Sunday, November 26, 2017

Getting Sick This Time Of Year

is really a drag. 

Not feeling well has brought the issue of needing help with house cleaning to the forefront of my mind. This is the season, after all, to enjoy the glitter of Christmas decorations in a clean and shining house.

Most of my girlfriends have help with cleaning their homes, starting this when they were busy working, busy moms, and so on. I've had help occasionally, but while enjoying the results, never really liked having someone in my house. 

As I'm growing old, I wonder about this. I want to manage everything for as long as I can. I also think it's good to maintain my strength, as best I can, by doing things, lifting, bending, cleaning, and so on. Actually, I have been sweeping my new porch a lot and that's a good workout. And with two dogs, who show their love for their new doggie door by running in and out, in and out, dropping the dirt stuck in their paws on my new floors, there's plenty for me to do. 

And so my thoughts go, as I'm wondering what may be wrong with me now. This has been going on for almost a week, low grade fever, cough, high blood sugars, which make me so tired. 

I have drapes to iron, floors to polish, laundry to do, and so on. Guests are coming and I want to have a pretty house, a clean house, for the holidays. 

My not so clean house right now.

Ack, yes, I do know this is minor, but sometimes kvetching a bit and getting some feedback, really helps. 

I did get one load of laundry done and hung on the line today. A bee landed on my pink sweatshirt, mistaking it for a flower, no doubt. Thanksgiving came with 80 degree weather, today it must be at least 75, tomorrow is predicted in the mid to high 40s. Poor bee, I thought, and all the rest of the critters who must be so confused by this weather. 

Samson Says: Isn't it time to sing: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow now? (His tear duct problem causes the brown stuff to leak from his eyes. Looks awful, but he doesn't seem to suffer.)

Faith Disagrees: No, no, let the sun shine and the temps rise to keep me warm. 

So life goes on, the house gets clean, windows washed, drapes hung, furniture polished, and friends come by and put things in perspective as to what really matters. 


  1. Inger, do take care of yourself. You matter, at all times of the year!!!!

  2. Hi Inger - it's just not easy ... things seem relatively settled, then something else comes along. I"m sure things will happen - have a cleaning party ... then it's done and dusted til the next party?! Tongue in cheek that is ... just take care ... I won't comment more on cleaning as it's not my favourite occupation at any time. However totally agree with Michelle - look after you all the time and those 4 legged wonders - big hugs -Hilary xo

  3. It's frustrating to not get things done because you don't feel well. You know that your friends want to see you and don't care about the dirt. :) So I won't say it. I hope that you feel better soon.

    1. Just feel better soon--dust & footprints are NOT that important!!

  4. I know that feeling so well. I have been debating for some time about having someone in once a week to do LOTS of cleaning. Go for it Inger, we have worked long and hard by the time we are this age.Life does continue, no matter what else happens. Hugs from a very hot day down here.

  5. I, like many of your friends, have someone come in and clean the house. I'm sure that there is no shortage of other "exercise" you can get -- and having help is a godsend for me. I have someone every two weeks -- we can keep the house clean in between. Consider it... get someone you are comfortable with in your house and who you trust. We've used the same woman for over four years, since we move in, and she has become a friend. Save your energy for fun stuff -- like Faith and Samson.

  6. Inger, I think that you should call your care provider and tell them about your low grade fever, high blood sugar and diabetes because I think it means an infection somewhere. Please don't put your house ahead of your health. Take care of yourself and let someone clean your house for you. They do it because they enjoy cleaning houses.

    Please let us know you're on the mend.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Julia said exactly what I was about to say. do you have diabetes? if so infection can cause your symptoms, if not you might be getting it or have it. call the doctor today is my advice. I agree with you, do your own work, don't give it up. it will keep you going. but you could just have someone come in to get it ready for guests. so sorry you are feeling bad, prayers for all 3 of you

  8. I am so sorry you are feeeling not so well.
    I agree with the comments of Julia and Sandra, take care of yourself.
    I hope that you feel better very soon.
    Lots of hugs and Much Love!

  9. Before anything, you should get yourself checked out. It is probably something minor and the doctor might be able to give or suggest something to give you energy. Then I would call a house cleaner and have them come before and after your company visits. You don’t have to have them on a regular schedule, just from time to time when you need them. I have to admit that I don’t like people cleaning my home either but every now and then it would be OK.

  10. Hope you feel better!! That’s top priority. I struggle with hiring people vs. doing it myself. We recently hired someone to come in once monthly to do the heavy cleaning. It’s money well spent. I still do the outside stuff myself (mowing the lawn, etc). Will probably keep doing it for as long as I am able.

  11. Julia said it for me too. I have a good friend who was feeling poorly also and it turned out to be an infection. Antibiotics later, she is feeling fine. About the housekeeper, I say go for it. I am thinking about getting one myself. I have only had one once in my life and it was the best of times. Such a relief.

  12. I struggle with cleaning, Inger. I'm not supposed to bend and twist and lift and all that, so it's very difficult. I don't obey all the rules because nothing would ever get done. I do use a Roomba to clean the floors. It's very helpful and works quite well. I can't push a vacuum around and the broom doesn't get the floors as clean as I want. Anyway, I understand that it's difficult. I hope you feel better soon.


  13. I've never had anyone clean my house.
    Don't have any health issues at this time in my life but one day that may change. I would then welcome the help.

  14. I wonder if you should get checked by a doc. A week is a long time to have those symptoms.

    I'll admit it - I've had a person help with cleaning our house ever since I had 7 vertebrae in my spine fused. We tried having my husband do it, and I'd supervise but that would have ended our marriage if we'd kept it up. So, I hired a local woman, a wonderful woman, who has cleaned our house for more than 2 decades. She's like part of the family now. She probably isn't the most thorough cleaner ever but I trust her and I like having her around the house (she comes every 2 weeks). It makes a world of difference to me. Most cleaning activities leave my back in total spasm.

    We are considering getting a Roomba to vacuum dog fur between her visits. Vacuuming quite simply hurts me... so a Roomba would save a lot of wear and tear.

    I hope that you figure it out and that you feel better very very soon. Your pups look wonderful. I love that you have a black dog, just like we do. They are fantastic!

  15. I am sorry you aren't feeling well. Having no energy and wanting to do things is hard on one's soul. I totally agree about keeping limber and doing all that you can, but now and then, having help so you are at peace with your home is important. Take care of yourself!


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