Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Another Sierra Sunrise

I don't think words are needed here. But, as always, there are a few things worth noting. One, I drove to my house in Los Angeles on Sunday and will post about it soon.

Also, while Faith may be on the table, Samson is in charge. The other day, he finally got tired of her bullying. They were both trying to kill a lizard when Faith had a fit of rage and started to fight him. Samson finally got mad and somehow ended up standing over her, with his teeth in the back of her neck, growling fiercely. I had to break up the fight. No harm done, and best friends again a minute later. 

As you can see in the last picture, the weeds are growing tall again. Nowhere near as tall as last year though and the tractor-mower guy is coming on May 22nd. By then the weeds should be dry enough to be cut and stay cut. We now have a June 1 fire abatement deadline, with no second chances, and a $500.00 fine if not in compliance immediately after.

My Sunday quote by Pope Francis, "No tyranny can be sustained without exploiting our fears" was to honor the Pope for his courage as he visited Egypt, and thus showed the world that his were no empty words. It was also in reference to the speech our president gave in Harrisburg on Saturday, ensuring his base stay scared of Muslims, immigrants, and people of color in general. 

Finally, Another Tequila Sunrise is a favorite song of mine. I think of it often as the sun rises over the Sierra Nevada mountains behind my backyard. Hence the title of this post. And no more tequila for me, too old for that, but just thinking of it brings back beautiful memories of our time in Mexico. 

Lots of words for a no words needed post, oh well!


  1. Hi Inger - wonderful to see and to read your words. The Pope has certainly made his mark on the world ... I hope we will all adopt some of his views and ideas ... and look after everyone ... cheers to you and the two four-footed friends ... love seeing them ... and that sunrise - gorgeous ... cheers Hilary

  2. so beautiful with the sun coming up and I love what it did to Faith and her pretty black self. I see her holding the ball. we had dog fights to before jake was the only one.

    1. She's always so dusty though, she just loves to roll in just about everything.

  3. Wonderful sunrise shots. Watching the sunlight gradually cover the landscape is the best part of morning!

  4. Your photos are beautiful, Inger. I love Another Tequila Sunrise, too.


  5. It was so good to see you on Sunday!!

  6. I love your photos - A lovely glimpse into the place that you call home!

    I'm glad "the kids" are okay after their disagreement. We do have those periodically and you're right, a minute later, they're friends again...Just like kids! :-)

    Take care!!

  7. That special time in early morning, and how it all changes as the sun comes up. Hope the doggies continue with happiness together!!

  8. Wow! LOVE your Sierra sunrise photos! Just stunning!
    Faith on the table with her ball is just lovely!
    Kisses to you and to adorable Samson and Faith too. :)

  9. Isn't sunrise the best time of the day? You captured it beautifully.

  10. Love the sunrise, love the quote, and love the pups. Oh, and love you too.

  11. Lovely pictures! So peaceful

  12. The Good Lord sure paints a pretty picture, yes you have to love a nice sunrise like this.

  13. It must be so nice to breathe in that scene each day. Kind of glad Samson regained dominance and hope that settles it once and for all. Being the elder has to have some perks.

  14. Dear Inger, thank you for sharing your sunrise photographs. I seldom--I mean never--am up in time to see the sun rise. Yet as you show so wonderfully well, a sunrise is a thing of wonder. And it happens each day.

    I'm not understanding about the weeds being cut and the abatement deadline. What is that exactly????



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