Sunday, November 26, 2017

Getting Sick This Time Of Year

is really a drag. 

Not feeling well has brought the issue of needing help with house cleaning to the forefront of my mind. This is the season, after all, to enjoy the glitter of Christmas decorations in a clean and shining house.

Most of my girlfriends have help with cleaning their homes, starting this when they were busy working, busy moms, and so on. I've had help occasionally, but while enjoying the results, never really liked having someone in my house. 

As I'm growing old, I wonder about this. I want to manage everything for as long as I can. I also think it's good to maintain my strength, as best I can, by doing things, lifting, bending, cleaning, and so on. Actually, I have been sweeping my new porch a lot and that's a good workout. And with two dogs, who show their love for their new doggie door by running in and out, in and out, dropping the dirt stuck in their paws on my new floors, there's plenty for me to do. 

And so my thoughts go, as I'm wondering what may be wrong with me now. This has been going on for almost a week, low grade fever, cough, high blood sugars, which make me so tired. 

I have drapes to iron, floors to polish, laundry to do, and so on. Guests are coming and I want to have a pretty house, a clean house, for the holidays. 

My not so clean house right now.

Ack, yes, I do know this is minor, but sometimes kvetching a bit and getting some feedback, really helps. 

I did get one load of laundry done and hung on the line today. A bee landed on my pink sweatshirt, mistaking it for a flower, no doubt. Thanksgiving came with 80 degree weather, today it must be at least 75, tomorrow is predicted in the mid to high 40s. Poor bee, I thought, and all the rest of the critters who must be so confused by this weather. 

Samson Says: Isn't it time to sing: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow now? (His tear duct problem causes the brown stuff to leak from his eyes. Looks awful, but he doesn't seem to suffer.)

Faith Disagrees: No, no, let the sun shine and the temps rise to keep me warm. 

So life goes on, the house gets clean, windows washed, drapes hung, furniture polished, and friends come by and put things in perspective as to what really matters. 


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