Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My World ~ Surrounded By Mountains

When I wake up feeling lousy, like I did today, this goes through my mind: Am I getting sick? You're already sick, I tell myself, you have Type 1 diabetes, check your sugars! 
But I mean -- am I coming down with something, like a cold? 

Or is it just old age? I asked my doctor that once, is it just old age and how would one know? Being old already, I now forget what he answered. I'm really curious about this business of how you are supposed to feel, think, and be as you head deeper into your old age.

It was 20F this morning and I felt it would be too icy and muddy to take Samson out on the leash. I can so easily fall when he decides to pull hard. So I let Faith out to run off some energy. Took the camera since it was absolutely gorgeous outside, after several overcast days. 

For the past several years, the front of my house, which faces south, has been very raggedy looking and I have been ashamed to put up a picture of it on the blog. Now that Glenn has put up siding and the new windows are in place, it looks like a real home. He will paint the house in the spring. Sage will be the color. The color of the siding looks good too, but I want it to pop a bit more. 

This is where we walk most mornings, down a hill 

and up another. All those furrows are where the mud flowed down the hills during that big rainstorm.

Who's that behind the rabbit brush?

It's my Faith, busily checking everything out, looking for a rabbit to chase. 

I have to enlarge this picture, I think it will be a good one of her. See how little she is though. She was supposed to be a Lab mix. Which she is, she does have webbed feet, I mean paws, but her legs forgot to grow. I must check her DNA ~ I think there's a terrier in there, which kind I don't know. Pitbull or Jack Russell would be my guess, or maybe both. And some kind of heeler herding dog. I have neer been "heeled" before, but she sure knows how it's done. 

This is the east side of the house with the dog run. Last year, Errol gave the semi-classic Mustang to one of his brothers and I gave Glenn the old blue van in the background. I'm keeping the truck and the Jeep. I wish I didn't have to keep the Jeep, but with all the money I put into it, I have no choice.  Maybe it will keep me young though, rolling windows up and down manually, bouncing around the freeways in the wind,  and so on.

So now you have had a tour of my world here in the canyon. And I feel a lot better, having done something a bit creative this morning. 


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