Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wish You Were Here

so I could give you all a hug and thank you for stopping by to check on us. Your friendship, your encouraging comments and support light up my days.  

The other day, hubby picked these veggies that may well be the last ones for this year, except for the container plants. I'm still hoping for some broccoli, so slow to produce. Yesterday morning it was 30 F here, just below freezing, I think it's warmer today. The two corn cobs are the first relatively large ones we have ever been able to harvest here. Believe me, they were delicious. 

The bears have been here again. I feel so bad for them. Magnificent animals reduced to foraging in trash bins. I wish it would rain. 

Today, I may go to an event in town. If I go, I'll bring my camera and post a story here later.

Nothing much else is going on. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. such cute babies. :) glad you got some produce before the freeze! wow! and i do wish you could get rain!!!

  2. Hi Inger - so good to hear from you and those two sweet corn look absolutely delicious - I love corn. Then the peas and greens .. is there an okra there too ... perhaps not ... looks so good though.

    I hope you got to town and had a wee change of venue ... Samson and Faith look happy together ..

    Cheers for now .. and freezing - yugh! and big bears .. I agree poor things and I hope it rains for them ... humanity doesn't seem to understand their needs too ... one day perhaps ... big hugs - Hilary

  3. hugs to those cute babies, have fun in town if you go. veggies look wonderful.. i love corn on the cob.. i bet S loves the freezing temps

  4. I think that looks like an okra too, we ate those in Georgia when I lived there. Fresh veggies are as pretty as flowers!
    Hope you get some rain.

  5. That is such a pretty harvest picture and it all looks so tasty. I'm glad you at least got to taste some fresh corn.

    I didn't realized you had such cold temperature where you live. I sure hope you'll have some rain soon for the animals and for humans.

    Sending you some warm hugs for the weekend.

  6. We drove from Yosemite to the Monterey area yesterday. You were on my mind as we went through the very dry mountains. I could almost picture the area you live in.
    I love your produce! Gardening is a lot of work, and sometimes the quantity isn't what I wish more… but, oh, the richness and goodness is so worth it.
    I'm glad your husband is feeling a bit better. I think I understand how it all weighs on your mind. You are so strong.
    Love the dogs and I laughed about Faith's hearing disability! She and Tucker, both!

  7. Nothing tastes nicer than something you've grown yourself :) Those corn on the cob look lovely.

    I didn't realise it got so cold in the desert. It's still 17C here today which is very mild for this time of year and only dropping slightly at night .... I think that's around 60F!

    Enjoy your trip to town.

  8. Lovely late season veges, are the bears lacking their natural food supplies? Hugs, Jean

  9. Love the bowl of veggies....makes me want to garden next summer. We don't grow corn though. We have the best corn ever at the vegetable stand in town. I buy it in bulk and freeze it for the winter months.

  10. Such a beautiful bowl of veggies!

  11. Good looking "crop"! Wish I was there too!

    Sorry for the bears, I am terrified of them, but that doesn't mean I wish them gone.

    Happy kids!

  12. Faith looks as if she's singing to Samson. I wish I could check on you in person.


  13. They say corn starts loosing its sweetness the minute it is picked. Looks like you got it at its peak. Bet it was yummy.
    I also feel for all the wild creatures reduced to moving into populated areas for food. So sad.

  14. I have read some items about how the drought has impacted many oft he animals and where they are moving to find food and water.

    the long range forecast in the SW is favorable for rain and snow.

  15. I have to tell you those veggies look soooooooooooooooooo great!

  16. Looks like Faith feels the same way, Inger! Not much to do as she yawns! lol
    Those veggies look delicious! AND FROM YOUR GARDEN TOO!
    It was 20C here today....very mild for this time of year.
    Here's to getting a few photos in town!

  17. Our well wishes are always with you guys.
    That plate looks very inviting. Yum!

  18. Some nice produce! I do wish you could get some rain in California.

  19. The fresh veggies look so good. I always liked eating the peas uncooked! Hope you got to go and have a good time today! Hugs, Diane

  20. I love corn on the cob. Sigh. I seldom have time to cook for myself.

    Even little Faith is yawning!

    Hibbs is longing to visit those garbage cans himself!!

    Have fun this weekend. Me, I will be doing solo blood runs both days.

  21. A beautiful bowl of produce to enjoy any weekend--I hope yours is a quiet and uneventful one without the bears!

  22. That harvest bowl of greens and corn looks wonderful!

  23. There is almost nothing better than fresh sweet corn.

    Having lived in the high desert myself, I know about the winters there. Cold, with strong wind. Just because it is a desert does not mean it is always hot!

    Poor bears.

  24. Have you tried picking corn when it is 3 to 4 inches long? Baby Corbis good in salads, only problem I ever had was getting it to the house, so good raw.

    I just got my broccoli plants this week, waiting for nursery to get some lettuce plants in.

  25. Dear Inger, I wish I could be there too!
    The fresh veggies looks delicious.
    Samson and Faith are adorable as always!
    Wishing you all a nice Sunday. :)

  26. its the little things that sometimes makes us grateful, yes? after working all week, living in the woods, I am SO grateful to be able to wash my hair when i get home!!! then we restock and go right back to work again...

    Samson is handsome as ever and little faith is getting a little less...little ;)


  27. I love fresh veggies. Good to hear you are doing okay. Have fun in town...


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