Thursday, July 19, 2018

Riddarholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

Someone, fishducky perhaps (?), sent this pictures to me last year. I posted it to my blog as a draft and never revisited it.  I thought it was so beautiful and I'm glad I found it again. 

That paragraph pretty much describes my lack of blogging initiative during the past year. Life provides us with one thing after another, some good, some not so good. A lot was accomplished here during the year. The home renovations went, for the most part, very well. As home renovations always are, they were noisy and took time. Somehow, all of that, combined with two falls, one where I hit my head, one kidney infection, one cold from hell, and one bad case of bronchitis, may explain my lack of motivation. 

And, as always, going on in the background of my life, my Type 1 diabetes, which makes even the slightest little cold just so much worse. 

But something very good has happened with my diabetes: I now have a continuous glucose monitoring system. It's helping me feel better and I will devote a future post to what it is and what it's doing for me. Feeling better is the main thing though. 

So now I'm ready to post to my blog again. I'm not sure where this will take me. I have my new camera and I want to learn it and use it. I would love to drive around again, like I used to do, and just take pictures, write a few things and post here. That was so much fun.

Oh, about the picture: Riddarholmen translates to Knights' Islet. It's part of Gamla Stan (Old Town, Stockholm) and houses many private palaces dating back to the 17th century, the old Parliament Building, the old National Archive, as well as a statue of Birger Jarl, who is considered to be the founder of Stockholm.

Some of the old palaces are now used by Swedish Government Agencies and courts, including the Supreme Court.

The church, Riddarholms kyrkan, dates back to the Middle Ages, and is one of the oldest buildings in Stockholm. Until 1950, it was used as a burial place for Swedish monarchs and nobility.  

Earlier history, according to Wikipedia, and according to the Erik Chronicles from around 1325, the islet's was known as Kid Skerry or Kidaskaer in Swedish, indicating it may have been a place where goats were raised. King Magnus Ladulas (yes, I do remember him from school) 1240-1290, built a Greyfriers monastery there and the islet's name was changed to Grey Monks Islet. The monastery was closed after the Protestant Reformation and the islet became Riddarholmen, Knights' Islet. 


  1. Knight's Islet looks very impressive!
    "All's well that ends well", as they say. You've finished with the renovations and recovered from the health issues that fell upon you, so go ahead now with enjoying life and blogging about it!

  2. it really is a beautiful photo of all those old buildings, we don't have things that go back that far here in FLorida.. glad you have a new monitoring system that is making life better for you and good to see you back. you have had some tough times in the past 2 years.... glad things are starting to look up

  3. The picture is beautiful, Inger.

    I am so sorry to read what a rough year you have had and am glad that you are doing much better. Take care of yourself and don’t overdo anything so you can stay healthy.

  4. I hope his year will be better for you Inger, especially now that you have a glucose monitoring system.

    What a spectacular photo. I wonder if my daughter Nicole visited that church. She has been in Stockholm several times and she always visited churches and especially Cathedrals wherever she travelled. I will have to look in her post cards boxes. There is a lot of history there in that beautiful place.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. How beautiful! And I'm glad you have a system that is helping you feel better. I have been trying to get out and drive around some to take pics. It's too hot to hike right now and I don't like staying home all the time. I hope you get out and take pics to share too! Hugs!

    1. Too hot here too! But I will work on learning the camera in my airconditioned bedroom.

  6. A new monitoring system might be the start of a much better year. A beautiful photo , that gives us all a view of your home country. I have not been out to get any scenic photos for some time, maybe I need some motivation down here too.XXX

    1. No "too hot" excuses for you since it's winter where you are. And your country is exceptionally beautiful. So lots of photo ops.

    2. No not the heat, just not going out for drives much at all lately, and looking at the winter garden not much excitement there now, the bulbs are shooting up, just green stalks or little buds so far.I will try to get some sunrise or sunset pics this week.

  7. That is a stunning photo. So glad the new monitoring system is giving you such a boost. Welcome back to blogging.

  8. That is good news about being able to monitor your glucose now. Hope it makes things easier for you.
    The picture is beautiful.

  9. SO glad you're back!! I want a glucose monitor but my doctor says no. My blood sugar dropped to 45 this afternoon.

    1. Ouch, that is low. I think Medicare only approves the monitors for type 1.

  10. I have been watching the commercials for the new non-stick glucose testing that gives you all day readings!
    I think Mrs. May might have had one on her arm when #45 visited her with Melania. I wondered at the time what it was for. then I started seeing the commercials here. I only have diabetes 2 but it's bad enough.
    I feel for you! and you're so right " Feeling better is the main thing though. "
    this post was especially interesting to me. my best friend in the last year of high school was our exchange student from Sweden! I have many good memories. but I sadly lost touch with her later after my husband died.
    the picture you've shared is especially beautiful.
    have a wonderful weekend! xo

    1. Maybe you can find her online. A Danish friend of mine from when I lived in Princeton, NJ, found me and we have corresponded ever since. It's been one of the best things to happen to me in the longest time.

  11. Hi Inger - I'm so glad you found the photo too ... isn't it lovely - and I gather Stockholm is one of the cities ... described as the Venice of the North ... looking at this I can see why ...

    I'm glad you felt you achieved lots in recent months with the renovations; while the 'bugs' were a pain ... kidneys are never easy, bad bronchitis, a cold from hell - amazing how debilitating one of those can be ... and your fall - I'm glad that wasn't worse.

    The monitoring system sounds interesting ... and I'm so glad to know you're feeling better ...

    It'll be great to see the experiments with the new camera ... and I'm sure you'll find new things to post up for us ... with an interesting photo accompanying a few notes ...

    Riddarholmen looks to be delightful ... one day I'd love to get to Scandinavia ... whether I will or not remains to be seen ... but wonderful look back into Stockholm's past ...

    Take care and so good to see you posting again - all the best - cheers Hilary xo

  12. Hello Inger,
    I am glad you are feeling better!
    Love the photo!
    So nice to see you posting again!
    Big hugs!


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