Tuesday, May 10, 2016

An Old Barn

I want to share with you (again) some pictures I took in the spring of 2012, as well as some current ones of springtime in the mountains.

The Tehachapi mountains are in the background of this picture. After "talking" so much during the A to Z, sharing so many emotions, I feel a need to be quiet. I have never managed that before on my blog.  I have a few posts that I will schedule for every other day, beginning with this one. 

On Thursday, I may or may not have my heart stress test. Something has come up that Mary may have to do, so it depends. If she can't drive me, I will still drive down to Bakersfield and have them do the ultrasound of the veins in my legs. 

Other than that, Rachael continues to recover from her ordeal, while I continue to struggle with the weeds and Samson and Faith are a bit upset they don't get walked enough. Oh, well.....

I hope you will enjoy the pictures to come of springtime in the mountains. 


  1. Somehow I missed the post with Rachel's hospital visit. I'm so very glad she is doing well, recovery will take time, sending her all good wishes for this.And for you, tests, weeds, long travel distances. Take care as you days warm up.Hugs from NZ

  2. What a gorgeous viewpoint!
    I hope the stress test goes easy on you. I've had so many, it's not that much stress at all.
    Take care now!

  3. Beautiful, Inger!! I have to get caught up on your posts...

  4. What a beautiful part of the world you live in. Take good care of yourself, Inger. Linger a bit with rest and relaxation...

  5. Hi Inger - good for you to know you need peace and quiet for a while ... good to read that Rachael is recovering ... I'd offer to come over and walk the dogs - could you pay a flight for me?! and of course I need to get back!! Good luck with the various tests and re-scheduling if necessary ... take care and with big hugs - Hilary

  6. photos can speak all alone... and being quiet can be a good thing unless we are forced to be quiet... poor pups, to bad they can't pull weeds

  7. To be centered is one of the hardest things to achieve. I love your photos. I will pray that the results to those tests come out all right.

  8. I love to see old barns still standing! Will enjoy your photos, I'm sure!

  9. i'm so glad you dropped by to visit the peanut.
    it jarred my memory to come by your beautiful desert canyon!
    i too feel simply the need for quiet at times.
    to step back from everything and just breathe.
    your photography is always wonderful.
    love to you and faith and samson.

  10. You really have a great view. So glad Rachel is improving and I hope your tests go well. Let us know.

  11. This photo is outstanding! I almost expect John Wayne to ride up.

    Quiet and being still to reflect--an excellent idea.

  12. The spirit of Ansel Adams lives within you!!

  13. No need to be quiet, Inger. I always enjoy what you have to say. Glad Rachel continues to heal.

  14. Good luck with the tests, Inger. I'll be by to look at your posts, I love seeing photos of the mountains. Hope your friend Rachel is betting better! I must have missed that post, too. BTW nice barn shot. I like them half falling down too. . .

  15. So beautiful the Tehachapi mountains in the background, Inger!
    I like the old barn too.

    I just comment on "Notes From the Canyon" that I'm glad that your EKG is just normal! Just great, Inger!
    And I am glad too that Rachel continues to heal!
    Lots of hugs to both of you!


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