Sunday, May 21, 2017

Meditation Mount, Ojai, California ~ The Path and The Views

The Path

Many people who are drawn to Ojai are on a path of some sort. Serious people with an interest in finding a path that will lead to a better life, better understanding, peace, truth, maybe even enlightenment. Rachael and I thought the inscription on this rock a very good idea. Good Will, it says. Something we truly need in our lives now.

Oleanders line the beginning of the path.

You walk through this wooden gate and

arrive in the garden that I pictured last week.

The path is not long, but the gardens are so massive, if gardens can be that. So many different plants, all so beautiful and interesting, growing together in harmony along the path.  

The Views

Ojai, is located in a valley, about 15 miles from the Pacific coast. The town is surrounded by mountains and hills. The Topatopa range, with an elevation of more than 5,000 ft., borders the valley to the north. Other mountain ranges surround the town, making for some gorgeous views from Meditation Mount. 

The climate is Mediterranean with many orange groves dotting the landscape. Since I spent springtime in Ojai all those years ago, the smell of orange blossoms evokes memories of this lovely town. 

But Ojai is more famous for its oak trees. Krishnamurti actually gave his talks in an oak grove, where all of us who came to hear this remarkable man, sat on the ground under canopies of ancient, magnificent oaks. 

Rachael and I talked about how each person we share time with in our lives, leaves us with something. And I am grateful for my eight years, plus, with Henry, who introduced me to Ojai and opened my eyes to a more thoughtful and spiritual life. He was a good man.

When you arrive at the end of the path, the views are gorgeous, amazing, and just plain beautiful. Rachael is enjoying it all here.

I will finish my Ojai posts next Sunday with some pictures of the town itself. 


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