Friday, April 27, 2018

Samson's Bark Signals And A Good Vet Visit

This is one of my favorite pictures of Samson as a young dog. He was truly awesome-looking and so sweet. And he still is, of course. 

This is just a quick post to thank you for your comments and to respond. First of all, thank you so much for reminding me that all of us responsible dog owners feel guilty from time to time. 

About the bears, yes, we have black bears here, but they haven't been around for several years. Back in 2013, my neighbors tried to keep bees, but that didn't work, the bears would first go there and get the honey, then come here and tip our trash cans. They also liked our vegetable garden, which was huge, so we had to put up a tall fence around it. And every fall they would come and pull branches off the junipers to eat the cones. In this entire area, black bears are most common here in the canyon, whereas cougars are more common in the areas to the west of town, where they have elk and a lot of deer. 

But I wanted to write about Samson's bear reactions as opposed to his reactions to other critters. I don't know why the way he communicates is so different:

Dogs: The strongest and most annoyed bark and running around displaying intense displeasure. Displaced agression fights with Faith, initiated by her. 

Coyotes: A strong, agressive bark, but less so than for domestic dogs. Seems more protective of Faith and me. Samson takes his protection duties seriously. No fights with Faith. 

Bears: No barking, just runs around the dog yard with nose in air, whining. Very anxious, but not giving way, staying out there, sniffing the air and whining. He never whines at any other time. Faith was not here when we had bears around us. 

Pocket Gophers: If one peeks out of a hole close to his fence, Samson goes bananas. He disregards all other small animals, including rabbits, but, for some reason, these guys drive him nuts. Since I walk him on a leash, I have to make sure I see their mounds before Samson does, or he will pull a sled dog move on me, his shoulders are so strong, and I will go flying. Wishing, I too had four legs. 

Do your dogs have different barks for different situations? 

I have done nothing about my new camera. I probably will find some time this weekend. 

So, no pictures of the bear tracks, which Samson set about to destroy anyway. I could have tried with my phone, but as I said earlier somewhere, I'm not good with phone pictures. 

Old picture too. 

Finally, the vet was very happy with Samson's eyes. He also didn't want to do another blood test to check Samson's kidneys. Instead we tried to make Samson pee in a ladle, without success. So I was sent home with a two-week supply of kidney medicine and the task to collect a urine sample. Never had to do that before, not sure what will happen. And I will use a pan, not a ladle. 

I also decided it's time for the groomers, the weather is getting warm, so a bath, a good brush-out, trim, and shaving his tummy will be so good for him.  


  1. Hi Inger - lovely to see this post and the stories .. and Samson's way of communicating ... well if I hear a whine I'll know who is shouting it out ... but at least you will know - lovely photos - cheers Hilary

  2. Urine sample, that will be fun, and surely not a mid-stream one? Good news, and barking, here our neighbour's dogs really sound so loud as they call in response to the fire siren, the ambulance, and the police cars.With no coyotes anywhere here, guess they make do with man made shrill noises.

  3. Interesting how he responds differently to different animals. I'm glad that he's doing well.

  4. That really is interesting about the different barks. I know he is a good companion to you! Hugs!

  5. Animal behavior is so interesting. I wish you good luck with the urine sample. Is Samsom smart enough to tell you when he's going to pee? Maybe he is. Good luck with this task.
    We are in a major flood with the house surrounded with flood water. Not a fun day on the farm with all the water. It's been a difficult day.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Interesting about the different barks for different situations. Dogs really do have a "language"! Our little yapper chihuahua has a happy bark when someone comes to our door who she knows (like family) and a more aggressive bark for strangers.

  7. our vet uses a plastic pie pan, he gave it to me and bob walked baby around the parking lot, they pee a lot where other dogs have peed. when she would squat he would slide the pan under and get enough to test. be sure S is on the leash and be careful you don't fall. we have not had to do that for Jake and i know it would be harder. Max, our first dog had many barks for all different things, when he went ballistic that was his intruder human bark... Jake rarely barks, he is a non barker, he does have one bark, the intruder bark if someone walks up on the porch. sadly he can't hear or see well, and doesn't hear them any more

    1. Faith is not a barker either, but she goes off and has this powerful growl/bark when men come to deliver something. Once she sees I accept them, she is really friendly.

  8. Interesting that Samson has different barks for different reasons. Makes sense though, just like you can tell the different cries that a baby makes.

  9. Samson was, is & will always be a handsome devil!!

  10. Kind of nice that you have been able to figure out what each of his barks mean. My vet collects a urine sample quickly and easily with a needle through the skin into the bladder. Callie stays perfectly calm and seems to have no discomfort.

  11. Our dogs have different barks for different things, and they go absolutely insane over bears. (kind of like Samson when he sees a pocket gopher)! I'm so glad that your sweet Samson is doing better. I hope that you can get that urine sample easily!


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