Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Rust ~ Post No. 15

This poor old truck is the last of Jane's contributions, but she's been to New Mexico so there may be more. If not, I have a few of my own to post. After that, I need to drive around the countryside to look for more. A fun project to get me out of the house.


OK, I put this post and the next one up a while ago. Now I need to give a status report on my health:

First of all, I have Type 1 diabetes. The kind also known as Juvenile diabetes. It's an autoimmune disease, where your body turns on itself, which mine decided to do when I was 49 years old. In Type 1, the body no longer produces insulin. None. In Type 2, the body becomes resistant to insulin, but still produces it. I'm immensely grateful that I didn't get this when I was young. That would have really cramped my style, as the saying goes. Mine is called 'adult onset' Type 1 and is very rare. 

It took almost a week, then yesterday a full-fledged cold set in. I'm glad, because I didn't feel good about the constant cough. Now that I'm sneezing, and blowing my nose, I feel sort of relieved. At least I know what it is.

Thanks for your cleaning help comments. I think my problem is mostly when I get ill and can't do it myself. Or when a big holiday, like Christmas, approaches with so many other things to do. So I would wish for a cleaning service that could be trusted to just come in whenever there's a need and just clean house. Living this isolated, it may be difficult. Many of the service people in town won't come out here. Or that's what I hear. But I haven't investigated it myself. I will do that when I get better. 

My new vacuum cleaner works well and is light and easy on the new floors. I also bought a whole Swiffer set up and that works well too. The floors are dark, so the fur Faith constantly sheds doesn't show. Seeing the new dark floors,  Samson must have decided that his pretty white fur would decorate it nicely. So he decided to shed -  his overcoat (?), before winter (?). Usually they shed their undercoats in the spring. He hasn't done that since he was about five. Dogs!

Finally, my friend Carol told me they ordered a special crush for gravel that would be comfortable for their large dog to walk on. They now have it in their yard and it works great, she said. She will find out the name of it and that, plus a few large indoor/outdoor rugs, may solve the problem of all the sand the dogs drag in. 

I just have to remember that a lot has gotten done and the rest will get done too. And that patience is a virtue.....


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