Sunday, May 8, 2016

Notes From The Canyon

All along, I thought I wrote the A to Z for myself, then I heard back from my friends Barbro and Christina in Sweden, friends I have known all my life, who said they read every post. The same with my friends here in California. And you, my blogger friends, who followed me through my battles, hopes, and fears during 2014 through April 2015 when Errol lost his battle. Of course I wrote it for you too. Thank you for reading and commenting. Some of you left a comment on every post, even the most boring of them. Yes, I did run out of steam here and there. Thank you, all of you, friends in Sweden, in California and blogger friends all over the world. 

Since I last wrote, Rachael had a terrible scare with a burst ovarian cyst, internal bleeding, and what the doctors thought was a cancerous mass. She had major surgery and now we know she didn't have cancer, but something weird happening inside of her. Which has been corrected now with the surgery. Her mom and sister flew in from Minnesota and have stayed for a week. I went to see her in a hospital in the San Fernando Valley part of Los Angeles last Monday. I am so glad, so very glad she's doing OK.

I saw my PCP who had a copy of my EKG and said it wasn't anything bad, just normal age-related changes in how efficiently the heart pumps blood. I may need a pace-maker eventually but not now. 

All of us in the canyon and the rest of the county are battling weeds. It was almost this bad the first spring I lived here, but since then I haven't seen anything like it. The tractor guy is coming on the 19th, but there are many areas I have to cut back that he will not be able to reach. 

I printed the my entire A to Z and will put it in a binder to keep. I had to change to a Simple White template for that. I have been bored with white for some time and thought I may go dark, like black, but decided it was not right for me. So I had fun checking out the various templates today. I settled on this one, which is a Watermark. I started out with the beige colored Watermark template with the birds flying up in the corner for my first posts back in 2009. And now I'm back. I liked the color and after I spruced it up a bit, I think it will keep for a while. 

The weeds were this short on March 25. 

Faith and Samson join me in hoping all you moms out there had a great Mother's Day and in wishing you all the best for the coming week.


  1. Always good to hear from you, Inger. Glad to hear that Rachel is on the mend.

  2. I like the look of your blog! Quite spruced up!! Glad to hear Rachel is doing well. Must have frightened you! I was thrilled with your A to Z and I know how much it helped you to write it! You did a great job.

  3. Dear Inger – gosh just commented and I was bombed out at my end .. such a pain!

    I thought your A -Z posts were lovely – heart-warming and heart-rending (I do want to put a ‘w’ in rending! – re your comment to me re ‘whet’) … and most importantly really showed your love for Errol with your Swedish heart.

    I am so pleased your health is as it should be for your age (not sure I want to write that … but it’s appropriate for all of us!) – and that you are doing the right things in taking care of yourself and your 4 legs x 2 …

    Oh gosh poor Rachael – but so good to know she’s recovering and that her mother and sister were able to fly in and be with her … and also that you were able to visit.

    Congratulations on the A-Z … I love connecting with friends around the blogosphere – we learn so much .. that we certainly wouldn’t be able to do in the normal course of events of life … we can take on board aspects and learn from others’ thoughts and ideas – if we wish.

    Now good luck with the weeds?!

    Blogging is great, the A-Z is fun – I’m just sorry I had to withdraw, but such is life sometimes … take care and sent with hugs - Hilary

  4. I enjoyed reading your posts during the A to Z challenge. They were all very touching and inspiring.

  5. I like reading the posts, and I particularly enjoy the photos.

  6. Inger!! It is so wonderful to "hear" you. I didn't blog for over a month...actually I began to feel that I was boring...and the time away was good although I did miss your A-Z posts. I am sorry to here about Rachael but glad it was nothing more serious!! I have been hearing of crazy things going on with people this year...things I never heard of before! The kids look wonderful so I am hoping you had a wonderful Mothers Day, my friend!...:)JP

  7. Nice pictures, cannot believe the weeds going on there! So much green.
    It was good to hear your cardiologist's report.
    Sorry to hear about Rachael's horrible mess, may she heal quickly.
    Take care now,

  8. Your photos are so lovely each post. I am praying for Rachael to be on the mend as quickly and as painlessly as possible. She must have been terrified. Wow! Those weeds are something else! May this new month treat you and those you care about much much better! :-)

  9. Have a very blessed week.

  10. The puppies look wonderful. Wow on all the green. Glad you and Rachael are good health wise.

  11. That is a lot of green for a desert (at least from my perspective!). I'm glad that the heart thing wasn't really serious.

  12. I'm glad you printed out your A-Z! You put a lot of yourself into writing all of those posts and I know you'll always be glad you accomplished it. Wish I could give you a pat on the back...or a hug...or both! Hugs, Diane

  13. Sorry to hear about Rachael but glad she is on the mend now.
    Good idea to print out your A to Z series.

  14. That had to be scary for Rachael and I am so glad she is doing OK. That happened to a dear friend of mine 40 years ago and she hasn't had a minutes trouble since.
    So happy your check up was age appropriate. That is all we can ask for. Keep up the good work.

  15. I hope Rachael's recovery continues to go smoothly. What beautiful images of the sky in this post.

  16. So glad Rachel's problems were solvable & that you don't need a pacemaker. Love your new background color!!

  17. Your photos are getting close to being paintings--exquisite. Your new make-over is so sophisticated!

    Every time you give us a photo of Samson in the foreground, he is so impressive! Faith seems to be ever searching.

  18. I, too, am very glad that Rachel is okay. She has been such a good friend to you through it all and for that I love her -- even though we have never met.

  19. I like the new look of your blog very much.

    Golly, until you mentioned fighting weeds . . I did not fully realize how different your life is from suburbia - suddenly i have a healthy respect for you - bravely battling weed over growth where even a tractor can't go . . .


  20. Oh so glad the EKG came out as "getting older" - still stinks because "getting older" but nothing is needed right now. Just good walks with your two kids, Faith and Samson.

    ugh - poor Rachael. Those kind of issues are never easy - wishing her good healing thoughts too.

    And your A to Z was just a tiny glimpse into your soul, but thank you for sharing those intimate moments with us. You are a remarkable Swedish goddess always to me...! xoxo

  21. I am glad to know Rachael is doing better and it was not cancer. What a scare, though! Your pictures are always breathtaking.. thanks for sharing. Gracie agrees.. especially that last picture *wink-wink*

  22. poor rachael. glad she will be okay!

  23. Hello Inger, I am so very glad that your friend Rachel is doing OK!
    Family is very important and I'm also glad that Rachel had her Mom and sister with her!
    I'm so very glad that you are well and the EKG said you are OK too!
    Love always seeing photos of Faith and Samson.
    Thanks for you and for your two dear friends the greetings to Mother's Day!

    I like so much the new look of your blog!


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