Monday, December 21, 2015

Rain, Snow And Cold Weather Comes To The Canyon

I'm glad you like the header picture. It's actually from December 2013, when we last had a substantial amount of snow on the ground. And I was into squeezing Samson's ears in my pictures. This year there's snow in the mountains and it's cold so it has stayed around longer than usual. 

These pictures are from yesterday. I love the big mountains to the east, the southern-most part of the Sierra Nevada. But I find I like the cold a whole lot less than I used to, just a few years ago. 

A while ago, I told the women in my crochet group that I had never owned a crockpot and never made a meal in one. When one of the ladies later spotted one at a yard sale, she bought it for me. And yesterday I made my first meal in a slow cooker. A vegetable soup that turned out really good. I made only one mistake, I didn't cut the potatoes small enough, but I learned, and got the idea of how you need to do it for the next time. I enjoyed the entire process. It was really fun and rewarding. 

Less fun is having to navigate this muddy, rather large, place in the road I have in common with my next-door neighbor. We really need to get together and do something, but he's going through a divorce, thinks I'm friends with his wife, and refuses to give me his phone number. I will call the county road department to get some advice. 

Mary and I recently went to the fire station in town and each got 25 empty sandbags. Then I found out that the firemen had sand and also filled bags at a park in town on Saturday. So I went, lots of pickup trucks, boy they have truly grown large these trucks, lots of guys, and, of course firemen to make my heart beat faster (just kidding, or as my friend Bernice said, "just to show you're not dead yet"). They had just ran out of empty bags, so I traded my 25 empties for 15 filled ones, just about all the Jeep could handle. I will keep them in there since I may have to travel in snow on Christmas Day. Then I will discuss with Glenn and have him help me decide where and how to place the bags to prevent the mud from damaging my driveway. 

Some of you asked about this tree and I verified that it is an oak tree. There are about five different kinds of oaks in our area, the Blue Oak is the most common. It only grows in California and does not look anything like the oaks in Sweden, or maybe a little if  you look closely at the leaves, which are of a blue/green color. I don't know if this is a blue oak or not. All I know is that it's a fabulous tree.

Then some of you asked if I have any close neighbors. Only the guy who is getting divorced and will not talk to me about stuff and a multitude of his relatives who live up there with him. I can't see his house from my house, his road goes next to my property and then up a hill a bit, so he's out of the way. But I have other friends not too far away. Mary and I check in on each other often, and a guy down the road a ways, said to call any time if something happens, middle of the night or not. And then there's my neighbor across the street, the woman, not quite my age, but not young, and about half as tall as I, who said, last year, "if you ever get scared, call me, I have a GUN!" With neighbors like that, I am not worried. Just a little about crashing blood sugars, scaring my dogs, and all that, but I try to not think about how dangerous insulin dependent diabetes really can be. And stay vigilant, there's always that, vigilance.

On that happy note, I will end this epistle and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Peace in this crazy world of ours. 


  1. Hi Inger - the snowy header looks amazing even if it's 2 years old. So glad the crock pot turned out to be put to good use ... I can imagine they'd be useful. My father liked his - when my parents had separated ... can't say I was enamoured! That muddy track looks to be a wee challenge, the chap going through a divorce a somewhat bigger one ... what a nuisance people are.

    That's good to hear about your nice neighbours and their various attributes, or offers for helping .. and yes keep watch on your blood sugars seems a very sensible warning.

    Enjoy Christmas - with Rachaeal and being treated to some good vegan food ... big hugs to the dogs and to you ... and have a peaceful time - I'll be thinking of you ... Hilary

  2. my next door neighbor will be 83 early next month. she is my 'go to' for gun protection as she owns a shotgun or two and several pistols and isn't afraid to use any of them, when needed. :)

  3. Love pictures, Inger. I would hate traveling on that road! Hope you can find a solution soon! I am glad my neighbors are close...however we are not close...if you know what I mean. Have a Merry Christmas. I will be thinking of you!!

  4. Oh my, I would not like to get stuck on that muddy road. It sounds like you have plenty of friends and neighbors to call if you need help of any kind. I hope you enjoy your Christmas holiday with loved ones.

  5. The neighbour who won't talk to you is a miserable man. I hope that you get your muddy road situation taken care of. There's always something to worry about.
    I'm so glad you have some good friends and neighbours who are ready to help you when you need it.

    Wishing you a merry Christmas and Holidays.
    Warm hugs,

  6. If I lined up my neighbors in my living room (not likely to happen) I could only identify one as my neighbor and he's not talkative. Think you're doing good with offers of protection. :)
    Crock pots - love 'em, did you know they make a crock pot liner, so clean-up is easy and there is no chance of dropping that puppy during washing because it's too heavy?
    Love your pictures!
    Have a lovely Christmas, stay warm, and stay safe.

