Saturday, November 11, 2017

Samson Update

Samson went in for his tear duct surgery yesterday. Unfortunately, it didn't work. The vet said he couldn't even get the catheter in far enough to take the X-rays he'd hoped to send to the veterinary opthalmologist. 

He said, though, that Samson's eyes looked better than last time. We got a new medicine then that the vet mixed himself and I give to Samson twice a day. Then the NeoPolyDex three times a day. The brown stuff that leaks out of Samson's eyes is a protein and I learned that it's better brown than yellow, which it was earlier. 

We left it that I will continue with the eye drops and the warm washcloths for another month, then evaluate again. My understanding is that Samson will eventually need to see the ophalmologist, who's somewhere on Sepulveda Blvd. in Los Angeles. That somewhere could be pretty close or far away as Sepulveda is one of those really, really long L.A. streets. 

I will find out where this place is located and  compile a list of questions for this vet, then call to find out what's involved. I imagine several visits would be needed. Before surgery, surgery, after surgery, then there's Samson's liver issues, apparently something special had to be done  yesterday because of that. Then a new place, a long drive, oh well....... I will need help. 

I feel so bad for Samson who is such a trooper when it comes to going to the hospital. As we drove there, I promised him that I would take him on a much better ride in the Jeep. To a fun place, maybe auntie Mary's house, where we could visit the horses that stay in her barn. I feel so bad for him right now and I just want him to have some fun. 

The pictures here are all old. This is one of my favorites.  It shows how sweet he is. He is the kindest and the only totally unselfish dog I have ever known. 

Samson Says: That's easy mommy, all you have to do is give me some more food, or some of those good smelling little treats you got. 


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