Sunday, July 22, 2018

A Few Donkeys

Last year Carol sent me this adorable picture, which made me think of my friends from the donkey rescue.

I went back through my archives to look at them again. This guy was my favorite, his name was Apache and he always greeted me with this big grin. 

And here's someone else, not shy about seeking attention. 

Just clowning around. 

The rescue moved to Texas several years ago and I hope they are all doing well. They should have more room to roam there, providing all went as planned for them. 

I never met a donkey before the rescue moved in next door to us here and I got a job managing their gift shop and doing office work. 

Contrary to what is said about donkeys, they are very smart and lots of fun to be around. 

I will post more donkey pictures in the future, for sure. After all, I have lots.


  1. Please Post More Donkey's. I LOVE them, even more than I love cows, and that is a lot. silly me sat here with my eyes tearing up just looking at these beautiful donkeys and stunning photos of them... the first one is postcard perfect. the tearing up was the joy of looking at them...

  2. Donkeys are adorable! The first picture, the donkey and the flowers, is a winner!
    Although they have a reputation of being stubborn, donkeys are typically quite obedient.

  3. I love your donkey pictures. They are so cute. My friend Betty had the opportunity of looking after a donkey for a friend who was away and she always had such good things to say about this particular donkey and the funny sound he made. She loved looking after him and always had some funny stories to tell us. It was obvious she was having fun.

    Hugs, Julia

  4. Hi Inger, I come from MadSnapper. Your header is gorgeous! I love donkeys, too. In fact, I recently posted one rolling around taking a dust bath. The donkey standing in the tulips is such a beautiful picture!! And he is kind of unusual looking, too. I love the laughing donkey, it just makes me happy!!! Your blog is delightful!

  5. Love those donkey pictures and the first one in the tulips is adorable.

  6. Hi Inger - delightful to see the donkey friends ... they are amazing aren't they. Wonderful photos too ... perhaps you'll find a few more donkeys around the neighbourhood to visit and for us to see ... and no wonder you posted that delightful tulipified donkey ... gorgeous and very cheering ... take care and good to see you posting eclectically ... cheers Hilary

  7. I hope the rescue is doing well, too. The donkeys seem to be so friendly and tame.

  8. I think I've fallen in love with Apache!!

  9. We love seeing donkeys here in the fields with cattle. They have such personality!

  10. oh what a wonderful post! the pictures are beautiful!
    I have loved donkeys for as long as I can remember! and burros too.
    I can feel that velvety nose right from here!!!
    thank you for starting my week off right! xo

  11. Donkeys are so smart. Keeping a donkey in a herd of sheep drives away mountain lions. If I had a ranch, I'd have donkeys.

  12. Miss Inger! I quit blogging for a time and foolishly deleted my blog list. I have found your wonderful blog once again and I am back! Look forward to going back through the posts I missed out on. Glad you are well!


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