Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Morning Reflections

For Errol,

We came here often you and I, but never in mist and rain. The sun was always shining, and we were, 
for the most part, happy.

Today, three years have gone by since you died. While new experiences have come into my life, and some adventures too,
I think of you every day. 

While I'm happy with my life now, with the dogs, with my friends, and with my home, I often want to tell you something, share something with you.

Just little, ordinary, things. But I'm not sad and, although I miss you, I think of our more than thirty years together with gratitude. 
~ Inger



  1. This tribute to Errol is perfect in both photo and words. I had no idea it has been 3 years, which is a little scary to me. that photo is just gorgeous as is the place you took it. Love you Inger, hugs from Florida

  2. Has it really been 3 years already? My, how time flies by fast. This is a lovely letter to Errol and I'm glad your life is going in the right direction. I'm sure he would be glad too. You have accomplished a lot since he's been gone and made changes and have found strength which maybe you didn't know you had. It's been 3 yers of personal growth for you and that must feel good too.
    I admire you.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. We miss him, too!!

  4. Hard to believe it has been three years but I am sure to you it seems much longer. Wonderful tribute to him and the good life you have salvaged from the loss.

  5. Dear Inger - I was remembering and thinking this was the time of year ... but it is so beautiful to see your words of love; desperate for you - yet thankfully with your friends, four footed ones too and family you have been able to enjoy the wonderful life that we live in - so lovely to see this - have a peaceful happy full of memories and life week - big hugs Hilary

  6. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    love & love,

  7. Very sweet tribute to your husband.

  8. That was lovely, Inger. How fortunate you both were to have found each other.

  9. Well said, Inger, and a lovely tribute to a beloved husband. Love that misty image. It evokes moods.

  10. A wonderfully sweet note to Errol. It speaks volumes about your relationship. The photo is perfect.

  11. A beautiful post that brought tears to my eyes.

  12. Dear Inger, this is a lovely letter to Errol. He touched your life with goodness and nothing--not death surely--can take that away. Always you will be the woman who was touched by his love. At the end, all that matters is love. Peace.


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