Tuesday, April 24, 2018

California High Desert Through A Windshield

On the way to Death Valley, Christina and I encountered long stretches of open road.

While Christina drove, I took pictures of the flat desert landscape surrounded by mountains.

With views I have so come to love since I first saw a desert sunrise back in 2006. 

We were high up here, going down toward the road to Death Valley.

Which lies behind those mountains in the distance.

Christina was great, she drove most of the way there and all the way home. And, once she figured out I wasn't attached to driving, she, my guest from Sweden, actually drove the entire time. 

While living in the high desert, in addition to clouds, sunrises, and sunsets, I have become very fond of rocks. I thought the ones straight ahead here, were just beautiful. 

I don't have a bucket list, but if I did, Death Valley would definitely be on it. High up. Here we are getting closer......


  1. what a view from your windshield and shared with old friends at the same time.. it really is beautiful and i love rocks also

  2. Beautiful, beautiful scenery.
    It would be fun to take my vette out for a drive along there!! : )

  3. Beautiful scenery! What's not to love about mountains!

  4. Hi Inger - I can see what you can see in the desert landscape ... it's special and different. I hope you get to Death Valley sometime ... and I imagine there must be some fascinating finds there - flora and fauna and rocks that are all slightly different. I too am rather fond of rocks etc Lovely photos - cheers and hugs Hilary

  5. Dear Inger, thank you for these photographs of such incredible landscapes. I've never been anywhere near Death Valley and have been in California only once--a flight into and out of San Francisco many years ago. So your photographs show me scenes that enrich my life and my imagination. You must have gotten such great enjoyment from this trip with your friend. Peace.

  6. Lovely views and shots. Isn't it great to have someone else drive so you can enjoy the scenery?

  7. I always enjoy having someone who wants to drive so I can enjoy the scenery. Your views are excellent!

  8. Snow on the mountain in the distance! Desert lies just beyond the rise! Great photos and insight here, Inger. Were wildflowers in bloom in the desert?

  9. Magnificent and such different scenery than I am used to seeing.

  10. You live in such a beautiful place!!


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