Sunday, May 14, 2017

Meditation Mount, Ojai, California ~ The Garden

Happy Mother's Day!

Rachael and I took a road trip the other day, through the high desert, the mountain pass at the Grapewine, ending up in Ojai, a place we have wanted to visit together for a while.

In the 1970s and early 80s, I spent ten May vacations in this lovely town. It's a spiritual place, home to among others the Krishnamurti Foundation of America, the Krotona Institute of Theosophy, and a Buddhist Temple. 

I'm very busy right now, both with springtime chores around here and visiting with friends, some of whom I haven't seen for years. And then spending the day after the fun or the work resting. I get so tired, but you can't let that stop you from having fun. Right? My point being, I haven't got that much time to think up blog stories and take pictures. But now I feel lucky to have a lot of pictures from Ojai to share. I will post some on Sundays for a while. 

I love to see a cactus in bloom and this one was really special.

I've never seen one so healthy and with such lovely yellow flowers before. 

The views from Meditation Mount must be among the most beautiful in the world and I will share them, the town, the cute shops, the famous bookstore, the beyond gorgeous oak trees, and even some rusty items I found. 

Again, have a wonderful Mother's Day!


  1. The beautiful outlook, the serenity, peace and beauty in the land, the plants, and the flowers that bloom against all odds we would think. Thanks for these photos today, I can be there in mind and eye, and rest from all the world's worries. Happy Mother's Day to all of you further North.

  2. the blooming cactus is beautiful, I saw a whole bunch of them blooming at home depot last week, much smaller than this one. I am telling you Happy Mothers day from Samson and Faith because you are their mom and they love you and they can't type.... YET

  3. Hi Inger - wonderful post ... just right for Mother's Day - I loved seeing the photos ... a gentle chat ... and generally the feel good factor just 'by being' ... so I really look forward to more posts with photos as and when you feel inclined.

    Good for you for meeting up with old friends and having days out, then doing some of the necessary chores around the Canyon living ... enjoy the peaceful time ... with many thoughts - and love and hugs - Hilary

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Thank you! That flowering cactus is stunning. What a perfect blog for the day! I love it!

  5. Beautiful pictures Inger, this would be a place difficult to leave.

  6. That flowering cactus is beyond beautiful!! (We're glad to be among the friends you visited!!)

  7. That first picture is stunning. Who knew the desert could be so beautiful?

  8. Beautiful photos. The blooming cactus is outstanding.

  9. And what a garden that is!

  10. Thank you dear Inger for this beautiful post for the Mother's Day!
    Gorgeous pictures from Ojai.
    Hugs and Love!


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