Thursday, October 23, 2014

Random Thoughts From The Garden

The nights are getting cold here in the desert mountains with temperatures around freezing in the early morning hours. The days are still warm with never ending sunshine, or so it seems. 

Spent some time in the garden, which has, for the most part, gone to weed and seed. This is dill gone wild, a favorite herb in Swedish cooking. Put some in your pot when you boil potatoes, it adds a nice flavor.

Bees are everywhere in the garden. The bear got our neighbor's honey last week, the same night it got our trash, yet again. Our neighbor is busy with other things, so he put his bee hives on his roof. I don't know if all these bees are coming over from their penthouse next door. I can only imagine how busy they must be, replacing all that lost honey.


My friend Jane sent an email from Ireland where she's vacationing. She said it rains and rains. I will say back: Enjoy it while you can, back home in Southern California the sun is shining with a vengeance. After reading Middlemarch, I'm using colons now. It was interesting to see how often George Eliot used them in the book. I really liked it.

About books: I'm reading Roland Yeoman's book, Hibbs, The Cub With No Clue, about a sweet little bear cub. Without a clue. I'm reading it slowly on my Kindle and I love it. I am also reading This Side of Paradise which of course takes place in Princeton, where I lived from 1963 to 1972. It's fun to see familiar street names: Prospect, Nassau, and the Lawrenceville Road; the names of the clubs and campus buildings. It brings back memories, good and bad both. 

There are still some hardy plants in our garden. This is the first cabbage that decided to curl over and look like a cabbage, well, more or less like a cabbage anyway. 

I like the colors in the garden right now, like fall and summer both. Next Wednesday we have to get up super-early to be at the UCLA Medical Center at 6:45 a.m. for my husband to have an MRI at 7:00. Then we have to wait until 2:15 p.m. to see the oncologist. I guess we will find out the results of the MRI then, but I'm not sure. It will be a long wait, nerves on edge. My husband is pretty happy now and feeling OK, and I so want it to last. 

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our garden. It is still producing cabbage, sugar peas (lot's of those, see upper corner), a special kind of lettuce, greens, okra, and broccoli leaves, which we put in our salads. We planted our seeds in early June, and it was way too late for the broccoli to mature. We have little buds that we'll eat soon. Frost is on the way.....

We will still have tomatoes and all kinds of peppers in our little green house with heater and all. And the mint is coming back, I think I can dry some more now. For tea this winter.


  1. Your garden is looking very inviting for this late in the year. It's pretty amazing to me that you've been able to keep it going with all you have to attend to and the water shortage. I had no idea the temperatures were so low early in the morning! At least you can pretend we are having fall weather! It really is more like endless summer, isn't it! I"ll be thinking of you and your husband next week, Inger, and hoping the trip to UCLA will not be too hard on either one of you. So sorry it will need to be such a very long day. Take one of those good books with you!

  2. I'm sending good vibes for the MRI. I hope you guys get great news!

  3. Saying prayers for you and your husband.

  4. I did enjoy your garden. The bears aren't interested in the green stuff? I don't remember dill in the potatoes, my Swedish grandmother passed when I was nine, and not the vaguest idea of what she cooked. I just love the smell of it.
    That medical trip sounds agonizing, to have to get up and on the road so early. I hope all goes well!

  5. Inger, your garden is a testament to your labours, well done to have those veges so late in your season. Wednesday, thoughts will be with you all day, for travel, MRI, and the long wait.Hugs for today and next week, Jean.

  6. Maybe you can stop over here Wednesday between appointments. We'd love to see you--maybe we could go out & grab a bite to eat!1

  7. Hi Inger - good to have the update ... yes I enjoyed coming home from SA - thinking I'd get some soft English rain, but we had a hot summer ... I'd had enough of heat by then!! Now I could do with some sun -the flat.

    That's great re Hibbs ... and then the Princeton memories .. Love the garden - it's doing really well; poor bear and other animools in the canyon.

    Enjoy those lovely colours, useful herbs and gorgeous looking veggies ... have a happy weekend ... Hilary

  8. The autumnal light gives your garden a mellow hue -- like it's enjoying the last of summer before going for a nice long winter nap! I have been reading my kindle a lot lately --it's so perfect for travelling. My very best wishes for you and your husband for next week...

  9. I did enjoy your tour. I love the landscape there. Although I am happy in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I have to admit that I am very closed in by the forest, where you have all these wonderful scenic, long range views.

    Be careful of Ursus. I like bears, but I know I tend to be less fearful of them than I should be. They are unpredictable creatures.

  10. Thanks for the tour Inger and the tip on the dill. My husbands family boil the potatoes with Kale my children love it.
    I do hope rain finds its way to California soon there is so much need.
    I will be thinking of you next Wednesday, that is a very long day take care of yourself and rest up this week. OK HUGS HUGS B

  11. Notwithstanding a bit of seediness, I would say your garden is still doing quite well, Inger. Lots more being produced; too early to call it quits. Though I'm sure some rain would be helpful.

