Wednesday, April 25, 2018

My Dogs And Me

Faith: See, I have such a pretty pink ball. Please play catch with me, mommy. Could you just throw the ball? Please.....

Me: I'm tired, Faith, let me rest and we'll play in the morning.

Faith: You know guys, my mommy, much as I love her, but this is the thing: She's kind of old. She falls down and hurts herself, then she can't play with me. Far as I'm concerned old folks should have four legs just like us dogs. Phew, I guess I just have to play by myself. First I chew.

Then I push it with my nose, see how far it goes. Hmm, not very far, this is sooo boring. I should go and live with some kids, then we could play all the time. 

Me: I bet you'd miss me if you ran away from home.

Faith: Yes, mommy, you know I would so I will just lie down here and guard my pink ball. Samson wouldnt' dare to grab it.

Samson Says: I couldn't care less about your stupid ball. I'm out here catching the last of the snow of the season. By the time mommy posts this, it will be hot outside. 

Me: So true. almost 80 degrees now, what a difference a week makes.

Faith: Mommy has been complaining. Her camera broke, she doesn't like her phone pictures (us dogs like the phone pictures because they don't startle us with lightning), then this came in the mail. Mommy says, it's awfully pretty but it scares her. So many new things to figure out! 

Samson Says: If it scares you why did you buy it then? It's red OK, but, as far as red goes, I prefer my carrots. This thing you can't eat it, so what good is it? 

Me: To take your picture, to take pictures of the hills, the junipers, the rabbits.....

Faith:  Much more fun to chase the rabbits, you should try it, mommy. But then, you only have two legs, so better not.

So this is how we live, me and my dogs. I feel guilty when I can't play with them, when I can't brush Samson, when Faith is itching to play catch or chase rabbits, and I get too busy or too tired. 

But feeling better now, we stared to play catch and walk again. For the first time in years, we saw bear tracks this morning. Samson got very excited and started digging where the large paw prints dented the earth. 

Life is good, I will learn the camera, Faith will run for her ball and Samson will soon find out where his main nemesis, the pocket gopher lives. I have seen a mound or  two, Samson has missed them, so far......


  1. I sometimes feel like you do, Inger, about my pets. I have guilt when I am too tired to play with them or if I am gone all day and leave them alone. I always give them extra treats but that isn’t good for them either.

    Just relax and you will figure out that new red camera. Check to see if there is a You Tube video explaining how to use it.

  2. OH GOODY, on the new red camera and I have one much like this and same color. i have two red cameras.

    one is a canon and one is a a p610 looks like yours

    Samson is loving the snow and cold, and Jake loves his ball just like Faith and sometimes will not take no for an answer. on raining days i stand and kick it to roll it the other side of the living room, no throwing but it does give him chase time in the house.

  3. I am pretty sure they both love you even when you are tired and can't play fetch. I am also sure you will figure out your new camera and can't wait to see you photos!

  4. They will wait, after all, good things take time. New camera, just snap and play, and save or delete. this will be so much fun, and you cannot do any damage at all with digital these days.

  5. Faith makes a good point about us old folks having four on the floor. Makes good sense. Callie I am sure would love a younger playmate. Sometimes I think about renting her a kid. Luckily she is high energy and all I have to do is shuffle my feet and she takes off like she is being chased at high speed all around the acre.

  6. Ah, your kids love your routine! I could see Faith getting irritated at trying to teach human kids how to play ball lol

    I have a small waterproof Fuji camera and I love it- once I figured out how to use it lol You will love yours too. If you took the pictures for your blog post with it, then I think you already have got it figured out pretty good ;) Now where are the pictures of the bear paw prints?!

  7. Nice new red camera.
    Lovely pictures of the dogs. They are lucky to have you. : )
    Your wood floors look a lot like the ones in my new house.

  8. Pink ball! Gotta get pink ball! Come on...get pin ball, Mommy! Take a photo of me getting pink ball!

  9. Hi Inger - what a fun read ... and am so glad you're feeling improved and able to get out and about a bit more ... them four-leggeds do take it out of us ... but I'm looking forward to some super-duper smart photos - well done ... good for you... happy learning ... oh! and let us know re the bear, and the pocket gopher - cheers Hilary

  10. Hi Inger. I love reading your little skit with Faith Samson and you. It's all lovely. I know how you feel when too tired to play with the pink ball. I have to nap just about every morning after my morning chores at the farm. This afternoon, I got whipped by a new born calf. as I tried to feed her. It was so wild that I had to put a halter on her to tie her down to feed her. She whipped me round my legs with the halter cord and I came crashing down in the gate and fell in the bedding hay. I'm sure I'll be bruised tomorrow. She didn't play fair but she got fed anyway.

    Hugs, Julia

  11. Hi Inger - I bet that every person who has dogs in their life feels the sort of guilt that you do. Dogs are so forgiving but we beat ourselves up about how our efforts for them fall short. I think that those two dogs adore you... and you're giving them a good life.

    I didn't know that you had bears there! Keep us posted on Faith's pink ball, Samson's pocket gophers, and any more signs of bears that you see! Enjoy that new camera. They are always overwhelming at first but I bet that you'll eventually come to love it!

  12. They sure keep you active! And I like your new camera...always a challenge to learn something new! Sweet hugs!


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