Monday, May 23, 2016

Nature's Rock Garden

Errol's and my friend Tom is coming from Seattle today to spend a week or so. 

Last year, he told me he wanted to come and stay with me to help me plant a garden. I don't want a garden this year, but there are a few other things I need some help with.

First I want to clean up the dog run. I actually wanted to make it larger, but my BIL Glenn is still recovering from his heart stent implants and I want to wait for him to help with that. Plus another BIL (I have so many!) needs to come and pick up the Mustang that Errol gave to him before I can extend the run out. 

But Errol built a little greenhouse in there that worked great at the time, but has now come to ruin and just takes up space. I hope to get that removed, as well as all the containers that are inside. 

I also need help with stupid simple things where even with a wrench I can't cope. Unscrewing a waterhose, for example. I can't even unscrew the broken sprayer on it, much less get it off the faucet. So frustrating!

I so miss Glenn, he's doing better but is adjusting to a variety of different medicines.  He's been such a wonderful help. I'm glad he seems to be doing much better, that's the main thing. 

My friend Rachael, the other strong person in my life, is also recovering very well. 

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Inger - oh that will be lovely to have Tom around to help you. You've been lucky with both Rachael and Glenn ... and it's now so good to hear they are recovering ...

    It sounds like you are getting your life and home in order, so that life will be easier in the future - which makes so much sense ... it's one thing at a time, and then evaluating what you need for you and the dogs ...

    Enjoy the help Tom will give you ... and the friendship he'll be on hand for ... it sounds a great week ahead - a friend around, some chores done, some talking through things ... and a change .. and preparation for the future ... take care and enjoy - Hilary

  2. i had to smile over the hose thing. i just said to Bob a few days ago, you can't leave me alone, who would open things, who would take the sprayer off the hose.. he had just done that.... he has really strong hands and i don't. it is the little things we miss the most. i am glad you will have someone there to help with things you can't handle... should get a lot done in 2 weeks.

  3. It makes it tough for us ladies to have to learn how to get along once our wonderful men leave us, isn't it. I am thankful I have a grandson (who will be leaving for boot camp in November) and a son who lives in a nearby town! But we figure out what we need to on our own too!

  4. It will be nice to have the company and it's a good time of year to have some extra help too. Enjoy your week sweet lady! Hugs, Diane

  5. That picture in your header makes me wish I lived in similar terrain. The woods have completely closed us in now. The forest is so heavy and dense now that in some places you can't push through it. I used to try to keep it cut back under the canopy but it's an exercise in futility.

  6. Vice grips are wonderful for that kind of thing :) But they arent good conversationalists, so i like your idea better :D

    Im glad Glenn and Rachael are doing much better - just in time for summer!

  7. I have lost strength in my hands and opening up a simple bottle has me so frustrated. I would not even attempt the hose nozzle. If I didn't have help, it would be there till it rusts off.

    You should be able to keep your friend, Tom, busy for the week.

  8. How wonderful you have such a great friend who will help you with those darn jobs that are just beyond a woman. We may be as smart as men but we just aren't as strong. Gotta love their muscles. Make a list and get it done. I always do that for my brother and he is really hurt if I don't. You will be making him feel oh so good about himself which is a wonderful thing.

  9. I know what you mean about not being able to unscrew things. I'm starting to get a grip problem and it is so frustrating as my hubs can't always help either, since his illness. I'm glad you're getting some help and also will have company. How nice of Tom to come up and help with the hard work. Hope your friends recover too, I must have missed hearing that the were ill.

    A garden is hard work, even in containers on a deck. I had to track and kill an inch worm who ate most of my basil. I distinctly dislike inch worms, caterpillers and slugs - I used to have a slug graveyard where I'd toss the slimy bodies as I cleared them out. But as for container gardening you could grow a few things that way without having to weed and water an in-ground garden.

  10. Nobody ever told us that our hands would become pretty useless, did they? I told DH that I could starve to death with the way some things are packaged. Who knew we would need a tool box to help us get something to eat?
    Company will do you good - no matter what you do.

  11. glad you have help coming. and glad everyone is doing better.


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