  7. You live in a beautiful area and the pictures gives me a feeling of freedom. Stay warm and dry and a Merry Christmas to you and yours

  8. Merry Christmas to you from me in New Zealand. Your snow-capped Mountain photos are beautiful!

  9. that is a lot of mud to deal with and sounds good that you got already filled bags for your emptys. sounds like you have enough neighbors if you need them... hope you have a wonderful Christmas.. that oak is wonderful

  10. Merry Christmas to you. I hope that you can get the road worked out in the new year. It looks like we're going to have a green Christmas.

  11. Happy Christmas to you and Samson & Faith!

    Yep; sounds like you have winter under control for now :D Especially when I read that comment about the firemen...You know how to stay warm too :) If I lived closer I would be stopping in for some delicious soup and giggles about manly firemen! xoxo

  12. At least most of your neighbors are friendly. It's funny how some spouses will be wary of other women when going through divorce. That happened to me when I divorced my first husband. Men didn't want me to give 'ideas' to their spouses. Sheesh. Talk about insecurity. . . Hope you get the road fixed, but mostly take care of your health and hope you enjoy the holidays, Inger. Merry Christmas to you, and your pups!

  13. Feliz Natal!!! Que a manjedoura do seu coração esteja pronta para receber o Menino Jesus que irá nascer!!!
    Um ano novo repleto das bençãos de Deus!!!
    Doce abraço com carinho, Marie!

  14. I suppose a service such as Life Shield wouldn't be available out there . . . or would it? I have it, and it makes me feel much safer since I'm alone most of the time. Mine has a box that can be used to turn the alarm on and off, and it has a panic button. Then there's a touch pad kind of like a mini i-pad that I keep next to my chair while I'm working and next to the bed at night. It, too, can be used to turn the alarm on and off and has a panic button. If I press the panic button, it asks if I want police, fire dept., or an ambulance. It even has a crime report section so I know if any crimes have been reported in my area. I also have a key fob with on and off buttons and a panic button. If I'm out in the yard and get hurt, then I can press the panic button. I've never pressed the panic button, but I like having the alarm on at night. I wonder if the guy is getting divorced because of all the relatives living with him. That would send me to a divorce lawyer. It's eighty degrees and humid here.


    1. No I don't have life shield. I want to check into it. Right now, Mary and I check on each other, but if something should happen that may not be enough. Funny too, right now, no services could reach me. If I needed to be rescued, the cute firemen would have to run through the muddy fields on foot. My neighbor's brother's sedan is stuck in the aforementioned mud! Hope that makes them want to do something about it.

  15. I hope you & your 2 furry babies have a wonderful Christmas--& enjoy that crockpot!!

  16. Janie has a point -- something like Life Shield could literally be a life-saver for you. That miserable neighbor ... at Christmas yet. Makes you understand why his wife is divorcing him, right? Love the head of Samson in your header. I will be on the roads Christmas Eve and Christmas to let a co-worker have off with his children and their mother. Life is always something. Have a lovely Christmas. I got my own copy of HIBBS today. Cover looks great. Have no ugly surprises!!! :-)

  17. Your neighbor lady with the gun sounds like my kind of Woman!

    You take the most beautiful pictures and you live in the kind of place I wanted to live in. The Blue Ridge mountains are so heavily wooded, it's always like living in a arboretum.

  18. Merry Christmas my dear Inger. It is muddy here too and my Jeep is covered in mud just driving out the gravel road. I use the wipers to see:) Love the thought of a Blue Oak I love the Oaks here on the farm.It sounds like you are in good hands with lots of "protection" :) I will not worry. Please take care of you I care you know. By the way I have the same Crockpot but it is blue. My Hero learned how to make soup when I was gone so long:):) I have to go away again. It is good to know that Firemen still can keep your heart going:):):) HUGS xo B

    saw this on a fun blog

  20. My dear Inger, Merry Christmas to you and to adorable Samson and Faith too!
    Love all the pictures and it is so beautiful to see there is snow in the mountains. Sounds very cold indeed!
    Your oak is really a fabulous tree. I love trees so very much, all kind of species.

    I had never owned a crockpot either, but looks really good to make a meal in it.
    Did you know that many times we had to navegate in a road very muddy too?
    That's good to hear that you have nice neighbours!

    I will be thinking of you in the Christmas Day!
    Much Love!

  21. Merry Christmas to you and your family from Nan in Alaska

  22. Sounds like good neighbors to me.

    The tree, the mountains and the land are so magically beautiful.

    Merry Christmas.

  23. Glad you have nearby neighbors. Hopefully, the guy going through the divorce will come to his senses and help you with the mud on the road.

    I have never used a crock-pot but have always wanted to try one.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year!


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