Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My Clothesline Got Me BAD!

For a long time I have suspected my clothesline of being capable of decapitating a tall person, like myself, if the winds blew hard enough. 

Friday morning, I put some sheets to wash, then hung them on the line and put some of Faith's blankets in the washing machine. The wind had picked up a lot when I went out to hang the blankets, so to avoid getting hurt, I decided to go to the back lines, wind at my back, and hang them there. But first I had to pick some clothes pins off the line at the front, where the sheets hung. I very carefully pulled a few pins off the line, and then it happened: A strong and forceful gust of wind came through, blew a sheet and the dangerous line in my face. I stepped back, onto a rock, fell over backwards, hit my head on another rock, injured my head, where I still have a bump to prove it. I also injured just about everything else, including that muscle in your abdomen, the one that hurts when you cough, sneeze, or try to get out of your bed. That one still hurts as does my head, but other than that, I'm feeling much better. 

So much pain, but at least Faith got her blankies so she can sleep in bed (on top of bed) with her mommy.

Oh, and before all that happened, first thing in the morning, before I have my coffee, I open my refrigerator door and the whole thing shakes and makes a loud and strange noise. At the same time, a flame pops out of one of the electric outlets by my kitchen counter, as it shorts out. 

Glenn was away, but Joyce gave me the number of a guy in the canyon, someone I have seen at the CERT meetings. He came over and did a good job checking everything and fixing it.

To get hurt has been frustrating for me, as I have been so excited about my new car, wanting to drive it and to have it checked out. But it could all have been a lot worse. So I am grateful things worked out and, as a bonus, I got to rest some more. 


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