Friday, May 5, 2017

Rust ~ Post No.4

My friend Jane sent this from the garden behind the Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest, California. Ridgecrest is a town by the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station in the Mojave desert. 

Wikipedia tells me that China Lake is the Navy's largest landholding, and that its main site covers more than 1,100,000 acres, an area larger than the state of Rhode Island. For me, this is just another reminder of how very large the Mojave desert is. 

In addition, China Lake is the home to many of the petroglyphs in the Coso range. Since access is restricted on the Naval Station these ancient works of rock art are more easily preserved and protected. Vandalism is low, says yet another Wikipedia site. 

You can only see the petroglyphs by prearranged tours. So I wasn't able to see them when we visited the area for the arts & crafts fair and Cherokee Inter-tribal Pow Wow back in 2015. Yes, there was a cowboy there too, with a very interesting chuck wagon full of all the cooking pots, pans, and utensils that were used on wagon trains. And lots of rusty items too, I'm sure. 

Jane said she loves the garden and "the imaginative scattering of rusty things." Which gave me an idea, or rather reinforced an idea I've had for a while: Maybe I can gather my favorite rusty things and scatter them in my garden. 

Well, I don't have a garden, but maybe then it would become one. And if it weren't for the ground-squirrels I could stick flowers here and there among the rust. I remember one of Graham's photos from Namibia, which had an entire vegetable garden growing inside the engine part of a rusty old truck. Now do you see why I miss his pictures?

And he did respond, by the way, and left a long comment on my old airplane post. He is OK. 

And here's the stove again. I got carried away with other things and forgot this was a post about a rusty stove that my friend Jane sent to me. Thank you, Jane, it is fabulous!


  1. Hi Inger - wonderful ideas and photos ... so glad the Petroglyphs are being looked after and protected in the Airforce base - huge isn't it. What a fun idea - a garden of sculptural artistic rust utensils ... glad all's well - cheers Hilary

  2. I love that old stove and I could see it decorated with a few plants.. I did not think things would rust in the desert, but I see now they do... down here anything metal left in the garage will rust almost overnight. the fans rust and have to be trashed even while they are in use. I did not know how big that base is

  3. Love the old stove, wish I had a new one like it. I'll wish I had good lungs and wings while I'm at it. Ha Ha.

  4. Neat old stove. What are your plans for it?

  5. Wow that old stove is very nice, you dont see them like that anymore.

    I'm glad Graham responded to your post.

  6. The stove looks like gas burners and a wood stove part,? I think that could be a central part of your new garden area. Down here, relics and old antique "things" are in second hand and antique shops, sometimes at very high prices. The old iron that was heated on a fire, or one that ran on kerosene, lanterns, old woodworking tools and more are much sought after. I hope we see the "rusty garden" develop over time.

  7. So glad you heard from Graham. Not knowing is not fun. Those Petroglyphs are facinating and I am so happy they are being protected. There are some weird folks out there who think it is cool to destroy. Enjoy the stove and let us know what you do with it.

    1. Unfortunately, the stove is in the museum garden, but I do have an ancient washing machine I could display.

  8. It's amazing that the petroglyphs are still in such good condition. I love your "garden in the rust" idea!!

  9. They do that all here in Shasta Co. Display the old rusty things, in a artsy way of course, in your garden. I have an old safe, that is sitting outside and I plan to make it an art piece sometime this summer. My husband thinks I am crazy. :-)

  10. I LOVE that old stove. Both because it is old AND rusted! lol

  11. WOW! I love the old stove too!

  12. Great idea for the backyard. I'd grow some trailing petunias on top of that stove.

    I hope that you have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  13. A 'rust garden'...sounds perfect to me, Inger!! You may be surprised as to what will find a 'home' in your rusty objet d'arts.

  14. Great idea. Re-purposing old rusted things, like this oven, is an excellent idea.

  15. Dear Inger, we had a stove like that in the farm house where I grew up. It brings back memories. As to your "rust" garden that sounds really inventive and creative to me. Are there any plants at are you could use, despite the ground squirrels? I'm glad you've reconnected with your blogging friend. Life is good. Peace.

  16. Hello dear Inger!
    I like the old stove!
    Sounds great to can see petroglyphs!


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