Friday, January 12, 2018

Notes From The Canyon

Last week, the mornings were lovely with mist wrapped around the rocky hillsides on the other side of the canyon. 

As temperatures approached 70F, bees gathered every day around my water faucet. Lots more than these, because the ones on top of the pile got worried as I approached and were buzzing around me. 

Then on Monday, the first really good rain since last spring arrived. It was a gentle rain, nothing like they had up the coast with such tragic results. It's difficult to even imagine such destruction.

And this morning, the landscape disappeard into a thick fog. I had planned to go to the store, but decided to stay home and take it easy instead. Joyce and I went to Bakersfield yesterday. She drove, but I'm still so tired. I want to say, "ever so tired," as one would in England. Or the UK, I guess I should say. 

But I digress, I'm ever so tired, putting clean sheets on my bed, first one, well both actually, then sitting down to write a little here, then the pillow cases. It will get done. One good thing about retirement is time, one usually doesn't have to rush, one can take one's time. A little gets done here, a little there. Believe me, I don't always have such a good attitude. Not much patience here.....

But enough about me and the weather. We are doing OK here. We have started to walk again, just a little to build up my strength after the really bad cold I had for over a month. Everything seems to be so extreme these days, from the weather, to colds, certainly the very dangerous flu, and, of course, politics. I have a lot to say about the latter, we'll see how much longer I can keep my mouth shut, or my writing here in check without yet another outburst!!! It's been a while though, I've been pretty good, I think.

Samson's health seems to be the same. But now one set of his eyedrops can't be found anywhere. Last fall, no one had the NeoPolyDex, now it's the other kind. I understand our vet is trying to figure something out and I still have enough for another week or so. Maybe it will all work out, but I just don't understand how these thing can happen. 

The roof over the patio is working well for the dogs. Faith, the lab mix, does NOT like water. When I tell her she has webbed feet to swim with, like a duck, she responds: Hah, I thought that stuff was there so I could dig bigger and better holes! You know, like little spades! 

I must get her DNA done. I know there must be a terrier in there somewhere. Either Jack Russell or pitbull. Our vet sees a pitbull, but then he hasn't seen her jump. Straight up, like a bouncing ball, or, well, a Jack Russell terrier.

Have a nice weekend.


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