Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Early Morning Moon Magnificence

Since I don't have the lens needed for a good moon shot, I went out to watch the eclipse this morning without my camera. It was great to watch and sort of made up for the solar one I missed last summer. I know, not the same, but still -- is there anything better than being outside in the early morning, watching the sky?

After a while, I decided to give a picture a chance and ran in the house, got my camera and took a few. Not the best, I know. The first shows the eclipse better, but I like the second one because of the unexpected effect of the bright red tail lights on the Jeep. I had no idea that would happen. Photo surprises like this happen frequently to me, and I just love them.

This has nothing to do with the moon, but I received an Amaryllis bulb for Christmas. I never had one before and wasn't sure what would happen. But it took off at an amazing speed, and grew, and grew, and just the other day the first flower burst out. There are about three more to come, I think. I never knew it could be so much fun to watch a plant grow, waiting for a flower to bloom. 

And now I hear the coyote pack has arrived again, so I better go and let the dogs in the house, because there will be barking. Lots of it!


  1. Hi Inger, how nice that you got to see the moon eclipse. I love watching the sky. It always make me feel that I'm part of a bigger picture in the creation.

    You got a nice shot even without the special lens. The moon was big on the full moon but I only saw it in the morning here as I went to the barn very early.
    Hard to believe, tomorrow is Groundhog Day.
    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I heard coyotes for the first time in a video on a ranch blog. some were barking, some were making cheaping sounds. no howling like in the movies. I am with you on unexpected things in my photos that show up only when uploaded to the computer. I love early morning outside, no matter where it is. my favorite time of the day is day break. my sister in law had never seen daybreak or a sun rise. isn't that amazing?

    1. My favorite time of day too. And it's sad that some people miss out on seeing the sun rise.

    2. Wow that IS amazing, never to have seen a sunrise!! She has no idea what she is missing!!

  3. Hi Inger - lovely shots of the moon - here we were in cloud ... and today - so missed the spectacle.

    Isn't it funny sometimes how photos come about ... love seeing these two pics ... and that clear night sky. The howl of the coyotes ... I imagine their sound does carry amazing distances. Keep the dogs safe too ... lovely to see what's happening down south - cheers Hilary

  4. Glad you were able to watch the eclipse! Looks like a great, clear view! The tail lights did add something special.
    Beautiful bloom! I tried once ... it didn't do squat, I blame the poison thumb ...

    1. My thumb is definitely not green either, so I was overjoyed at my success, or the success of the plant, I should say. Despite the odds.

  5. Lucky you to have caught the eclipse. I saw part of it but missed the blood moon part. Darn. That Amaryllis is lovely. Think I will quit passing them by each year.

  6. I didn't even know there was a moon eclipse!
    Daybreak is my favorite time of day too. : )

  7. I like the early morning as well. I would have loved to have seen that but we probably had clouds - it's our rainy season. Hope all is well with you.

  8. Hello dear Inger,
    Just great that you got to see the moon eclipse! I like the pictures of the moon!

    Love the Amaryllis picture!
    Sounds amazing to hear the coyote pack. I agree with you, it is better to let Samson and Faith safe in the house.

    Sending lots of hugs!

  9. Hi again,
    Every year one Amarillys blooms in my backyard. I did not plant this flower anywhere else in my garden. I have no idea where it came from... It lays dormant all year long till the spring when them urges it upward. It is Hippeastrum striatum, from the family Amaryllidaceae, native to Brazil.
    The link to this flower is this:
    I hope the link works.

  10. OH MY GOODNESS - I love your moon photos. Everyone zooms in on the moon that the surrounding landscape isn't included. I like your way better! We had too many clouds. I climbed a hill to see the eclipsed moon over the snowy mountains, and all that I saw were clouds.

    Your Amarillys is gorgeous. I had one last year. This year I am growing "paper whites" - we'll see how they look!


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