    Strangely, I wondered about 6:45 a.m. I didn't know whether that still existed. But, as I'm up this morning at 6:45, . . . well, anyhow, whatever. I do hope the news is good when you see the oncologist on Wednesday!

    A book about a clueless Bear was obviously written by a Human. Considering that a Bear quite wisely went for honey and good treats in garbage at your place, you can see how bright Bears really are. Enough said.

    Blessings and Bear hugs! Best regards to your co-bloggers!

  12. Inger, your garden looks wonderful! Love all photos!
    Sending to your husband positive and good thoughts for the MRI. :)

  13. I'm amazed that yo still have veggies growing in your garden after all the drought. I so wish I could share a lot of our rain with you.
    Who can blame the poor bear for stealing the neighbour's honey. They are hungry and will take what they find. Not fun for the neighbour though.

    Your hot house sounds like a great idea.I'm hoping you'll get rain soon.

    Good luck with the MRI results. I hope everything is improving.

  14. glad you're still able to get some things from the garden, even as freezes are coming. the bear worries me. poor thing is probably starving. poor bees, too. :)

    good luck next week. i hope all will be okay!

  15. next wed will be a really long day for both of you. i wish you the best and a safe trip. i did enjoy the garden, have never seen dill growing or cooked with it but i do love dill pickles. even gone to seed the garden is still pretty and wow on the bear in the trash and honey.. poor things must be really hungry....

  16. Veggies and drought don't go well together so that your garden has done so well is a tribute to you and your hubby's TLC.
    So sad about your neighbor's honey. Wonder if hives on the roof will be enough.
    Do hope Wednesday's results are all you hope for. Sending prayers and hugs for that long day.

  17. Thanks for sharing such nice pictures of the garden. Will be praying for your hubby. Hoping that every thing with MRI is good news.
    Take care of yourself too as you will need the energy for the support he will be needing.

  18. Your garden looks good. I pray that the visit with the oncologist goes well.


  19. I will pray very hard that the visit to the oncologist turns out well.

    Dill in the water that you boil potatoes in? Fascinating. Mother was such a great cook. I should have let her teach me. But it was faster for her to just cook by herself. I am afraid if I had insisted one of her pans would have had the imprint of my hard heat in it!

    Thanks for mentioning Hibbs. He's thinking of trying to hitch a ride to your garden. But I told him of the rattlesnakes there and he now has second and third thoughts! :-)

  20. I will say prayers every day and twice on Wednesday. And sending you a big hug to wrap yourself in. Your garden looks amazing. I am so jealous. I will have to garden next summer and we can compare notes.

  21. Hej inger! Kul att följa med och läsa om er trädgård. Jag är numera pensionär sedan i somras och ägnar mycket tid i trädgården. Jag tränar mycket också så det och vila tar mycket tid. Älskar att använda kroppen. Har haft ett stillasittande arbete men tycker om att röra på mig. Jag blev svensk mästare i terränglöpning förra helgen i min åldersklass m65. Här bara regnar ned enorma översvämningar som följd. Efter en fin sommar ser det ut som himlen har öppnat sig över oss. Ingen frost än så länge alltså.... Hoppas ni får en lycklig onsdag - jag håller tummarna från sverige. Bästa hälsningar till er båda !

  22. Thanks for visiting my blog (Bench with a View). I enjoyed looking at your garden; I am going to try the dill in potatoes; it does sound delicious! I hope you and your husband get good news when he has his MRI next week!


  23. Cabbage. That's SO cool! I hope your medical trip goes well. Lots of warm thoughts your way.

  24. Your garden is still producing so nicely. Glad the bees have somewhere to go. They have a lot of work to do before winter. Your desert photos always tug on my heart strings.

  25. I will think of you and your husband Wednesday, and send good thoughts your way.

  26. I loved your garden tour, and I've no doubt you have good plans for that beautiful cabbage!

    I'll be thinking of you both on Wednesday and hope all goes well!! Take care!!

  27. Dear Inger, thank you for the tour for of your garden with all its shades of green and its luscious leaves for eating in salads.

    I'm so glad to learn that your husband is happy and doing well and I'll be sending healing light this Wednesday when he does his MRI.


  28. Most likely youll get the results the same day with the MRI - they dont like to mess with our heads too much on waiting on results ;) keeping fingers crossed that the results are exactly what you need to hear xoxo

    ps - i dry my dill on the warm setting in the oven, and use a spoonful all winter long in one cup of 1/2 sour cream/ 1/2 mayo blend, and then use it as a dip for veggies - YUM. now that im home for a week, i think i have to make some!

  29. A good sign that your husband feels good. Good outcome for him from me via cyberspace. You will still have so much from your garden this Winter to enjoy. Thank you for sharing your reading list as well. I will dip back into my library as well and read some FScott.

  30. Loved seeing photos of around where you live and your hikes and garden. Beautiful!


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