Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Working, Eating, Walking With A Good Friend

 Tom was Errol's friend since the late 1970s and became my friend as soon as I met him in the mid-'80s. He lives in Seattle now, to be close to his grandkids. After spending some time in Los Angeles on family business, he came up to see me. And he wanted to help, to fix, to work. Didn't tell me how much he suffered from bad discs and arthritis. 

Can you see the young Jack rabbit?

First he spent an entire day with the weed-whacker, whacking down all the weeds the tractor guy was unable to reach and I had feared would keep me weeding for weeks to come. Then he hurt, but still wanted to work, so we set to work on the dog run. I wanted everything out: Errol's greenhouse and all the containers inside, some huge; the BBQ, the smoker, the wood container, and various items strewn around. We took Old Betsy to the dump with her entire truck bed filled to the max. 

Faith just rolled in the sand, which is why she's a dirty dog here. Looking mad too! Like, why do you make me pose for pictures, mommy?

Then we drove to Home Depot and bought several things I needed, including a new garden hose, plus a few things I didn't know I needed, like a washers, screws, and stuff like that. And plywood for a new doghouse Tom felt the dogs needed. A labor of love with a raised floor, new plywood on top and to one side. I hope the dogs will appreciate it. So far they are ignoring it in favor of intense gopher watching through the fence.

Their table is all that's left now. I'll get a chair so I can sit out there with them in the mornings and evenings. That's it, they will have plenty of room to run around.

Tom also drove me to my eye surgeon appointment in Bakersfield, where I got examined and scheduled my cataract surgery for early August. To thank Tom for all he helped me with I took him to dinner at my favorite restaurant in town, Don Juan's Latin Fusion. Where Tom had a huge steak, I had salmon, and we both

feasted on heavenly rolls smothered in this delicious sauce, which I forget the name of now. 

Both Tom and I love to hike and are fascinated by the hikers who walk the Pacific Crest Trail. Since the trail actually goes through the mountains not far from here, we decided to get up early on Saturday and go and walk a little bit of it. 

We headed down to Cameron Road where the trail head is located. A trail angel, a local who helps hikers find the campground and other places in town, just let two young women out of his car. Both women, though not together, had hiked from the Mexican border and hoped to make it all the way to Canada.

This is one of the women. She began her hike at the border on April 20th. When I asked if I could take her picture, she exclaimed: "You gotta be kidding me!" I said, "no, you are just gorgeous and I'm awe of what you are doing!" So she smiled and Tom took this picture.

Unfortunately, I lost all my pictures from the trail because I was tired and clicked the wrong button in Picasa. But Tom had his, so all was not lost. Look at this dude! 

From a distance he looked like someone from outer space, but as he came closer we noticed his clever umbrella. It fastened to his backpack and had sun reflectors on top. Must make his hike through the desert parts a bit easier, I would imagine. 

This part of the trail goes next to Hwy 58 before it veers off into the Sierra Nevada mountains behind our canyon. I only walked about a quarter mile along the trail since it wasn't that much fun next to the highway. And we had lots to do that day. But at least I have now walked a very, very tiny portion of the wonderful adventure that is the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.


  1. Hi Inger - so good to read and to see how much Tom has helped you with ... and how much enjoyment you got spending with your friend from long ago - great you could catch up even if he lives 'miles away'. The kennel area looks wonderful ... and I'm sure the dogs will be pleased with the protected space ... and you'll enjoy sitting out there ...

    I read a book someone had written about the trail and their walk on it ... something I'd love to do - but the bod never wanted to walk - knowing about the hip, I understand why I never enjoyed long walks. So pleased you were able to capture the hiker - she does look a sparkle of life doesn't she ...

    Cheers and great news more has been done and will help you through - also that the surgery has been fixed for August ... all the best and with big hugs from a 'very cold and wet May 31st?! And they've a tennis tournament on ... on the grass courts?! The tennis season is here ... happy days when it's dry!! Hilary

  2. Wow, that is one keeper friend. What a relief it must have been for him to do work in days that it would take you a month to do. Gotta love a man with muscles who can push through discomfort for a friend. So glad you have such a great guy to lean on.

  3. we just watched the movie A Walk in the Woods, about hiking the Applachian trail, much like yours. good job hiking on it. i am beyond hiking but 10 years ago i would have loved it... God bless Tom for all the help he gave you and for his friendship... sounds like a wonderful few days you had... the umbrella man is really something...

  4. It warms my heart to see how happy you look in these pictures. I had cataract surgery in both eyes & it was one of the best things I've ever done for myself!!

  5. Inger, your eye surgery will be what they call " A walk in the park". Hugh has had one done, all over in 30 minutes, good recovery and he can see things so much better now . What a wonderful friend you have, they are beyond rubies or gold when they come to do things we cannot do. We have 2, one is close by , the other about 3 hours away, but both will come in a flash when we ask.Some things are getting too hard, high ladder stuff,cleaning the spoutings and gutterings, mending the woodshed roof, felling tall firewood trees, and I, like you, are so thankful for their help. Keep cool, as we down here crank up the fires and put on the merino winter gear.

  6. Friends like Tom are a precious commodity! You two seem to have accomplished a bunch of much needed work. I'm glad that he took care of your weed problem!

  7. God bless Tom in a very special way, easing his pains from this moment on. A steak! I would have loved to share that meal with you both. You are right: the hiker was lovely. I especially like the ingenuity of that other hiker. I know Samson and Faith will love their new house to provide shade and warmth when the seasons snap at them. :-)

  8. What a good, good friend. I am glad you were able to enjoy something else beside working. The hike and meal sound great. Thank you, Tom.

  9. That is awesome that Tom came to visit and helped you with many things around the place. It is always nice to have a man to help with things, isn't it? Walking the trail sounds like something I might have liked to do many years ago. Now, not so much!

  10. What a special friend Tom is to help you with all those chores. A blessing indeed.
    The trail sounds like something I'd enjoy doing. : )

  11. Inger, you have some wonderful friends. I am so glad they are around to help you when you need it!

  12. I live about six miles from a major trail head on the Appalachian. Used to do a lot of hiking locally with my dogs, but not so much any more. It's good you are still getting out and doing a little local hiking. I don't think those women ought to be walking on that trail alone, women disappear on the Appalachian pretty frequently. But then, there's always the sardine defense. When Barracuda attack a school of sardines, most of the sardines escape because there are so many of them.

    You got a lot done on the place, and taking your friend out for a meal was a very gracious touch.

  13. What a great guy to have around. I'm glad you're getting things the way you want them. Looks too hot to be walking.

  14. Good morning Inger!
    How precious is have a good friend like Tom!
    Really you have so many lovely friends.
    You both took great pictures!
    Sounds good to do the cataract surgery.
    The dinner at your favorite restaurant in town, looks delicious.
    Love the Faith picture on the header! She has sweet and lovely eyes!
    Sending warm hugs!

  15. Hikes are good for the soul...and the belly, especially after seeing your guy's dinner plates from the restaurant - YUM!!!


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