

    Samson is like my daughter's cat - fur everywhere. . .constantly shedding.

  16. I bet Samson loves having her around.

  17. Dear Inger, we are so blessed to be loved by animals. Peace.

  18. There is nothing like a puppy -- so darling. And Sampson seems to be a good bog brother.

  19. Hi Inger - Faith is obviously full of fun and keeping you all amused or busy or both! Hope all's well .. cheers Hilary

  20. If I lived there, every morning at dawn I'd be at that table with my coffee. And every evening at dusk, I'd be there with my pipe.

    Those are good dogs. Everybody needs an animal pal. I have a bunch of them here on the mountain!

  21. Hej Inger,
    Å en så fin liten vovve du har,underbar.
    Samson lika fin som alltid såklart.Länge sen jag var inne på din sida, den gör mig alltid glad.Vackra bilder och roligt att läsa om allt.
    p.s har mailat dig.

    kram från <sverige

  22. What a great big brother Samson is! And yes, you are cute!!! Tell your mommy hello for me. I hope all is going well :-)

  23. Loved seeing the interaction between the dogs. Samson is a good big brother!

  24. It's funny that Samson put Faith in her place when she tried to be sneaky. It must be such fun watching them together! Faith is such a beautiful girl and of course Samson you know you are gorgeous too.


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