Friday, January 19, 2018

Rust ~ Post No. 16

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
~ MLK,Jr.-I have a Dream, 1963

While driving through Utah, my photographer friend of rusty things, Jane, and her husband took a sidetrip and drove the Cathedral Loop in Capitol Reef National Park where they came upon this old truck surrounded by cattle. 

I'd never heard of this park. Now that I have, I wish I could have been there too. But so glad Jane came upon this glorious (her words) rusty old truck. Jane sent this in an email:

"We drove the 70-mile +/- Cathedral Loop in "remote backcountry with no paved roads, featuring stark landscapes and a high degree of solitude.  Here the north flanks of the Waterpocket Fold give way to broad deserts, towering monoliths, and volcanic dikes and crags," according to the road guide published by the Capitol Reef Natural History Association.  

At mile 18, we came upon " artificial oasis where ranchers drilled a well to provide water for their cattle.  The active well, its trough, and an old drilling truck mark the site."  What do you think of that old truck1?"

Thank you, Jane, I love it!


  1. Fantastic photo Jane thank you. Thank you Inger for posting James photo for us to enjoy and I really would love to see it myself

  2. Great photos . . . wouldn't that be the perfect spot of a family photo, All dressed in cowboy getup.
    Come on over and get in on my 6th year anniversary Give-A-Way:)
    Connie :)

  3. Jane provided you with all sorts of blog post ideas! When looking at icons like this one, I always wonder about its history, who owned it, how many miles, etc. that came from this truck.

  4. Hi Inger - incongruous aren't they. Wonderful to see though - Jane's great photography shows here .. and always thinking of other bloggers ... cheers Hilary

  5. Jane, thank you so much for this. That old truck had a good life, and the wind blown dirt and sand round its wheels, the old drilling rig, would have had a long journey, ending up here for us all to wonder at. Thanks Inger, for posting this.

  6. I love it too! I've been to that park, and it was gorgeous. I think that we need to go back again and find that truck!

  7. It's awesome! What a fun way to travel....seeing and appreciating the sights along the way! Enjoy your weekend sweet friend. Hugs!

  8. I love that quote by MLK Jr! These pictures are great, Inger. Thanks for sharing... We often spy rusty cars, trucks or equipment en route to our destinations and immediately think, wow we should have stopped for a picture! It was good of your friend to share them. Hey tell Samson Gracie sends love and has a little message on our blog for him. Hope you all are doing well!

  9. Hello Inger!
    Amazing photos of your friend Jane. Well done, Jane!

    Great words of Martin Luther King Jr!

    Wishing you and your lovely Samson and Faith a nice weekend.
    Big hugs!

  10. Cool old truck! Nice of Jane to pass it on!

  11. Truly a beautiful rusty relic! Love the photos, and thanks to you (and Jane) for sharing.

  12. Looks like that old truck took some serious hits from small arms fire.

    Glad you and the dogs are not burned up or washed away.

  13. Dear Inger, thank you for the MLK quote. It is so true. I feel a little helpless because I'm still searching for how to speak out. And thanks, too, for the photographs your friends sent and the text. How wonderful to find this surprise in the desert. Peace.

  14. How cool is that - the truck is both practical for the water and also kind of like an art sculpture, too! I have never heard of this park either, but it sounds magical with the solitude and wide open spaces.

    Thanks for your comment yesterday and recommendation that I visit

  15. That is a neat old truck. Looks like it's been there awhile.


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