Monday, January 8, 2018

Celebrating Friendships Across The World

I met Jean from All Points of the Compass  through Majsan, a Swedish blogger friend, who told me about this wonderful video on youtube, called Wild Sweden, that Jean had posted. Majsan has since stopped blogging, but Jean and I have become friends. 

Rachael with Orion, the Great Horned owl, some years ago.

I sometimes write posts about my friend Rachael and the good things she does for animals. She has volunteered at many, if not most, of the animal rescues in the Los Angeles area, working with lions, tigers, and other big cats; birds of prey, and many other animals. I met her when we both worked at the donkey rescue, some eleven years ago now.  

Since I have have known Rachael, she has done so many kind things for animals. And when I know about it, I usually write about it. One time, in the dark, she searched a large shopping mall parking area for an injured hawk, not giving up until she found it. A couple of years ago, Rachael and another woman rescued several horses from a wildfire; and last spring, she and her boss drove down a road, while a wildfire was burning on one side of it, to help move animals from one rescue center, threatened by the fire, to a safe place at another rescue. Writing this makes me smile, because there was this squirrel she rescued, I just remembered, large and small makes no difference. Knowing Rachael has empowered me to remove spiders from my bathtub and put them outside instead of flushing them down the drain.

Jean, another animal lover, read about Rachael on my blog. Rachael must have touched her heart because Jean told me she wanted to make a present for her. A quilted bag. Jean makes quilts, incredibly beautiful quilts. She posts them on her blog, so please look them and Jean up here. I was so thrilled to learn this. And when Jean asked about the material choice for the bag, I told her that, in addition to the owl Jean wanted to put on the front of the bag, it would be good if she had something that included cats. This she did, and, as you can see above, Rachael was thrilled with the bag and the thoughtfulness and love it represents.

Oh, this is becoming a long post, a bit out of order. This is what happened with the gift: We had an after Christmas party at my house with Mary, Rachael, Connie, Diana, and I. After we ate, I gave a little speech and handed Rachael the gift from Jean. 

I love that it came all the way from New Zealand to California because two Swedish bloggers connected with each other, and then with a kind and talented woman in New Zealand. Truly an all points of the compass moment, I thought. 

When the package from New Zealand arrived, I put it away. Then Jean said I had to open it at Christmas. This I did, and found a bag for me as well. I couldn't believe it. It's lovely, so Swedish looking, somehow. I have no idea how Jean could pick something so perfect for me. The inside has pockets for phone, tablet, and so on. 

The love and generosity didn't end there, I too got an owl. The one above, an owl that will hang on my wall. Watching over me, Jean said.

And the owls continued: After everyone left, Rachael and I exchanged Christmas gifts. I gave her a pair of owl socks and a little owl, just to have. And she gave me this gorgeous owl!

And now I must buy a cover for the light. Birds like to sleep on top of it in winter, feeling sheltered, no doubt, but leaving a mess behind. I think the owl will put a stop that. 

Finally, these are the colors I picked for my house: Sage, with gray trim and rust red accents. The little porch stands out, looking unfinished, but Glenn will fix it come spring.


  1. Lovely friendships and gifts forged in the heart.

  2. So glad that you have a great friendship with Rachael. She sounds like a beautiful person with such a warm heart.

  3. What lovely and thoughtful gifts. You have some wonderful friends... I have found that many blogger friends are so very generous. I have received many gifts over the years for many places in Canada and the USA. I also receive so many cards.

    I like how your house is getting to look so nice with your tender loving care. I love the colors you chose.
    Take care,
    Hugs, Julia

  4. both the bags are beautiful and so very thoughtful. love the owl on your porch. I like hearing about our friends and seeing what they are up to and about rescuing animals. i also love blogging because of the meeting people on all points of the compass

  5. Great friends! And such cute gifts!

  6. Oh My!!! Thank you so much for your very kind words.Not so sure about the quilts I make, but I do enjoy making bags. Your owl in the doorway, he is beautiful, this was an international owl gift day for sure. I hope all is well with you now, and life will continue with peace and fine weather. Much love, Jean.

  7. They are good friends to you, but I'm sure you are also good friends to THEM!!

  8. Our world just keeps getting delightfully smaller thanks to the Internet. The owl bags are so cute but I love the wall Owl and think you have found the perfect job for him scaring the birds off the light.

  9. Hi Inger - I'm sure I commented ... perhaps not - aren't they gorgeous pics and what amazing bags and owls ... a delight to see - yes this blogging fraternity is pretty amazing. Love all those goodies and they obviously just suited everyone so well ... delightful to see - now to be enjoyed throughout the coming years ... cheers to you - Hilary

  10. What a wonderful story of friendship and caring.

  11. What a beautiful story of friendship and kindness. For all the bad things on the internet there are some real heartwarming things as well.

  12. I agree with the other comments! How nice to form friendships and care for one another. It's special and makes us all feel happy. Sweet hugs, Diane

  13. Jean is one of the kindest, generous, and talented people who I know. She made me a gorgeous bag a few years ago, and I treasure it. I love the owls that she made for you! I love the colors. She is so talented.

  14. And I also love that she honored Rachel with that gift!

  15. It's amazing how the internet/blogging brings kindred spirits together from around the world! The bag is absolutely beautiful. Jean and Rachel both sound like remarkable women!

    P.S.: Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my post yesterday. It was truly appreciated and made my day!

  16. Hi Inger!
    Rachael is a sweet person with a generous heart! I am glad you have so lovely friends!
    These bags are so beautiful!
    Love the gorgeous owl and your door is beautiful too!
    I will see soon the blog of Jean.
    Lots of hugs!

  17. Hello, nice story about Rachel, she does have a generous heart. I told Jean, I loved her owl bags and the wall hanging, they are so cute. It is great you all have become friends. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  18. Dear Inger, I so enjoyed this posting, learning more about Rachel and being introduced to Jean. I went to her blog and signed up as a follower as I so appreciate those who quilt and make magic from scraps of material.

    Your outdoor owl is so creative. And the prose Jean sent you so lovely. What a wonderful Christmas you have had.

    Peace, pressed own and overflowing for the new year.


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