Friday, January 12, 2018

Notes From The Canyon

Last week, the mornings were lovely with mist wrapped around the rocky hillsides on the other side of the canyon. 

As temperatures approached 70F, bees gathered every day around my water faucet. Lots more than these, because the ones on top of the pile got worried as I approached and were buzzing around me. 

Then on Monday, the first really good rain since last spring arrived. It was a gentle rain, nothing like they had up the coast with such tragic results. It's difficult to even imagine such destruction.

And this morning, the landscape disappeard into a thick fog. I had planned to go to the store, but decided to stay home and take it easy instead. Joyce and I went to Bakersfield yesterday. She drove, but I'm still so tired. I want to say, "ever so tired," as one would in England. Or the UK, I guess I should say. 

But I digress, I'm ever so tired, putting clean sheets on my bed, first one, well both actually, then sitting down to write a little here, then the pillow cases. It will get done. One good thing about retirement is time, one usually doesn't have to rush, one can take one's time. A little gets done here, a little there. Believe me, I don't always have such a good attitude. Not much patience here.....

But enough about me and the weather. We are doing OK here. We have started to walk again, just a little to build up my strength after the really bad cold I had for over a month. Everything seems to be so extreme these days, from the weather, to colds, certainly the very dangerous flu, and, of course, politics. I have a lot to say about the latter, we'll see how much longer I can keep my mouth shut, or my writing here in check without yet another outburst!!! It's been a while though, I've been pretty good, I think.

Samson's health seems to be the same. But now one set of his eyedrops can't be found anywhere. Last fall, no one had the NeoPolyDex, now it's the other kind. I understand our vet is trying to figure something out and I still have enough for another week or so. Maybe it will all work out, but I just don't understand how these thing can happen. 

The roof over the patio is working well for the dogs. Faith, the lab mix, does NOT like water. When I tell her she has webbed feet to swim with, like a duck, she responds: Hah, I thought that stuff was there so I could dig bigger and better holes! You know, like little spades! 

I must get her DNA done. I know there must be a terrier in there somewhere. Either Jack Russell or pitbull. Our vet sees a pitbull, but then he hasn't seen her jump. Straight up, like a bouncing ball, or, well, a Jack Russell terrier.

Have a nice weekend.


  1. Inger, it is always good to hear from you. Glad you haven't had the flu. It is bad in my area, with many schools and other businesses closing. Your canyon looks lovely. Cold and icy here in Kentucky today.

  2. Hello Inger - it's lovely to see your photos and I'm glad to hear you're back out and about again. Best wishes. Fil

    1. Oh and I meant to say, please do rant about the politics - I'm trying to keep my mouth shut too, but there's so much to get annoyed with these days :)

  3. Good Evening! Nice to see the kids. Good that you had a decent rain. It takes me about half an hour to change my sheets, lol. Yep, all I have is time, sorta, kinda. Take care of you and yours out there and stay safe.

  4. It's raining here like crazy at the moment. Washed away all our snow. More on the way though.
    Nice to see pictures from the canyon.

  5. We got 4 1/2 inches of rain here overnight and it all ran off and soaked in really well, but we were not in a burn area, I feel really bad for the folks that were.

    It's always nice to see the sun come out after the fog passes, very nice pictures Inger, Samson looks good and there is a chance that there may be a touch of Pit in Faith by the looks of her head.

  6. Such a peaceful post; a real pleasure to read!!

  7. Hi Inger - lovely views ... and am glad you've had some gentle rain - not terrible torrents as have been experienced. We're sort of out of snow - but it occasionally appears as wet splodges for a while then back to rain.

    I wonder re the medication - when I left the UK ... I wanted to top something up and was told - Hurricane Irma has sent the medication over there ... perhaps similarly dog medicines - very possibly true - but they were short in England ... I think I'd say England now - but who knows what lies ahead.

    Love the photos though - and all the best for more steady improvement - cheers Hilary

  8. Going slowly is just fine. Like the weather, there will always be tomorrow. Rain, that would be so welcome. yesterday, after lunch, so hot here, then rolling thunder for about 25 minutes, and a torrential downpour. Today. we reached 33 Celsius, no rain, a few drops, but all is well. Samson and Faith, hope they find his eye drops. Down here, the same for high blood pressure medication, they tell me there is a world wide shortage!!!

  9. i hope your walking will build up your strength to what you were before the cold. had a few chuckles about holding back on the outburst. the problem here is hubby is in 24.7 outburst over politics and driving me up the wall. about the eyedrops for Faith, last time it was time for my bp meds to be refilled, i got a call from pharmacy saying they could not find my bp meds anywhere and they had contacted the doc office and he changed me to another one. i have been on the old one for years. i did some research and found the makers had dropped back on making it because there was more money in their others.... my outburst would be on our health care crisis

  10. I am glad that you are getting better, even if slowly. I'm glad that you aren't getting the horrible rain either- what a terrible terrible thing. As for the outburst? Go for it.

  11. I love the pictures of the mist.

    Yes, retirement does not encourage energy. Putting things off has been a way of life for me recently. . No job seems important anymore. I was never like this but I think the last year in the US has put me in a funk.

  12. HI Inger! I always love visiting you and your pictures are beautiful as is your writing. I fixed my blog problem so I will be staying... (haha!) I was a little rattled... As far as politics go I have learned to zip my lip a bit... I love my friends too much to let differences of opinion come between us so I am being good. One should be able to share what they want to share on their own blog though, so you go girl! Gracie sends tons of kisses to Samson and a high-five to faith. Glad you are feeling better!!

  13. Hellow Inger. It's wonderful to see a post from you! I love the foggy photos - so mystical. The medicine thing happens for my dogs occasionally. I keep an extra month's supply of Shyla's epilepsy meds just in case... She can't live without those. I hope that your strength keeps building back up.

  14. Dear Inger, I'm so glad you are listening to your body. I've gotten much better about that also. It means for both of us that we rest when we need to and go slow when we need to and simply stop sniping at ourselves to always do more!

    As to saying something about politics, I finally did that in Sunday's posting. Well, I quoted from a letter I received from a Minnesota friend because it exactly reflected so many of my thoughts. Peace.

  15. Hello dear Inger!
    I am very glad you are doing OK! So good to have started to walk again.
    As you know, I love visit your Desert Canyon Living and I enjoy so much your words and picures!
    Love seeing photos of your adorable Samson and Faith!
    Wishing you all a lovely week.
    Lots of hugs!


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